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              April 25, 2013

Rocketing To The Very Depths Of Hell

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Mirroring the new public universal public face of apostasy, Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis, and others in the structures of of the counterfeit church of conciliarism,  including the likes of Theodore McCarrick, the retired conciliar "archbishop" of Washington, District of Columbia, and, among others Vincent Nichols, the conciliar "archbishop" of Westminster, Piero Marini, now the "president" of the "Pontifical" Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses, has expressed his support for "civil union" status under cover of the civil law for those who are engaged in perverse acts in violation of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments:

Another veteran Vatican figure has signaled openness to civil recognition of same-sex unions in the wake of similar comments in early February from the Vatican's top official on the family. It's a position also once reportedly seen with favor by the future pope while he was still Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The latest expression of support for civil recognition as an alternative to gay marriage comes from Archbishop Piero Marini, who served for 18 years as Pope John Paul II's liturgical master of ceremonies.

"There are many couples that suffer because their civil rights aren't recognized," Marini said.

Marini, now 71, is currently the president of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses. He spoke in an interview with the newspaper La Nación in Costa Rica, where the local church wrapped up a Eucharistic congress Sunday.

Though Marini has no responsibility to frame policy on matters of marriage, his comments may reopen questions about the Vatican's line in the wake of a similar position expressed in early February by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family.

During a Vatican news conference Feb. 4, Paglia said while the church is opposed to anything that treats other unions as equivalent to marriage between a man and a woman, it could accept "private law solutions" for protecting people's rights.

In some quarters, that comment was styled as undercutting bishops in both France and the United States who at the time were fighting off proposals for gay marriage, though Paglia insisted it's not what he meant.

The Marini comments may also reawaken interest in the new pope's history on the issue.

On March 19, The New York Times reported that when Argentina was gearing up for a bitter national debate on gay marriage in 2009 and 2010, Bergoglio quietly favored a compromise solution that would have included civil unions for same-sex couples.

That report was denied by Miguel Woites, director of the Argentinian Catholic Information Agency, a news outlet linked to the Buenos Aires archdiocese. Woites insisted Bergoglio would "never" have favored any legal recognition of same-sex unions and said the Times report was a "complete error."

In early April, however, a senior official in the Argentine bishops' conference told NCR that Bergoglio did, in fact, favor civil unions.

Mariano de Vedia, a veteran journalist for Argentina's leading daily, told NCR he could confirm Bergoglio's position had been correctly described in the Times account.

Guillermo Villarreal, a Catholic journalist in Argentina, said it was well known at the time that Bergoglio's moderate position was opposed by Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer of La Plata, the leader of the hawks. The difference was not over whether to oppose gay marriage, but how ferociously to do so and whether there was room for a compromise on civil unions.

Villareal described the standoff over gay marriage as the only vote Bergoglio ever lost during his six years as president of the conference.

Speaking Sunday on an Italian cable news network, church historian Alberto Melloni, seen as a voice of the progressive wing of Italian Catholicism, predicted that "sooner or later, this openness [to civil unions] will arrive in the magisterium of the pope." However, Melloni also said he believes Francis will move with "caution" and "prudence." (Another Vatican voice backs civil unions for perverts.)


"Archbishop" Piero Marini's support for "civil unions" is entirely unsurprising. He is a complete conciliar revolutionary, having masterminded the outdoor "papal" extravaganza liturgical sacrileges under the soon-to-be "canonized" Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II in complete conformity to the revolutionary designs of his mentor and "rabbi" in the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, Father Annibale Bugnini, C.M., the mastermind of the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service, creating a new liturgy for a new theology to serve the needs of a false religion and its counterfeit church.

Piero Marini described the revolutionary designs of even the earliest phases of the "liturgical reforms" in the 1950s that his mentor, Bugnini, and Father Ferdinando Antonelli, O.F.M., in his book, A Challenging Reform: Realizing the Vision of the Liturgical Renewal, which I purchased recently when some were speculating that he, Piero Marini, who is seventy-one years of age, might be appointed the Petrine Minister's master of ceremonies to replace "Monsignor" Guido Marini. Although this change does not appear imminent and may not happen at all, Piero Marini's book is a treasure trove of revolutionary propaganda in behalf of the conciliarism's "liturgical renewal" of Jansenism.

Piero Marini's text gushes with praise for the Marxist revolutionary named Paul The Sick and for the Freemasonic revolutionary whose Jansenism robbed so many Catholics of the true Sacraments, Annibale Bugnini, who was the secretary and major force the of Paul the Sick's Consilium in which Marini cut his revolutionary eye-teeth in his twenties:

The Consilium, though, was supported by local churches. This was due to its international membership and its innovative approach to reform, which was closer to reality and more suitable for implementing a liturgical renewal able to fulfill the desire of Vatican II by meeting the needs of the modern world. Interestingly, when the council was in session, this support of the local churches was evident and aided in the developing the most satisfactory liturgical reforms. The presence of the world's bishops in Rome naturally minimized the influenced of the curial Congregations. It was mainly thanks to these favorable circumstances that the Consilium was able to overcome the many difficulties encountered along the way.

However, none of this would have been possible if the Pope had not played his part. It was Pope Paul VI who put the administration of the Concilium into the hands of two men who were certainly more popular outside of Rome than in the Curia. These appointments were made at the beginning of his pontificate, when he most felt the need for renewal within the church and for dialogue on the problems of the contemporary world. It is no coincidence that at the same time, in the autumn of 1963, it was this same Pope who worked to improve the relationship with the Italian state. It can be said, therefore, that the establishment of the Consilium as a new Office not modeled on existing Offices in the Curia, and the discreet but ongoing support of the Pope for the Office's work of reform, made those first years of the pontificate of Paul VI the most open and fruit of his reign.

The convergence of various factors mentioned above led to extraordinary results. In five short years of life, the Consilium planned and set in motion the implementation of the entire reform. When the Congregation for Divine Worship was instituted in May 1969, almost all the drafts for the new liturgical books, as well as the documents on the reform, were very near completion. By the end of March 1969, the Consilium had already completed work on 324 out of 400 drafts proposed in 1965.

But even more important than the quantity was the outstanding quality of the work achieved by the Consilium. The new liturgy, thanks to the extremely qualified and scholarly work of the Consilium's experts, became a model that not only expressed the liturgical tradition of the Roman Rite, but that can be used as a basis for liturgical adaptation in different nations and cultures. For the first time in the history of the church, we have a liturgy today, which, not being an expression of a particular church, responds to the concept of the church universal. "What is essential for liturgy is that it not be the product of one epoch or one nation, bur rather that it be Christian--that is, an expression of the timeless faith of the church." This, it would seem, is the fundamental characteristic of the liturgy of Vatican II implemented by the Consilium. (Piero Marini, A Challenging Reform: Realizing the Vision of the Liturgical Renewal, 1963-1975, edited by Mark R. Francis, C.S.V., John R. Page, Keith F. Pecklers, S.J. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 2007, pp. 152-153.)


As many articles on this site over the years have focused on the various aspects of the Consilium's revolutionary work, not including, of course, the evisceration of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal in G.I.R.M. Warfare, it is useful at that point only to state again that the the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo was concocted out of whole cloth as various false claims of "restoring" practices from "ancient liturgies," which was nothing other than the recrudescence of the illegal Synod of Pistoia's antiquarianism that was condemned by Pope Pius VI in Auctorem Fidei and by Pope Pius XII, in Mediator Dei, November 20, 1947, as follows:

31. The proposition of the synod enunciating that it is fitting, in accordance with the order of divine services and ancient custom, that there be only one altar in each temple, and therefore, that it is pleased to restore that custom,—rash, injurious to the very ancient pious custom flourishing and approved for these many centuries in the Church, especially in the Latin Church.

32. Likewise, the prescription forbidding cases of sacred relics or flowers being placed on the altar,— rash, injurious to the pious and approved custom of the Church.

33. The proposition of the synod by which it shows itself eager to remove the cause through which, in part, there has been induced a forgetfulness of the principles relating to the order of the liturgy, "by recalling it (the liturgy) to a greater simplicity of rites, by expressing it in the vernacular language, by uttering it in a loud voice"; as if the present order of the liturgy, received and approved by the Church, had emanated in some part from the forgetfulness of the principles by which it should be regulated,— rash, offensive to pious ears, insulting to the Church, favorable to the charges of heretics against it. 

66. The proposition asserting that "it would be against apostolic practice and the plans of God, unless easier ways were prepared for the people to unite their voice with that of the whole Church"; if understood to signify introducing of the use of popular language into the liturgical prayers,false, rash, disturbing to the order prescribed for the celebration of the mysteries, easily productive of many evils.

(Pope Pius VI, Auctorem Fidei, August 28, 1794

The Church is without question a living organism, and as an organism, in respect of the sacred liturgy also, she grows, matures, develops, adapts and accommodates herself to temporal needs and circumstances, provided only that the integrity of her doctrine be safeguarded. This notwithstanding, the temerity and daring of those who introduce novel liturgical practices, or call for the revival of obsolete rites out of harmony with prevailing laws and rubrics, deserve severe reproof. It has pained Us grievously to note, Venerable Brethren, that such innovations are actually being introduced, not merely in minor details but in matters of major importance as well. We instance, in point of fact, those who make use of the vernacular in the celebration of the august eucharistic sacrifice; those who transfer certain feast-days -- which have been appointed and established after mature deliberation -- to other dates; those, finally, who delete from the prayer books approved for public use the sacred texts of the Old Testament, deeming them little suited and inopportune for modern times.

The use of the Latin language, customary in a considerable portion of the Church, is a manifest and beautiful sign of unity, as well as an effective antidote for any corruption of doctrinal truth. In spite of this, the use of the mother tongue in connection with several of the rites may be of much advantage to the people. But the Apostolic See alone is empowered to grant this permission. It is forbidden, therefore, to take any action whatever of this nature without having requested and obtained such consent, since the sacred liturgy, as We have said, is entirely subject to the discretion and approval of the Holy See.

The same reasoning holds in the case of some persons who are bent on the restoration of all the ancient rites and ceremonies indiscriminately. The liturgy of the early ages is most certainly worthy of all veneration. But ancient usage must not be esteemed more suitable and proper, either in its own right or in its significance for later times and new situations, on the simple ground that it carries the savor and aroma of antiquity. The more recent liturgical rites likewise deserve reverence and respect. They, too, owe their inspiration to the Holy Spirit, who assists the Church in every age even to the consummation of the world. They are equally the resources used by the majestic Spouse of Jesus Christ to promote and procure the sanctity of man.

Assuredly it is a wise and most laudable thing to return in spirit and affection to the sources of the sacred liturgy. For research in this field of study, by tracing it back to its origins, contributes valuable assistance towards a more thorough and careful investigation of the significance of feast-days, and of the meaning of the texts and sacred ceremonies employed on their occasion. But it is neither wise nor laudable to reduce everything to antiquity by every possible device. Thus, to cite some instances, one would be straying from the straight path were he to wish the altar restored to its primitive table form; were he to want black excluded as a color for the liturgical vestments; were he to forbid the use of sacred images and statues in Churches; were he to order the crucifix so designed that the divine Redeemer's body shows no trace of His cruel sufferings; and lastly were he to disdain and reject polyphonic music or singing in parts, even where it conforms to regulations issued by the Holy See.

Clearly no sincere Catholic can refuse to accept the formulation of Christian doctrine more recently elaborated and proclaimed as dogmas by the Church, under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit with abundant fruit for souls, because it pleases him to hark back to the old formulas. No more can any Catholic in his right senses repudiate existing legislation of the Church to revert to prescriptions based on the earliest sources of canon law. Just as obviously unwise and mistaken is the zeal of one who in matters liturgical would go back to the rites and usage of antiquity, discarding the new patterns introduced by disposition of divine Providence to meet the changes of circumstances and situation.

This way of acting bids fair to revive the exaggerated and senseless antiquarianism to which the illegal Council of Pistoia gave rise. It likewise attempts to reinstate a series of errors which were responsible for the calling of that meeting as well as for those resulting from it, with grievous harm to souls, and which the Church, the ever watchful guardian of the "deposit of faith" committed to her charge by her divine Founder, had every right and reason to condemn. For perverse designs and ventures of this sort tend to paralyze and weaken that process of sanctification by which the sacred liturgy directs the sons of adoption to their Heavenly Father of their souls' salvation. (Pope Pius XII, Mediator Dei, November 20, 1947.)


"For perverse designs and ventures of this sort tend to paralyze and weaken that process of sanctification by which the sacred liturgy directs the sons of adoption to their Heavenly Father of their souls' salvation." Anyone who cannot see that this one sentence describes the effects of the innovations of the abomination that is the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service is not being intellectually honest. The Novus Ordo service is of its very nature as much a revolution against Catholic Faith and Worship as that represented by the liturgies of Protestant sects, no matter what Ratzinger/Benedict may contend to the contrary as he persists in his own personal fantasy until the very end.

Indeed, the conciliar revolutionaries have said so their own words that signs of outward penance" belonged to "a different era in the history of the Church:"

The same awareness of the present state of the world also influenced the use of texts from very ancient tradition. It seemed that this cherished treasure would not be harmed if some phrases were changed so that the style of language would be more in accord with the language of modern theology and would faithfully reflect the actual state of the Church's discipline. Thus there have been changes of some expressions bearing on the evaluation and use of the good things of the earth and of allusions to a particular form of outward penance belonging to another age in the history of the Church. (Paragraph Fifteen, General Instruction to the Roman Missal, 1997.)


Yes, signs of "outward penance" must be eradicated by a liturgy that was orchestrated by a Freemason and implemented by a man who was blackmailed by agents of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under Joseph Stalin because of his perverse inclinations:

[Atila[ Guimarães quotes Franco Bellegrandi, a former member of the Vatican Noble Guard, part of the papal military corps, who witnessed the unfortunate changes that occurred at the Vatican after Pope Paul VI took office.

Bellegrandi repeats the charge that while Archbishop of Milan, Montini, dressed in civilian clothes, was picked up by the local police on one of the archbishop's nocturnal visits to the male brothels of the city.

The former Vatican guard describes the homosexual colonization process that he says began under Pope John XXIII, but which accelerated under Montini's rule--a process with [which] the reader should by now be thoroughly familiar. Bellegrandi says that old employees were turned out of their jobs at the Vatican to make room for Montini's favored brethren afflicted with the same vice. They in turn brought along their favorite catamites--"effeminate young men wearing elegant uniforms and make-up on their faces to dissimulate their beards," says Bellegrandi.

Bellegrandi says that he was told by an official of the Vatican security service that Montini's actor friend was permitted free access to the pontifical apartments and was seen taking the elevator late at night.

One of the statements made by Bellegrandi that attracted my attention was that Montini no sooner took office than he was subject to blackmail by Italian Freemasons. In exchange for their silence regarding Archbishop Montini's furtive sojourns to Switzerland to rendezvous with his actor-lover, who appears to have been quite open about his relationship with the prelate, the Masons demanded that the pope eliminate the Church's traditional ban on cremation after death. The pope complied. (Mrs. Randy Engel, The Rite of Sodomy, p. 1156)

An elderly gentleman from Paris who worked as an official interpreter for high-level clerics at the Vatican in the early 1950s told this writer that the Soviets blackmailed Montini into revealing the names of priests whom the Vatican had clandestinely sent behind the Iron Curtain to minister to Catholics in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The Soviet secret police were on hand as soon as the priests crossed over the Russian border and the priest infiltrators were either shot or sent to the gulag.

The extent to which Pope Paul VI was subject to blackmail by the enemies of the Church will probably never be known. It may be that, in so far as the Communists and the Socialists were concerned, blackmail was entirely unnecessary given Montini's cradle to grave fascination and affinity for the Left. On the other hand, the Italian Freemasons, M16, the OSS and later the CIA and the Mafia were likely to have used blackmail and extortion against Montini beginning early in his career as a junior diplomat, then as Archbishop of Milan and finally as Pope Paul VI.

There can be no question that Pope Paul VI's homosexuality was instrumental in the paradigm shift that saw the rise of the Homosexual Collective in the Catholic Church in the United States, at the Vatican and around the world in the mid-20th century.

Pope Paul VI played a decisive role in the selection and advancement of many homosexual members of the American hierarchy, including Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Terence Cardinal Cooke, John Cardinal Wright and Archbishop Rembert Weakland and Bishops George H. Guilfoyle, Francis Mugavero, Joseph Hart, Joseph Ferrario, James Rausch and their heirs.

The knowledge that a homosexual sat in the Chair of Peter--knowledge that spread like wild-fire on the "gay" gossip circuit--would certainly have served as an inducement for homosexual men to aspire to the priesthood and even prompt them to contemplate the unthinkable--a religious order or community composed exclusively of sodomites.

Most important, the long-guarded quasi-secret of Paul VI's homosexual life has, for decades, contributed to the silence and cover-up by the American hierarchy on the issue of homosexuality in general and the criminal activities of pederast priests in particular.

But it is a secret no longer.

The final piece of the puzzle has been put in place.

"Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us." Mrs. Randy Engel, The Rite of Sodomy, pp. 1156-1157)


The support of so many conciliar officials for "civil union" status for those engaged in perverse acts in violation of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments is only very logical given the fact of its promulgation by man who was "oriented" towards perversity and appointed men of the lavender persuasion as "bishops" throughout the world, thus helping to foster the moral corruption that has cost one formerly Catholic diocese now in conciliar captivity after another an aggregation of billions of dollars and, more importantly, caused the loss of countless souls by the whole souls who were abused by clerical predators, most of whom had received protection from "bishops" and other chancery factotums. Must it pointed out again another priest who served on Annibale Bugnini's Consilium was the morally corrupt, confessed and proud "gay" priest by name of Rembert George Weakland (see Weak In Mind, Weakest Yet In Faith and Just A Matter of Forgiveness?).

A ready acceptance of even perverse sins against nature has become commonplace in the lives of so many Catholics, most of whom do not have the benefit of having true Sacraments are are thus more ready to embrace the false currents of the world that are at the foundation of the the false representations made to them by the conciliar revolutionaries. Need we be reminded that such conciliar revolutionaries as Roger "Cardinal" Mahony (see The Six Hundred Million Dollar Man and His Friends, Yes, Sir, Master Scribe, Apostasy Is His Field, Corrupt Chickens Come Home To Roost In Roger's Nest Of Apostates and Conciliar Mud Wrestling), and, among so many others Howard Hubbard, whose scoffing at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's concubinage and support for chemical and surgical baby-killing and "marriage" for people of the same gender was discussed in Memo To Howard Hubbard: Public Scandal Is Never A Private Matter, have helped to promote the "lavender" agenda in so many ways?

It is such a promotion of the what Mrs. Randy Engel calls the "homosexaulist collective" that has made it more and more possible for ordinary Catholics, accustomed to doctrinal and liturgical aberrations as perfectly consonant with the Holy Faith, to cheer at the "advances" being made by "society" in behalf of "loving couples."

Propagandizing in behalf of perversity is common throughout the conciliar structures. Such propagandizing begins even in Kindergarten with the rot that is explicit classroom instruction in matters pertaining the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, right through Twelfth Grade. Religious education programs and theological seminars and "updating" programs are staffed in many instances by open practitioners of perversity and/or by those who are "sympathetic" to "gays" in the name of "compassion" and "tolerance" and "diversity." Countless numbers of alleged liturgies have been held to "celebrate" the "rainbow agenda," including very notoriously at Most Holy Redeemer Church in San Francisco, California, Saint Francis Xavier Church in the Borough of Manhattan in the City of New York, New York, and Saint Joan of Arc Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Countless also are the formerly Catholic colleges that promote this sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance, doing so with plays and "readings" and entire courses and by permitting those who are engaged in unrepentant sins of perversity to identify themselves publicly and to form clubs and groups and associations that recruit members.

Liturgical art, architecture and music have been influenced by the lavender agenda in so many parishes in so many archdioceses and dioceses and religious communities that are in "full communion" with Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI as to defy an accurate count. Even "conservative" websites carry news of the scandalous goings-on in Europe that have continued for decades and seem to get worse and worse over the course of time. This is only natural, of course, as that which is founded in a rebellion against Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law must degenerate more and more over the course of time. This is what happened as the revolt led by Martin Luther resulted in a corruption of morals among his own "evangelicals" that shocked him but which he could see or accept as having been caused by leading them out of the true Church and the infallible teaching and sacramental helps that she, Holy Mother Church, gave them to overcome their sins and to grow in the pursuit of personal sanctity. (See the Appendix below.)

A like manner of events have unfolded at lightning speed in our own days. Sacramentally-barren liturgical rites designed and implemented, to one extent or another, by men steeped in theological error and personal vice have created. Men must fall into the depths of moral depravity when they are deprived of the fullness of the Sacred Deposit of Faith and when they are deprived of the Sanctifying Graces that they need to resist sin and to recognize that no one but no one is ever free to identify himself, no less doing so proudly, as one is who is inclined to, if not actually engaged in, the commission of sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

Parents and victims have been victimized by "bishops" and "priests" once they brought their legitimate complaints to them, who they believed to be shepherds of the Catholic Church.

Parents and victims have been victimized and bullied and browbeaten by attorneys employed by archdioceses and dioceses and religious communities.

Parents and victims have been victimized and bullied and browbeaten by attorneys employed by insurance companies.

"Bishops" and "priests" and chancery factotums have lied openly and repeatedly to parents and victims and to the general public, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The conciliar "popes" have refused in most, although not all, instances, to impose ecclesiastical sanctions on "bishops" and "priests" guilty of immoral activity and/or of treating the sheep with cruelty and bitter vindictiveness for daring to come forth with their true stories of suffering beyond all imagining.

A vast network of those engaged in perverse acts against nature and/or supportive of such acts has been created in the conciliar hierarchy of the United States of America and elsewhere in the world. This network exists in seminaries and religious communities and parishes and diocesan/archdiocesan chancery offices and schools and universities and colleges. It is all pervasive.

"Bishops" in the United States of America and the Republic of Ireland and the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of Belgium and elsewhere have been able to undermine the innocence and purity of children by means of explicit, indeed shockingly sinful, classroom instruction in matters pertaining to the Sixth Commandment without a single word of reproof from any conciliar "pope." This includes "Archbishops" Thomas Wenski and Charles Chaput, O.F.M., Cap. Every conciliar "ordinary" undermines the innocence and purity of the young by means of such explicit classroom instruction.

The life of the Holy Faith has been lost in the souls of many people as a result of the perverted behavior of priests and presbyter and then again as a result of the clericalism exhibited by chancery officials to use their clerical clubs to beat away the sheep and to intimidate them into silence in order to protect their own clerical club of privilege is itself a perversion of the Holy Priesthood that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ instituted at the Last Supper. Priests have not been ordained to protect the reputations of those of their subordinates they know to be guilty of serious moral crimes or to assure themselves a steady flow of income.

Priests have been ordained to serve as "other Christs" as they administer unto us, the sheep entrusted to their pastoral care, the Sacraments that the very One to Whom their immortal souls were figured at the moment of their priestly ordination instituted for our sanctification and salvation. The members of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's true flock should not have to live in fear of their shepherds when they bring legitimate concerns to their attention to be resolved in a forthright, fair and just manner without at all seeking to indemnify unrepentant, recidivist wrongdoers who have proved themselves to be threats to souls, starting with their very own.

This is all part and parcel of the conciliar revolution that the former Petrine Minister, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, helped to plan and then institute and that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who supports the concept of "civil unions" out of "respect" for "human beings," means to continue with all of his ultra-progressive Modernist heart and soul. Bergoglio/Francis desires to take this revolution to new regions of "innovation" without realizing that he is taking most Catholics on a rocket ship ride directly into the lowest reaches of Hell.

New York's Face of Public Apostasy Honors A Pro-Abort, Pro-Perverse "Catholic"

One of the chief navigators on the conciliar rocket ship that is taking souls on a fast descent into the lowest reaches of Hell is none other than the man who won the hearts of many Italians in late-February and early-March before he was judged by his Conciliar Raccoon Lodge brothers as being not quite ready for for captaining the rocket ship as its universal public face of apostasy. Timothy Michael Dolan is still, however, the public face of apostasy in the Archdiocese of New York.

For those of who have forgotten or have not paid attention or are new to this site, here are some useful links: Timmy's In The Well (Of Americanism, That Is), Making Everyone Happy Except God, Unhappy Is The "Happy" "Bishop", Whatever You Want,   Ominous Offenders Offending Ominously, Memo To David Axelrod And Other Social Engineers, John Carroll's Caesar, Victims of Compromise, Taking A Figure Of Antichrist At His Worthless Words, Prisoners Of Their Own Apostasy, Timothy Dolan, Meet Timothy Dolan (And Friends), Still Celebrating Half A Century Of Apostasy, Candidate For Man Of The Year?, From John Carroll To James Gibbons To Timothy Dolan, To Help The Children, Fake, Phony, Sanctimonious Fraud, Happy As A Stuffed Clam With Himself, Impossible To Fight Moral Evils With Blasphemy And Error, Still Trying to Make Everyone Happy Except God Himself, Just Another Ordinary Outrage Permitted by a Conciliar "Ordinary"Forty Years of Emboldening, Appeasing, and Enabling Killers, part two and

For newcomers, however, let's just have a little refresher course: Timothy Michael Dolan said the following when he visited the headquarters of Christophobic, pro-baby-killing and pro-perversity Anti Defamation League of B'Nai Brith within days of his installation as the conciliar "archbishop" of New York:

"This is awesome for me," Archbishop Dolan said.  "I have long admired the work of the Anti-Defamation League from afar, and now to receive your welcome and your assurances of our hope for future cooperation, which I enthusiastically share, means very much to me."(Press Release of the Anti-Defamation League.)


The "work" of the "Anti-Defamation League" of B'Nai Brith has included, of course, the promotion of the chemical and surgical assassination of innocent preborn children and of "marriage" for those of the same gender. The "Anti-Defamation League," whose president, Abraham Foxman, denounced The Passion of the Christ as "anti-Semitic" and who has denounced both Bishop Richard Williamson, the Society of Saint Pius X and the unreformed Good Friday Prayer for the Jews and the Immemorial Mass of Tradition as anti-Semitic, has filed amicus curiae briefs in various cases to promote baby-killing and perversity under cover of the civil law. (See the compendium as found in (see Silence for a review of some of the legal briefs by the Anti-Defamation League in support of immorality).

Oh, you want another example? You don't believe me?

Well, it was on Saturday, February 23, 2013, that Timothy Michael "Cardinal" went to the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Lincoln Square synagogue that is part of "Reform" Talmudism and said the following:

I love you; I respect you; I need you; I thank you, (The Gospel in the Digital Age.)


Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ wants to effect the conversion of the all non-Catholics, including adherents of the Talmud, to the true Faith. He loves all men in that He wills their eternal good, which is the salvation of their immortal souls as members of the Catholic Church. Authentic love is not an expression of naturalistic sentimentality or emotionalism. It wills the good others. In this regard, you see, Timothy Michael Dolan is a false friend to the congregation at Lincoln Square Synagogue as he did not seek their conversion to the true Faith and expressed "respect" for those who adhere to a false religion that denies Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's Sacred Divinity and his hideous in his sight, a false religion whose Biblical ancestor was abolished when He breathed His last breath on the wood of the Holy Cross and the curtain in the Temple was torn in two as the earth shook and quaked.

Still not convinced?

Well, how about the "shout out" he gave to the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Catholic who is Vice President of the United States of America, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., during a staging of the Novus Ordo liturgical service at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick in the Borough of Manhattan of the City of New York, on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013?


Timothy Cardinal Dolan preached at home yesterday for the first time since jetting to the Vatican to help pick a new pope — and received a surprise visit from Joe Biden during the Palm Sunday services.

“We welcome the vice president of the United States, Mr. Biden, we welcome him here,” Dolan told parishioners, celebrating the start of Holy Week at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. “You have a place in our thoughts and prayers.”

Thousands of parishioners packed Dolan’s standing-room-only Mass.

Many were craning their necks to get a good look at Biden, who was all smiles during the Sign of Peace, shaking hands with dozens of people and telling them, “Peace be with you.”

“He was very respectful. He sat in the rows with everyone else and didn’t bring any attention on himself,” said parishioner Marie Griffin, 50, of Yonkers.  (Biden attends Palm Sunday false liturgical service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with Happy Apostate Dolan.)

What support for the chemical and surgical destruction of the innocent preborn?

What support for "gay marriage."

What Obama administration ObamaCare mandate for all employers, including those of religious institutions, to provide health insurance coverage for contraception and other "family planning" services?

It is almost as though Timothy Michael Dolan is saying: "Joe Biden's a regular guy, right? Why not point him out and give him a little nod before he goes up to receive what he thinks is Holy Communion, thereby showing the world that he is in good standing with what is thought to be the Catholic Church and that one of his administration's critics treats him with the respect that he demands to be shown?"

Never mind the inconvenient little fact that such a warm greeting to an egregious, profane demagogic statist who supports evils that cry out to Heaven for vengeance scandalizes "pro-life" Catholics in the conciliar structures and reassures fallen away Catholics and fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants in their own hatred of Catholicism. Yes, yes, yes, the fruit of the "new evangelization."


Well, Timothy Michael Dolan is still at it, having bestowed the "Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton award" upon the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Catholic feminist who is the chief executive officer of the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Judeo-Masonic feminist organization known as the Girl Scouts of America:

NEW YORK, April 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Anna Maria Chávez, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of the USA, on Sunday participated in an annual "Scouting Mass" given by the Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. The mass was held in recognition of both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who have earned a Catholic Youth Emblem from the Diocese for completing specially designed Catholic action projects. Honorees included 27 girls from the Girl Scouts of the Heart of the Hudson and Greater New York Girl Scout councils.

"As a Roman Catholic and a Girl Scout, I am keenly aware of the impact faith can have in a scout's life, and the significant role the church has played in advancing the cause of the Girl Scout Movement around the world," said Ms. Chávez. "A commitment to religious faith is a foundational element of the Girl Scouts of the USA, one that has played a vital role for millions of girls across our Movement who have drawn inspiration and wisdom from their faith. The Catholic Church emphasizes the development of the whole person, mind, body and spirit; a goal in keeping with the mission of the Girl Scouts to develop young women with the skills, vision and confidence they will need to be leaders in today's world."

As part of the ceremony, Archbishop Dolan invited Ms. Chávez to join him in presenting the various "emblems" awarded to girls who have completed the age-appropriate curriculums with the help and support of their Girl Scout troops:

25 middle school girls received the Marian emblem – earned for "reflective action" projects.

2 high school girls received the Spirit Alive emblem, which assists young women in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, and calls for greater participation in ministry of the Church.

In addition, 2 adults received St. Anne emblem, the highest recognition for adults who serve Catholic Youth through scouting.

The Cardinal also presented Ms. Chávez with a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal, an award that recognizes her outstanding contributions to the growth and development of young women in Girl Scouts of the USA.

"The Girl Scout Law calls upon girls to, on their honor, 'serve God and my country,' and to help people at all times," continued Ms. Chávez. "These principles, so fundamental to the Girl Scout way, are indelibly woven into the fabric of Catholic life and the mission of the Church. The wonderful partnership between the Girl Scouts of the USA and Catholic Church has helped countless girls to truly understand and live by that Law, providing the solid foundation in faith that is the cornerstone on which so many of life's greatest achievements are built. In Girl Scouting, girls of all religions are encouraged to celebrate and live by the tenets of their faith, and to incorporate those values into their Girl Scout journey, as they acquire the courage, confidence and character that help them make their world a better place." (Girl Scout CEO Attends 2013 Youth Emblem/Adult Recognition Ceremony with Fellow Apostate Timothy Dolan.)


Why is this so bad?

Well, apart from the Girl Scouts of America's longstanding institutional commitment to promote the agenda of Planned Parenthood, something that I have pointed out whenever I have been asked to by Girl Scouts cookies (one mother told me not to to mention to this to her children who were already hip-deep in pro-Planned Parenthood propaganda, to say nothing about the immersion in explicit classroom instruction in matters pertaining to the Sixth and Ninth Commandments), Miss Chavez is itself a bit of a problem:

Update: GSUSA CEO Anna Maria Chavez recently sent a letter introducing herself to U.S. Catholic Bishops and Church officials.

In it, she speaks generally of the influence of her childhood "faith” to set her “on the right path.” This column makes no comment on her personal spirituality (and her office did not respond to my interview request to speak with her about her faith and work).

But Anna Maria Chavez leaves a professional footprint that suggests an ideology at odds with the Church.

Ms. Chavez’ letter to the Bishops neglects to mention that for the past few decades, in spite of her Catholic faith, she has publicly aligned herself with pro-abortion politicians, public figures, and organizations -- and there’s no evidence that she’s ever publicly defended the Church’s specific positions on sexuality, contraception, or abortion or sought to distance herself in any way from the pro-abortion politics of her Democrat mentors. Consider:

As a law student, Chavez wrote that she “greatly admired” Geraldine Ferraro, a pro-abortion Catholic feminist, and had hoped that Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, another pro-abortion feminist, would usher in a new era of women’s rights.

As a lawyer, Chavez rose in Democrat political circles, from policy advisor to Bill Clinton’s Transportation Secretary to the inner circle of her self-described mentor pro-abortion Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. (Napolitano vetoed laws banning partial birth abortion and requiring parental consent for minors’ abortions. Chavez deems Napolitano a mentor on par with her parents.)

In 2004, Chavez campaigned hard among Latinos for pro-abortion Catholic Presidential candidate, John Kerry. In 2006, reaching out to Latinos for Governor Napolitano, Chavez acted as a “catalyst” behind the creation of Raul H. Castro Institute (RCI) which aimed to identify solutions to social problems besetting Arizona’s Latino community. Chavez then served on the RCI Executive Committee, which oversaw the RCI Inaugural Symposium on health and wellness issues in the Latino Community. The sole expert they chose to address the problem of adolescent pregnancy? Yolanda Chavez, a veteran Planned Parenthood “Sexual Health Educator.” Her solution? Information, and more information about “sexual behavior and birth control.” Not surprisingly, the Planned Parenthood sex educator lamented the scarcity of school-based “sexual health” education and the money spent on abstinence-only programs. (How successful, in general, is the Planned Parenthood model? Very successful--at “hooking kids on sex.” See what Planned Parenthood does here.)

Anna Maria Chavez left the Governor’s staff to become CEO of the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas. As the new CEO of the Southwest Texas Girl Scouts, she delivered a keynote address at the 2009 NOW-inspired Women’s Equality Day celebration in San Antonio, sponsored by a coalition of 65 women’s groups that included her own organization--the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas--and Planned Parenthood of San Antonio and South Central Texas (whose clinics that year, 2009, killed over 2130 unborn babies, many of them Latino: 68% of Planned Parenthood’s 2009 clients in that area were Latino).

Other pro-abortion groups filled the coalition’s ranks, such as the Government Affairs Council of Planned Parenthood (the political arm of Planned Parenthood, tasked with raising campaign funds to elect pro-abortion candidates), Girls, Inc. of San Antonio, Annie’s List (another pro-abortion campaign group), the Center for Women in Church and Society, the YWCA, and the LGBT-promoting Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, among others. The Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, under the leadership of Anna Maria Chavez, remained in that coalition through 2011. (Around the country, Women’s Equality Day continues to be a feminist celebration of liberal causes including reproductive health and same-sex marriage.)

In her letter to the Bishops, Ms. Chavez claims she’s committed to building “stronger ties” and “strong relationships” with the Church. And yet, within months of becoming the Girl Scouts’ new CEO, Ms. Chavez kicked off her signature initiative—a new leadership campaign and billion dollar fundraising effort—with events that highlighted women leaders whose professional work treats the Church, and its teachings on contraception and abortion, with disdain.

The N.Y. kick-off event on January 30, 2012 featured remarks by a select group of women leaders including Joanna Coles, the editor of Marie Claire magazine. On Ms. Coles’ watch, Marie Claire has received accolades from Planned Parenthood for its “outstanding work” covering reproductive rights and has directly worked against the Catholic Church on issues related to contraception and abortion. In 2009, when the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines (a predominately Catholic country) vocally opposed a Reproductive Rights Bill, Marie Claire ran graphic ads in support of the bill, telling women, “Don’t let someone else speak for you,” (meaning, ‘Don’t let the Bishops speak for you’). Marie Claire's online magazine gives plenty of “sex tips” for the Girl Scout near you, offers a convenient “Contraceptive Cheat Sheet,” and urges readers to lobby against laws that criminalize underage teen sex.

A few days later, on February 1, 2012, at the Girl Scouts’ Washington, D.C. campaign kick-off event, Ms. Chavez highlighted the leadership of a handful of women, including two prominent pro-abortion Catholics -- HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi sports a 100% positive rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL Pro-Choice America)—that means she never met a pro-abortion bill she didn’t like. And just ten days before the Girl Scout event, Kathleen Sebelius slapped Catholics in the face with the HHS mandate requiring even religious employers to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-causing drugs. A few months earlier at a NARAL fundraiser, Kathleen Sebelius told the pro-abortion crowd that “we are in a war” against pro-life Republicans over reproductive health.

These are women leaders for Catholic Girl Scouts to emulate? This is how Anna Maria Chavez builds “stronger ties” with the Church?

I reiterate my point made in an earlier post: pro-abortion ideology permeates the Girl Scouts’ leadership ranks. And the Girl Scouts’ recent claim that “girls” and “their parents”---rather than the ideologues at the top--are “calling the shots” in the Girl Scouts’ organization strains credulity. Like any entity, the Girl Scouts’ Board of Directors sets the organization’s mission and direction.

For example, they’ve deliberately chosen to join, financially support (roughly a million dollars annually), and promote (across their websites, books, and events) the pro-abortion World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). And WAGGGS and the GSUSA will co-host, this July in Chicago, the Girls World Forum 2012 to “develop action steps” to support the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. The U.N Millennium Project demands integration of sexual and reproductive health benchmarks across the board, in every MDG, as “essential to the achievement of the MDGs.” Did GSUSA consult Catholic girls and their parents—or Catholic sponsoring entities--about those decisions to support pro-abortion WAGGGS and the MDGs? Are they hearing their “voices” of concern? I don’t think so.

The GSUSA national leaders run in feminist, pro-abortion circles: The friends with whom they socialize, the women leaders with whom they link arms, the coalitions and advocacy efforts they join share the Planned Parenthood/WAGGGS vision of ‘sexual health’ for teens, facilitated by contraception and abortion.

Certainly families and local troop sponsors who share that same vision will have no problems remaining in the Girl Scouts. Not so for Catholics who oppose that vision.

If the Church has learned anything through the Obama-HHS debacle, I hope we’ve learned to ignore rhetoric and scrutinize actions—and to recognize when pro-abortion ideology drives the agenda.

And then? Enough “dialogue.” It’s time to walk.  (Ideology at work: Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez.)


What the well-meaning author of this report does not realize is that the leaders of the counterfeit church of conciliarism are men who are apostates and that the mission of their "new evangelization" is to evangelize in behalf of apostasy. The Chair is Still Empty

After all, once one praises B'Nai Brith and welcomes with open arms the like of pro-abortion, pro-contraception politicians such as Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro and Willard Mitt Romney to the Alfred Emanuel Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner and gives a "shout out" to the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., what's the big deal about giving an award to a pro-abort, pro-perversity Catholic woman who heads a Judeo-Masonic organization that promotes "character formation" that robs girls of their innocence and purity to make them committed feminist ideologues?

This is simply not the Catholic Church.

Timothy Michael is not Catholic. He is not a priest or a bishop. He is a lay apostate.

What? Raise Children as Catholics? No Obligation in Our Ecumenical Church of Apostasy

Once again showing great deference to the tender sensibilities of the lords of the Modern civil state, conciliar authorities in England have decided not to require that the children of Catholics who enter into a mixed marriage with a member of the British royal family do not have to be raised in the Catholic Faith:

The Church expects Catholic spouses to do all they can to raise their children as Catholics but does not censure them if they are unable to do so, a Government spokesman has told the House of Lords as it debated changes to the system of Royal succession.

Lord Wallace of Tankerness, speaking on behalf of the Government, said he had been advised on the matter by Mgr Marcus Stock, general secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

“I have the specific consent of Mgr Stock to say that he was speaking on behalf of Archbishop Nichols as president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and can inform the House that the view taken by the Catholic Church in England and Wales is that, in the instance of mixed marriages, the approach of the Catholic Church is pastoral,” he said.

“It will always look to provide guidance that supports and strengthens the unity and indissolubility of the marriage. In this context the Catholic Church expects Catholic spouses to sincerely undertake to do all that they can to raise children in the Catholic Church. Where it has not been possible for the child of a mixed marriage to be brought up as a Catholic, the Catholic parent does not fall subject to the censure of canon law,” Lord Wallace continued.

The remarks were made during the third reading debate of the Succession to the Crown Bill in the House of Lords on Monday.

For the first time in more than 300 years legislation would allow British monarchs to marry Catholics. The sections of the 1701 Act of Settlement that insist on the sovereign being a member of the Church of England will, however, remain in place.

The Bill will also end the rule of male primogeniture and permit female first-borns to have the right of succession over any young brothers.

The Bill means that if the child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, due in July, is a girl, she will have the right to rule ahead of any younger brothers and will also be free to marry a Catholic.

Some members of the House of Lords were deeply concerned that the Code of Canon Law compelled a Catholic spouse to raise his or her offspring as Catholics.

Canon 1125 requires that in a mixed marriage the Catholic “is to make a sincere promise to do all in his or her power in order that all the children be baptised and brought up in the Catholic Church”.

Lord Cormack attempted to introduce an amendment to put beyond doubt the requirement that the sovereign be a Protestant and in communion with the Church of England. This was withdrawn after Lord Wallace revealed the assurances of the Catholic hierarchy.

The Bill passed third reading, meaning it has passed through both Houses of Parliament and requires only Royal Assent before it becomes law later this year. (Apostates’ conference advises Government over children of Catholic Royals.)


In other words, Catholics who enter in such mixed marriages are free to choose to raise their children as members of the heretical and schismatic Anglican sect that was formed when King Henry VIII had himself declared "supreme head of the Church in England" by Parliament in 1534 as he set about a bloodthirsty campaign of confiscating the property of the Catholic Church, much of which resulted in the dispossessing of the poor who live as tenant farmers on the lands of convents and monasteries, and of the violent suppression of Catholics in England and Ireland that took the lives of 72,000 Catholics between that time and 1547.

What killing?

What stealing?

What plundering?

As noted in the very text of the article, the conciliarists are even violating their own Canon Law in this instance to satisfy the British royal family and the members of Parliament.

Ah, who cares about even the conciliar version of "canon law" when there are civil officials to be appeased?

Catholics care very much about these words of Pope Gregory XVI, contained in Summo Iugiter Studio, May 27, 1832, an encyclical letter that was addressed to the Bishops of Bavaria:


The Apostolic See has always ensured that the canons forbidding the marriages of Catholics with heretics have been observed religiously. Occasionally such marriages have been tolerated in order to avoid more serious scandals. But, even then, the Roman Pontiffs saw to it that the faithful were taught how deformed these marriages are and what spiritual dangers they present. A Catholic man or woman would be guilty of a great crime if he presumed to violate the canonical sanctions in this matter. And if the Roman Pontiffs themselves very reluctantly relaxed this same canonical prohibition in some serious cases, they always added to their dispensation a formal condition: that the Catholic party must not be perverted, but rather must make every effort to withdraw the non-Catholic party from error and that the offspring of both sexes must be educated entirely in the Catholic religion.

2. Therefore, guided by the example of Our predecessors, We are grieved to hear reports from your dioceses which indicate that some of the people committed to your care freely encourage mixed marriages. Furthermore, they are promoting opinions contrary to the Catholic faith: namely, they dare to affirm that a Catholic may freely and legally contract marriage with a heterodox party, not only without asking for a dispensation (which must be obtained from the Apostolic See in each individual case), but also without agreeing to the necessary obligations, especially the duty to educate all the offspring in the Catholic religion. Indeed it has even come to the point that these same persons insist that mixed marriages ought to be approved when the heretical partner is a divorced person whose former spouse is still alive. To this end they issue serious threats of punishments in order to induce priests to announce mixed marriages in the churches and, afterwards, to defend the act by which these marriages were contracted or, at least, to grant the contracting parties what they call dimissory letters. Finally some of these misguided people attempt to persuade themselves and others that men are not saved only in the Catholic religion, but that even heretics may attain eternal life.

3. Some circumstances, however, lighten Our grief which arises from this matter: namely, the constancy of most of the Bavarian people in holding fast to the Catholic faith, their sincere obedience to ecclesiastical authority, and the steadfastness of nearly all of their clergy in carrying out their ministry according to the canons. We know that, although you may not all hold the same opinion in this business of mixed marriages, all of you are resolved to hearken to the Apostolic See and, with its guidance, to protect the flocks entrusted to you, not even fearing to encounter dangers in order to safeguard the sheep. . . .

5. Next let Us start with the things which concern the faith which, as We mentioned above, some are endangering in order to introduce greater freedom for mixed marriages. You know how zealously Our predecessors taught that very article of faith which these dare to deny, namely the necessity of the Catholic faith and of unity for salvation. The words of that celebrated disciple of the apostles, martyred St. Ignatius, in his letter to the Philadelphians are relevant to this matter: "Be not deceived, my brother; if anyone follows a schismatic, he will not attain the inheritance of the kingdom of God." Moreover, St. Augustine and the other African bishops who met in the Council of Cirta in the year 412 explained the same thing at greater length: "Whoever has separated himself from the Catholic Church, no matter how laudably he lives, will not have eternal life, but has earned the anger of God because of this one crime: that he abandoned his union with Christ." Omitting other appropriate passages which are almost numberless in the writings of the Fathers, We shall praise St. Gregory the Great who expressly testifies that this indeed is the teaching of the Catholic Church. He says: "The holy universal Church teaches that it is not possible to worship God truly except in her and asserts that all who are outside of her will not be saved." Official acts of the Church proclaim the same dogma. Thus, in the decree on faith which Innocent III published with the synod of Lateran IV, these things are written: "There is one universal Church of all the faithful outside of which no one is saved." Finally the same dogma is also expressly mentioned in the profession of faith proposed by the Apostolic See, not only that which all Latin churches use, but also that which the Greek Orthodox Church uses and that which other Eastern Catholics use. We did not mention these selected testimonies because We thought you were ignorant of that article of faith and in need of Our instruction. Far be it from Us to have such an absurd and insulting suspicion about you. But We are so concerned about this serious and well known dogma, which has been attacked with such remarkable audacity, that We could not restrain Our pen from reinforcing this truth with many testimonies. (Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio, May 27, 1832.)


Conciliarism is simply an entirely different religion. Why is this so hard to accept?

Not enough for you?

Pope Gregory XVI wrote this "too long ago"?

Think again.

Think again.

Pope Pius XII, writing in Sertum Laetitiae, November 1, 1939, warned the bishops of the United States of America about these dangers, implying that some of them had grown very complacent to the dangers posed by what we call today a pluralistic society:

We desire, however, that this Our praise be salutary. The consideration of the good which has been done must not lead to slackening which might degenerate into sluggishness; it must not issue in a vainglorious pleasure which flatters the mind; it should stimulate renewed energies so that evils may be avoided and those enterprises which are useful, prudent and worthy of praise may more surely and more solidly mature. The Christian, if he does honor to the name he bears, is always an apostle; it is not permitted to the Soldier of Christ that he quit the battlefield, because only death puts an end to his military service.

You well know where it is necessary that you exercise a more discerning vigilance and what program of action should be marked out for priests and faithful in order that the religion of Christ may overcome the obstacles in its path and be a luminous guide to the minds of men, govern their morals and, for the sole purpose of salvation, permeate the marrow and the arteries of human society. The progress of exterior and material possessions, even though it is to be considered of no little account, because of the manifold and appreciable utility which it gives to life, is nonetheless not enough for man who is born for higher and brighter destinies. Created indeed to the image and likeness of God, he seeks God with a yearning that will not be repressed and always groans and weeps if he places the object of his love where Supreme Truth and the Infinite Good cannot be found.

Not with the conquest of material space does one approach to God, separation from Whom is death, conversion to Whom is life, to be established in Whom is glory; but under the guidance of Christ with the fullness of sincere faith, with unsullied conscience and upright will, with holy works, with the achievement and the employment of that genuine liberty whose sacred rules are found proclaimed in the Gospel. If, instead, the Commandments of God are spurned, not only is it impossible to attain that happiness which has place beyond the brief span of time which is allotted to earthly existence, but the very basis upon which rests true civilization is shaken and naught is to be expected but ruins over which belated tears must be shed. How, in fact, can the public weal and the glory of civilized life have any guarantee of stability when right is subverted and virtue despised and decried? Is not God the Source and the Giver of law? Is He not the inspiration and the reward of virtue with none like unto Him among lawgivers (Cf. Job xxxvi:22)? This, according to the admission of all reasonable men, is everywhere the bitter and prolific root of evils: the refusal to recognize the Divine Majesty, the neglect of the moral law, the origin of which is from Heaven, or that regrettable inconstancy which makes its victims waver between the lawful and the forbidden, between justice and iniquity.

Thence arise immoderate and blind egoists, that thirst for pleasure, the vice of drunkenness, immodest and costly styles in dress, the prevalence of crime even among minors, the lust for power, neglect of the poor, base craving for ill-gotten wealth, the flight from the land, levity in entering into marriage, divorce, the break-up of the family, the cooling of mutual affection between parents and children, birth control, the enfeeblement of the race, the weakening of respect for authority, or obsequiousness, or rebellion, neglect of duty towards one's country and towards mankind.

We raise Our voice in strong, albeit paternal, complaint that in so many schools of your land Christ often is despised or ignored, the explanation of the universe and mankind is forced within the narrow limits of materialism or of rationalism, and new educational systems are sought after which cannot but produce a sorrowful harvest in the intellectual and moral life of the nation.

Likewise, just as home life, when the law of Christ is observed, flowers in true felicity, so, when the Gospel is cast aside, does it perish miserably and become desolated by vice: "He that seeketh the law, shall be filled with it: and he that dealeth deceitfully, shall meet with a stumbling block therein" (Ecclesiasticus xxxii: 19). What can there be on earth more serene and joyful than the Christian family? Taking its origin at the Altar of the Lord, where love has been proclaimed a holy and indissoluble bond, the Christian family in the same love nourished by supernal grace is consolidated and receives increase.

There is "marriage honorable in all, and the [nuptial] bed undefiled" (Cf. Hebrews xiii: 4). Tranquil walls resound with no quarreling voices nor do they witness the secret martyrdom which comes when hidden infidelity is laid bare; unquestioning trust turns aside the slings of suspicion; sorrow is assuaged and joy is heightened by mutual affection. Within those sacred precincts children are considered not heavy burdens but sweet pledges of love; no reprehensible motive of convenience, no seeking after sterile pleasure, brings about the frustration of the gift of life nor causes to fall into disuse the sweet names of brother and sister. With what solicitude do the parents take care that the children not only grow in physical vigor but also that, following in the footsteps of their forbears whose memory is often recalled to them, they may shine with the light which profession of the pure faith and moral goodness impart to them. Moved by the numerous benefits received, such children consider it their paramount duty to honor their parents, to be attentive to their desires, to be the staff of their old age, to rejoice their gray hairs with an affection which, unquenched by death, will be made more glorious and more complete in the mansion of Heaven. The members of the Christian family, neither querulous in adversity nor ungrateful in prosperity, are ever filled with confidence in God to Whose sway they yield willing obedience, in Whose will they acquiesce and upon Whose help they wait not in vain.

That the family may be established and maintained according to the wise teachings of the Gospel, therefore, the faithful should be frequently exhorted by those who have the directive and teaching functions in the churches, and these are to strive with unremitting care to present to the Lord a perfect people. For the same reason it is also supremely necessary to see to it that the dogma of the unity and indissolubility of matrimony is known in all its religious importance and sacredly respected by those who are to marry.

That this capital point of Catholic doctrine is of great value for the solidity of the family structure, for the progress and prosperity of civil society for the healthy life of the people and for civilization that its light may not be false, is a fact recognized even by no small number of men who, though estranged from the Faith, are entitled to respect for their political acumen. Oh! If only your country had come to know from the experience of others rather than from examples at home of the accumulation of ills which derive from the plague of divorce; let reverence for religion, let fidelity towards the great American people counsel energetic action that this disease, alas so widespread, may be cured by extirpation.

The consequences of this evil have been thus described by Pope Leo XIII, in words whose truth is incisive: "Because of divorce, the nuptial contract becomes subject to fickle whim; affection is weakened; pernicious incentives are given to conjugal infidelity; the care and education of offspring are harmed; easy opportunity is afforded for the breaking up of homes; the seeds of discord are sown among families; the dignity of woman is lessened and brought down and she runs the risk of being deserted after she has served her husband as an instrument of pleasure. And since it is true that for the ruination of the family and the undermining of the State nothing is so powerful as the corruption of morals, it is easy to see that divorce is of the greatest harm to the prosperity of families and of states" (Encyclical Letter Arcanum).

With regard to those marriages in which one or the other party does not accept the Catholic teaching or has not been baptized, We are certain that you observe exactly the prescriptions of the Code of Canon Law. Such marriages, in fact, as is clear to you from wide experience, are rarely happy and usually occasion grave loss to the Catholic Church. A very efficacious means for driving out such grave evils is that individual Catholics receive a thorough training in the Divine truths and that the people be shown clearly the road which leads to salvation.

Therefore, We exhort the priests to provide that their own knowledge of things Divine and human be wide and deep; that they be not content with the intellectual knowledge acquired in youth; that they examine with careful scrutiny the Law of the Lord, Whose oracles are purer than silver; that they continually relish and enjoy the chaste charms of Sacred Scripture; that with the passing of the years they study more deeply the history of the Church, its dogmas, its Sacraments, its laws, its scriptures, its liturgy, its language, so that they may advance in grace, in culture and wisdom.

Let them cultivate also the study of letters and of the profane sciences, especially those which are more closely connected with religion, in order that they may be able to impart with clarity and eloquence the teaching of grace and salvation which is capable of bending even learned intellects to the light burden and yoke of the Gospel of Christ. (Pope Pius XII, Sertum Laetitiae, November 1, 1939.)

Even a conciliar expert in the history of canon law concedes that there has been a change, one for the better in his view, between the Code of Canon Law of 1917 and the 1983 conciliar code of canon law concerning mixed marriages:

Therefore, as we can see, the rules of the church concerning mixed marriage have changed according to the socio-cultural and historical context of the Church, but after the debates of the Second Vatican Council, the canonical legislation underwent great changes, mostly during the 1960s and 1970s. (Mixed Marriages in the Canonical Legislation.)


Yes, as Pope Saint Pius X noted in Pascendi Dominci Gregis, September 8, 1907: "In all Catholicism there is absolutely nothing on which it does not fasten."

It is precisely because the devil has whispered in the ear of the members of the British Parliament to tell them the same thing: conciliarism is "safe;" it is not the same thing as the Catholicism of the "past" from which England broke. No Catholic who marries a royal is a threat to the hegemony of the Anglican sect, which is, ironically, patronized on a weekly by only less than percent of the English population, almost none of whom are between the ages of fifteen and thirty. This shows clearly the sterility of a false religion, something that is happening as well in the false religion of conciliarism.

The conciliar rocket is propelling quickly into the lower reaches of Hell.

Why Not a Freemasonic Head of the French Conciliar "Bishops'" Conference?

What has become a long and multi-layered article now closes where it begin: with the influence of Freemasonry upon the doctrines, liturgy and pastoral praxis of the conciliar revolutionaries. Annibale Bugnini, though, had to hide his Freemasonic membership, something that not even Paul the Sick could deny once the documentation was shown to him, thereby sending him off to spend his remaining years as the "papal nuncio" in Iran in 1975, where he spent six of the next seven years of his life. The last time that I remember seeing him was in a news report around Christmas in 1979 as he pleaded unsuccessfully while sitting on the floor in front of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini for the release of the Americans that had been taken hostage by the so-called "student militants" on Sunday, November 4, 1979, a most ignominious sight indeed.

Anyhow, Bugnini hid his Freemasonic membership. Not so the new president, "Bishop" George Pontier of Marseille, of the conciliar "bishops'" conference in France, eldest daughter of the Church. Here is a rough Google translation of the matter:

Archbishop of Marseille was elected after three ballots, after which he received a majority of two thirds of the French bishops. He will succeed Cardinal Vingt-Trois, reached the end of its two non-renewable mandates, June 30.

Member of the Priestly Fraternity Jesus Caritas, which saw the spirituality of Charles Foucaud Bishop Pontier is also broken links with the political world. Aged 70 years (born May 1, 1943), thin and discreet, Archbishop Pontier, from the Tarn, was ordained a priest in 1966 in Albi, then Bishop of Digne in 1988, then to La Rochelle and Saintes and finally Marseille, he is archbishop since 2006.

In 2009, he was praised Islam during Ramadan:

"Who has not communed with all that skirts the Muslim community without knowing. Visible and Community Ramadan mind the habits acquired in our country. Christians have at heart to discover the values ​​by this pillar of Islam and express their friendly closeness to the Muslims who live among us. "

He also chaired the Episcopal Committee France-Latin America (CEFAL), whose orientation is clearly in favor of liberation theology.

On the Taubira law, he stated his opposition and invited the Christians of his diocese to "train, discuss, argue ...", write to elected officials. He chaired the committee "Studies and Projects" of the episcopate, to examine the issues

In his Who's Who of the bishops, Golias gave the maximum score (5 bolsters) to Bishop Pontier and explained that "it would one day become president, although too far to the left to the taste of many of his colleagues". And besides Golias welcomed his election ("fraternal, generous, and open views rather ...")

Bishop Pontier is a member of the Grand Orient of France. He even would further meetings regularly. Questioned by the faithful on the subject during a pastoral visit, Archbishop Pontier has never denied that membership yet contrary to the law of the Church. (For French language original, si vous plait, please go to: (Mgr Pontier, nouveau président de la conférence des évêques de France.)


The whole ethos of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, including its liturgy and pastoral praxis, is Judeo-Masonic.

Everything goes except Catholicism, yes, even violations of conciliarism's own outlaw code of canon law.

Who cares about the thorough recitation of the papal condemnations of Freemasonry and membership in it contained in Pope Leo XII's Quo Graviora, May 13, 1826?

Certainly not Georges Pontier.

We should:

Likewise We look with solicitude, by Our Special Prayer and encouragements, upon you all, O Beloved Sons, who profess the Catholic Religion. Avoid entirely men who consider light darkness, and darkness light. For what utility worthy of the name can arise from agreement with men who think that no consideration for God, no consideration for the more Sublime Powers, is needing to be had, who through intrigues and secret assemblies try to declare war on those things, and who are such that they cry even in public and everywhere that they are the greatest lovers of the public good, of the Church, and of society; nevertheless they have already declared by all their deeds that they wish to throw all things into disorder and to overturn all things. These are indeed similar to those men to whom John commands in his second Epistle (v. 10) that neither hospitality must be given no "God speed" be said, and whom our Fathers do not hesitate to call the firstborn of the devil. Beware therefore of their flatteries and of their discourses sweetened with honey, by which they will seduce you to enroll in those sects to which they have been admitted. Have it for certain that no one can be a member of those sects, without being guilty of the most serious disgraceful act; and drive away from your ears the words of those who vigorously declare that you may assent to your election to the lower degrees of their sects, that nothing is admitted in those degrees which is opposed to reason, nothing which is opposed to Religion, indeed that there is nothing proclaimed, nothing performed which is not Holy, which is not Right, which is not Undefiled. Truly that abominable oath, which has already been mentioned, and which must be sworn even in that lower echelon, is sufficient for you to understand that it is contrary to Divine Law to be enlisted in those lower degrees, and to remain in them. In the next place, although they are not accustomed to commit those things which are more serious and more criminal to those who have not attained to the higher degrees, nevertheless it is plainly evident that the force and boldness of those most pernicious societies grow on account of the unanimity and the multitude of all who enroll in them. Therefore, even those who have not passed beyond the inferior degrees, must be considered sharers of their crimes. And that passage of the Apostle to the Romans (ch. 1) applies to them: "They who do such things, but also those who consent to those doing them." (Pope Leo XII, Quo Graviora, March 13, 1826.)

As I have explained before in many other articles on site, something unprecedented is happening. Either the See of Peter is vacant or God is permitting true popes to defect from the Faith while remaining members of the Catholic Church in good standing. The former is a canonical doctrine of the Catholic Church. The latter is impossible.

Some anti-sedevacantists argue viscerally that "God would never permit" there to be a period of papal vacancy lasting over fifty years now, noting that such a situation is without precedent and is in violation of the teaching of the [First] Vatican Council that Saint Peter will have perpetual successors to his throne (for a refutation of the latter argument, please see An Objection to Sedevacantism: 'Perpetual Successors' to Peter). This specious argument, however, means that it is possible for there to be a period of over fifty years wherein true popes can blaspheme God repeatedly by publicly esteeming the symbols of false religions, entering into places of false worship and treating the "ministers" of false religions as having a mission from God to serve and thus to save souls and of praising the nonexistent ability of false religions to contribute to the "building" of a "better" world that corresponds to the "dignity of man" in his quest for the "civilization of love." 

Where is the precedent for this?


No one with a shred of intellectual honesty can assert that there is any precedent for one supposed "pope" after another doing and saying things that have been anathematized by the Catholic Church's true dogmatic councils, each of which was guided infallible by the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost, and/or been condemned by the Fathers of the Church and/or by our true popes.

There is no precedent, not even in the times of Arianism, for the sort of liturgical abominations that have stemmed from the liturgical abomination par excellence, the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service that is hideous in the sight of the Most Blessed Trinity.

There is no precedent for a "pope" to deny the very nature of dogmatic truth or to make it appear as though the Catholic Church does not have a mission to seek with urgency the conversion of all non-Catholics to the true Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order.

There is no precedent for a "pope" to deny the very nature of the Church by stating that non-Catholic Christians have a "partial" communion with her.

There is no precedent for a "pope" to enter into a Talmudic synagogue, a place that, like all other temples of false worship, belongs to the devil himself, and being treated as an inferior while listening to a demonic hymn that denies that the Messias has already come.

There is no precedent for a "pope" to enter into a Mohammedan mosque as he takes off his shoes so as to signify being in a "holy" place or of assuming the Mohammedan "prayer" position as he turns in the direction of Mecca at the behest of his Mohammedan host.

Never before has it been the case of the history of the Catholic Church that her officials have sent No true pope in the history of the Catholic Church authorized annual "Happy Diwali" or "Happy Vesakh" messages to be sent to adherents of two of the devil's false religions of the "Eastern" variety, Buddhism or Hinduism (see Have a Happy, Baal, Yes, Most Holy Trinity, No, One or the Other, On A Mission of Their Very Own and A Tale of Two Benedicts).

There is no precedent for the likes of Piero Marini and Timothy Dolan and Vincent Nicholas and Georges Pontier on a universal basis, no less doing and saying the things that they have with the approval of the Petrine Minister and without a word of reproach.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., explained in but one sentence the simple fact those steeped in error cannot have any part in the Catholic Church:

There is a fatal instinct in error, which leads it to hate the Truth; and the true Church, by its unchangeableness, is a perpetual reproach to them that refuse to be her children. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, commentary on the life of Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen.)


A very trenchant analysis of the madness of Modernity, a madness into which the conciliar revolutionaries have inserted themselves have celebrated with abandon, was provided the late Swiss priest, Father Robert Mader, who was quoted three days ago in Complete Creatures Of Caesar And His Minions, part two:

What happened? World War I began in 1914. In the whole world there was no Catholic government. All of them without exception had become more or less liberal. It seemed as though Jesus Himself had become "liberal" in order to punish the nations. He did not "interfere in the political affairs of the nations." He apparently did what all the popular assemblies and the newspapers had been demanding of Him for more than a hundred years. And now look at the paradox! The nations which had been liberal for a century and which had given themselves liberal constitutions and elected liberal representatives now accused God of committing a crime, because He did not want to interfere in politics! If one is liberal, then one has no right to accuse God of non-intervention. If the liberals wants to be consistent, then they have to keep silence on our question.

A word to the sentimental souls: The World Wars and the revolutions with all their injustices that cry to heaven and their cruelties are supposed to be proof that there is no God, and that Jesus is a failure. Answer: The world has not only become unbelieving and liberal; it is godless. Of course there have always been godless individuals. But it has been reserve to modern times to raise godlessness to public power. And what is worse, godlessness had turned into actual glowing hatred of God. It became a fury. Mankind fell upon God in order to strangle Him, kill Him and eradicate Him.

Whoever casts a glance into the secrets of modern Freemasonry knows that we are not exaggerating. Freemasonry is the secret government behind most of the earth's governments. What we experiencing since the French Revolution is the radical, implacable, irreconcilable war against God, the revolution of earth against heaven.

If this is the case, what did God have to do? All graces had been thrown to the wind, all warnings were ridiculed. The world had become unteachable and incapable of conversion. God's mercy and patience were taken as an excuse for more impertinence and new ridicule. And it must be emphasized that we stood it! We watched the outbreaks of hatred against God and had no laws and no courts with which to defend the rights of God and His Christ. We made ourselves accomplices. (Father Robert Mader, Cross and the Crown, edited and translated by Dr. Eileen Kunze, Sarto House, 1999, pp. 63-64.)


I would only add something with which Father Mader was not familiar, namely, that the French Revolution was preceded by the American Revolution, many of whose progenitors and exponents had a founding hatred for Christ the King, noting as well that the roots of Modernity's and Modernism's joint warfare against Christ the King can be traced back to the Greek Schism of 1054, the rise of the Renaissance in the West, the Protestant Revolution and the subsequent rise of Judeo-Masonry. 

The counterfeit church of conciliarism is not the Catholic Church. 

Spend time in prayer before the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour if this is possible where you live.

Keep praying as many Rosaries each day as your state-in-life permits. Offer everything up to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Know this and know it well: the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph in the end as the fruit of her Fatima Message.

As Father Mader note:

Here army opposes army, banner against banner, slogan against slogan. We have to choose. We must serve the one side or the other. This is the object of the mighty spiritual battle before which we have arrived. The future belongs either to laicism or the kingdom of Christ. As far as we are concerned, we believe that the plague, after it has laid waste the whole earth, will gradually come to an end. Whatever the morrow may bring, the day after tomorrow belongs to Christ the King. (Father Robert Mader, Cross and the Crown, edited and translated by Dr. Eileen Kunze, Sarto House, 1999, pp. 62.)


Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us, on this your feast day!

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Mark the Evangelist, pray for us.

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Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

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