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December 1, 2010

Whatever You Want

by Thomas A. Droleskey


Beware, Venerable Brethren, of that growing abuse, in speech as in writing, of the name of God as though it were a meaningless label, to be affixed to any creation, more or less arbitrary, of human speculation. Use your influence on the Faithful, that they refuse to yield to this aberration. Our God is the Personal God, supernatural, omnipotent, infinitely perfect, one in the Trinity of Persons, tri-personal in the unity of divine essence, the Creator of all existence. Lord, King and ultimate Consummator of the history of the world, who will not, and cannot, tolerate a rival God by His side.

No faith in God can for long survive pure and unalloyed without the support of faith in Christ. "No one knoweth who the Son is, but the Father: and who the Father is, but the Son and to whom the Son will reveal Him" (Luke x. 22). "Now this is eternal life: That they may know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent" (John xvii. 3). Nobody, therefore, can say: "I believe in God, and that is enough religion for me," for the Savior's words brook no evasion: "Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son hath the Father also" (1 John ii. 23) (Pope Pius XI, Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937.)

Pope Pius XI warned the bishops of Germany to remind the faithful in the country where the Protestant Revolution against the Divine Plan that God Himself instituted to effect man's return to Him through the Catholic Church that they must not yield to the aberration of referring to God in a generic sense as though He is not a Trinity of Three Divine Persons in the Unity of One Godhead or that it does not matter whether the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity became Man by the power of God the Holy Ghost in the Virginal and Immaculate Womb of His Most Blessed Mother. Pope Pius XI warned the German bishops, therefore, to remind the faithful that they Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ entrusted His Deposit of Faith solely to the Catholic Church for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication and that we must submit to this Deposit of Faith at all times without any reservation, qualification, exception or exemption.

What does this mean to the newly elected President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, "Archbishop" Timothy Dolan, the happy conciliar archbishop of New York? Not much:

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when people are open to the Lord, and we don't think about ourselves. We're grateful to God. We're conscious that somebody, some call him or her, whatever you want, somebody beyond us is in charge, and we are immensely grateful. (Is 'Superman' Catholic?)


Let me repeat the quote from Pope Pius XI's Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937:

Beware, Venerable Brethren, of that growing abuse, in speech as in writing, of the name of God as though it were a meaningless label, to be affixed to any creation, more or less arbitrary, of human speculation. Use your influence on the Faithful, that they refuse to yield to this aberration. Our God is the Personal God, supernatural, omnipotent, infinitely perfect, one in the Trinity of Persons, tri-personal in the unity of divine essence, the Creator of all existence. Lord, King and ultimate Consummator of the history of the world, who will not, and cannot, tolerate a rival God by His side.

No faith in God can for long survive pure and unalloyed without the support of faith in Christ. "No one knoweth who the Son is, but the Father: and who the Father is, but the Son and to whom the Son will reveal Him" (Luke x. 22). "Now this is eternal life: That they may know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent" (John xvii. 3). Nobody, therefore, can say: "I believe in God, and that is enough religion for me," for the Savior's words brook no evasion: "Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son hath the Father also" (1 John ii. 23) (Pope Pius XI, Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937.)


I guess, however, that calling God "whatever you want" is enough reason for "Archbishop" Timothy Dolan to give "thanks" for the religious "diversity" of the United States of America.

"Archbishop" Timothy Dolan is an apostate. He is a blasphemer. He has lost his sensus Catholicus to such an extent that he believes a "thanksgiving day" that is a celebration of what he considers to be a "strength" of the United States of America, "religious diversity." However, it is this precisely this "religious diversity" that makes it next-to-impossible, humanly speaking, to retard various social evils such as chemical and surgical baby-killing and perversity and immodesty of dress and indecency of speech and open pornography and blasphemy that is televised on the "mainstream" television network as it is this "diversity" this utter religious relativism and indifferentism, that is proximately responsible for giving us these evils under cover of the civil law. Far from being something to "celebrate," this "religious diversity" is something to be deplored as we seek to plant the seeds for the conversion of everyone in our nation to the true Church, the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order.

Pope Leo XIII reminded us in Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885, that the religious indifferentism of the "pluralistic" civil state of Modernity results in the triumph of a spirit of practical atheism as the lowest common denominator over the course of time:

To hold, therefore, that there is no difference in matters of religion between forms that are unlike each other, and even contrary to each other, most clearly leads in the end to the rejection of all religion in both theory and practice. And this is the same thing as atheism, however it may differ from it in name. Men who really believe in the existence of God must, in order to be consistent with themselves and to avoid absurd conclusions, understand that differing modes of divine worship involving dissimilarity and conflict even on most important points cannot all be equally probable, equally good, and equally acceptable to God. (Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885.)


"Whatever you want?" "Archbishop" Dolan, who is quickly replacing the now-forgotten Carl Paladino as New York's own walking, talking human "sound bite."

"Whatever you want"? Perhaps a little reminder from something called the First Commandment might get you to speak about God with reference and precision, not a breezy, flippant casualness that reaffirms, even if by inadvertence, Catholics and non-Catholics alike that it really does not matter what you call God or how or even if your worship Him if you participate in the spectacle of a "thanksgiving day" that features many Americans gathering around their turkey dinners "thanking" "God" that they live in land where they can practice "freedom of choice" when it comes to killing innocent babies, a land of "liberty and justice" for all except for the Sacred Rights of Christ the King and for the innocent babies themselves, a land where it really does not make difference you call God as long as you remember that this is, after all, "one nation under God" even though it does not matter Who this God is or what He has revealed to us or that every nation has an obligation to profess belief in the one and only true God of Divine Revelation:

I am the LORD thy God: thou shalt not have strange Gods before me.

"Archbishop" Timothy Dolan is just the third successive conciliar "archbishop" of New York to speak in generic terms about God and to praise adherents of false religions for their "good work."

John "Cardinal" O'Connor, the conciliar "archbishop" of New York from March 19, 1984, to May 3, 2000, was an egregious offender of the First Commandment.

O'Connor gave an interview, which aired on the American Broadcasting Company's Nightline program on Christmas night, December 25, 1998, in which he said that he did not dissuade a Catholic man, Stephen Dubner from converting to a false, dead, superseded religion, Talmudic Judaism, going on to say that "God is smiling on all of this" as his final comment about Dubner's act of apostasy, completed with the full approval of a man who deemed himself to be a "prince" of the Catholic Church. Consider this account of the advice that O'Connor gave to Mr. Dubner contained in a book review of the latter's book on his "conversion" to Judaism:

But like many a Jewish son before him, he couldn't separate from his mother. He wanted her approval. He presented his problem to Cardinal O'Connor, who artfully contrived a theological olive branch: ''Tell your mother that you have tried to study this, that you have prayed about it, this is not just a revolt or a rejection, this is not a dismissal of what you don't understand -- that this is where you think God wants you to be, an informed Jew.'' (BOOKS OF THE TIMES; Words Upon the Heart, Heard at Last)


O'Connor also told a B'Nai Brith meeting in early-1998 that Judaism and Catholicism were meant to "coexist side by side" until the end of time. "This is what my boss (John Paul II) teaches, and I work for my boss.". The original citation for this came from a newspaper article that I cited in the printed pages of Christ or Chaos. There is also an allusion to this address in a reminiscence of O'Connor provided by the late pro-abortion "papal" "knight," Rabbi Leon Klenicki, in Full of Grace: An Oral Biography of John Cardinal O'Connor, edited by Terry Golway:

Once we invited him to talk at one of the Anti-Defamation League dinners. He was there to help present a booklet we had put out. During his speech, he told a story about how he once went to a Reform synagogue and he was the only one there with a yarmulke. Several Reform rabbis who were there looked at each others--I think they couldn't believe it--but everybody was laughing. The Cardinal had a serious point, too. Later that night, he said that he was in pain because there are Jews who do not want to exercise their Judaism because of assimilation or other reasons. It is their duty to practice their faith, he said, to prove that God exists and to refute the Holocaust. He sounded very much like a rabbi when he spoke. The crowd was all around him afterwards, shaking his hand and embracing him. I told him if he ever needed a job I knew a congregation that could use him. (Page 148 of Full of Grace: An Oral Biography of John Cardinal O'Connor.)


Although the citation for the following paraphrase cannot be found, I did once have the source for it in the printed pages of Christ or Chaos in 1998 that described "Cardinal" O'Connor's comments at a Anti-Defamation League banquet in Miami Beach, Florida, wherein he said that "Catholicism and Judaism are meant to coexist side by side until the end of time. That's what my boss, Pope John Paul II, teaches, and I obey my boss." No need to convert Jews. Saint Peter's discourse to the Jews on Pentecost Sunday? Well, that's one of those things that has been "obsolete" given the crimes committed against adherents of the Talmud by agents of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

Edward "Cardinal" Egan, who was the conciliar "archbishop" of New York, from June 19, 2000, to April 15, 2009, "forgot" to mention Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's Holy Name in an "ecumenical" gathering held at the now-demolished Yankee Stadium on September 23, 2001, twelve days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

Almighty and eternal father, we are gathered here as your people and your children. Out of love you brought us into existence, out of love you fashioned each and every one of us in your own image and likeness. Thus we come to you with the greatest measure of confidence, we come to you with the greatest measure of trust. We come as well with heavy hearts for just 13 days ago our beloved city and our beloved nation were violated. We lost women and men and children whom we sorely needed, whom we greatly admired, whom we dearly cherish. In our hospitals hundreds are in pain, in our homes thousands are in mourning, and in all of us there abides an urgent need for you and your grace. Heavenly father, wrap us in your providential care. Take our deceased brothers and sisters into your divine presence forever, strengthen our injured, console our families from whom so many have been taken so brutally. And make us all here in New York, in Washington and across the length and breadth of this land your noble people, your virtuous people. Yes, Lord, your holy people. We need courage to deal with our pain, we need justice to deal with the evil doers who have harmed us so fiercely. We need faith, wisdom and strength of soul for ourselves, each and every one, for our president and those who work with him, for our governor and those who work with him, for our mayor and those who work with him, for our police officers, heroes all, for our firefighters, heroes all, for our health care and emergency workers, heroes all. Gracious God, guide us, hear us. We are yours and yours we have a wish to be. Draw us closer to you in this hour of tragedy and pain. This we beg as your children with the utmost of trust, the utmost of confidence, the utmost of love, now and forever. Amen (applause). (Yankee Stadium Prayer Service. Although he should not have been at this ecumenical travesty, it is to the credit of the conciliar "bishop" of the Diocese of Brooklyn at the time, Thomas Daily, that he did mention the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ once and did invoke Our Lady under the title of "Mary, Queen of Peace." The Armenian Orthodox bishop, Anania Arapajian, started his prayer with an invocation to Our Lord, Who was also invoked by two Protestant ministers, meaning that four speakers of twenty-seven mentioned Our Lord's Holy Name. A member of the conciliar "college of cardinals" refused to do, as did a representative of the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States of America.)

The practical spirit of religious indifferentism, of course, has been displayed by the conciliar "pontiffs" themselves.

As has been well-documented on this site, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI has been a particular offender of the First and Second Commandments. He did not mention the Holy Name of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in a non-denominational prayer that he uttered at "ground zero" on Sunday, April 20, 2008:

O God of love, compassion, and healing, look on us, people of many different faiths and traditions, who gather today at this site, the scene of incredible violence and pain.

We ask you in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here— the heroic first-responders: our fire fighters, police officers, emergency service workers, and Port Authority personnel, along with all the innocent men and women who were victims of this tragedy simply because their work or service brought them here on September 11, 2001.

We ask you, in your compassion to bring healing to those who, because of their presence here that day, suffer from injuries and illness. Heal, too, the pain of still-grieving families and all who lost loved ones in this tragedy. Give them strength to continue their lives with courage and hope.

We are mindful as well of those who suffered death, injury, and loss on the same day at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Our hearts are one with theirs as our prayer embraces their pain and suffering.

God of peace, bring your peace to our violent world: peace in the hearts of all men and women and peace among the nations of the earth. Turn to your way of love those whose hearts and minds are consumed with hatred.

God of understanding, overwhelmed by the magnitude of this tragedy, we seek your light and guidance as we confront such terrible events. Grant that those whose lives were spared may live so that the lives lost here may not have been lost in vain. Comfort and console us, strengthen us in hope, and give us the wisdom and courage to work tirelessly for a world where true peace and love reign among nations and in the hearts of all. (Prayer Service at Ground Zero, Sunday, April 20, 2008, text from the conciliar Vatican website; see also See for yourself, April 20, 2008 - Ceremony at Ground Zero and All is Quicksand Without Our Lady.)

Boy, if only the "Pope" knew, huh? Oh, wait a minute, the man thinks that he is the "pope"! Never mind.

Ratzinger/Benedict has esteemed the symbols of false religions with his own priestly hands

Ratzinger/Benedict has entered into places of false worship as he has been content to be treated as an inferior.

Ratzinger/Benedict has called places of false worship as "sacred" to God.

Ratzinger/Benedict has praised the nonexistent ability of false religions to contribute to the making of a "better" world and to the establishment of "world peace."

Ratzinger/Benedict listened attentively to a conciliar "bishop," Richard Sklba, who served as an auxiliary "bishop" and enabler of the disgraced Rembert G. Weakland, O.S.B., and who was, despite this fact, retained by the "happy bishop" himself when he, Timothy Dolan, was the conciliar "archbishop" of Milwaukee from August 28, 2002, to April 15, 2009, blasphemed God in the following manner before esteeming the symbols described by Sklba with his own "papal" hands:

A silver menorah with seven lights. It symbolizes the perennial validity of God’s covenant of peace. Silver is frequently used in the Eastern European Jewish tradition. The menorah recalls the seven branched lamp stand used in the temple in Jerusalem.

A small, finely crafted edition of the Qur’an, in green leather and gold leaf edging. The Qur’an is the revered word of God, proclaiming God’s message of peace. Green is the traditional Islamic color.

A metallic cube representing the Jain principles of non-violence and respect for a diversity of viewpoints as a way to peace through self-discipline and dialogue.

The sacred syllable Om on a brass incense burner. Om is the primordial sound of creation itself, by which God’s liberating peace is made known. Bronze or brass are widely used for Hindu liturgical ornaments. Incense sticks are used in ritual worship among Hindu believers.

A bronze bell cast in Korea. In various Buddhist cultures, the sound of the bell demarcates the times of meditation, which leads to inner peace and enlightenment. (Many Acts of Evil Demand Many Acts of Reparation; see the video of this outrage by clicking April 17, 2008 - 6:15 p.m. - Interreligious Gathering.)


It is relevant to note that Richard Sklba was an auxiliary "bishop" to the happy "bishop," Timothy Dolan, at the time this blasphemy was uttered in the presence of the man who believes himself to be the Vicar of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on earth, who did not make any gesture of protest and actually stood up to greet those who presented him with the symbols described above as he admired each and every single one of them.

This is not Catholicism. Who says so? Let's try Pope Pius XII for just one example as I know that the three people who remain as readers of this site have other things to do than read these articles:

Her deportment has not changed in the course of history, nor can it change whenever or wherever, under the most diversified forms, she is confronted with the choice: either incense for idols or blood for Christ. The place where you are now present, Eternal Rome, with the remains of a greatness that was and with the glorious memories of its martyrs, is the most eloquent witness to the answer of the Church. Incense was not burned before the idols, and Christian blood flowed and consecrated the ground. But the temples of the gods lie in the cold devastation of ruins howsoever majestic; while at the tombs of the martyrs the faithful of all nations and all tongues fervently repeat the ancient Creed of the Apostles. (Pope Pius XII, Ci Riesce, December 6, 1953.)


As a perceptive reader, Mr. Travis Grasley, who wrote a guest column on health care that appeared on this site nearly six months ago now, noted to me in an e-mail sent on Monday, November 29, 2010:

History is pretty clear that Christians within the ancient Roman Empire refused to offer a pinch of incense in honor of Caesar as one amongst the pantheon of Roman gods. They refused because they knew that the act would, in essence, relativize the Trinity into equal standing amongst the other so-called gods of the ancient world. The Christians refused this abominable "ecumenical" act knowing that they would face the most horrible form of death as punishment for their denial. But Caesar didn't ask the Christians to deny their God outright. He just asked that they would simply acknowledge that their God was just one of many. After all, in an age of disunity and terrorism by barbarian hordes threatening the collapse the of the empire, peace amongst the "diverse" sects would have done much to bring stability to a chaotic world. Simply pinching this little incense in honor of Caesar would have done so much in easing the mounting tensions and threats of violence. It would have been good for world peace.

Am I being unreasonable? Didn't the "enlightenment" that spewed forth from the magisterium of Vatican II teach us that all those gods and diverse religions have some form of truth in them that was worthy of Christian honor? Especially when persecution and violence was threatening the peace of the empire? Shouldn't those ancient Christians have demonstrated to the world that the Church was working for the peace of the empire by simply pinching a dash of incense in honor of Caesar? Didn't the cult of Caesar and the other gods possess some truth that could potentially lead them to the Church if only the Christians would have just simply demonstrated that they were reasonable and peaceable men?

Even secular historians would agree that St. Peter would in no way have performed such an abominable act in ancient Rome in order to help ease tensions within the Roman Empire. Could any Catholic who took their faith even halfway seriously believe that St. Peter would have even considered such an act? I think 9 out 10 Catholic dentists would agree that doing so would have been a denial of the faith. Yet these same people will tell you that it's somehow different these days, and it's not as bad when Joseph Ratzinger does it. It's the same as them saying, "If only those poor, ignorant ancient Christians would have understood that honoring other faiths would have simply been ecumenical in nature; just an innocent gesture of reaching out to others in need of the truth,  they would not have had to suffer horrible persecution and death. If only their minds were enlightened like ours are today, they would have understood that being so fundamental about their faith only served to isolate the Church and drive others away from it. Instead, their traditional, fundamentalist mind-sets only served to push the Church into the ash heap of history when they could have reached out to others with the love and acceptance of Christ. Wait a minute! Back up. That's not how it worked out. Let me rephrase that."

So the insanity of Progressivism/Modernism has darkened the mind of the world. Men's intellects have grown dim while believing in their own so-called enlightenment. We are witnessing the Operation of Error at work as prophesied by St. Paul to come upon the world in the last days before the General Judgment. The days when good would be called bad and darkness called light. A diabolical trick so crafty that even the Elect would be betrayed, if that were possible.


These perceptive comments are very similar to the observations made by a former prior of the Society of Saint Pius X in Mexico, Father Basil Meramo, before he was expelled from the Society by its Superior-General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, who, it appears, is busy with an investment house, Dello Sarto (see Thought and Action: Krah and Menzingen, A Cause for Concern) these days that is under the direction of man who is a fund-raiser for Talmudic causes, for his criticism of false ecumenism as he compared the invitations made to our first Catholics by the Roman emperors and their minions to be "reasonable" and simply show a sign of respect and recognition of their false gods with the actions of the conciliar revolutionaries:

Our Lord does not want us to be men of little faith or cowards, for cowardice comes from a lack of virility, be it natural or supernatural. Lack of faith is typical of a coward. It is proper for virtue to grow in difficult times and not to diminish, become fearful or retreat. The brave soldier goes to war to win or die, not to retreat – this is betrayal.

This is also happing inside the Church: there are very few men who are truly men in the Church! Men were lacking at Vatican Council II. If only one cardinal had stood up and strongly indicted the heresies and errors of Vatican II, declaring them publicly to be such, he would have made the world tremble. But that man was not there. There are many people who see and know, but who dares to oppose the powers that be? Here is the difficulty: the lack of virility and faith. And because of this, things are happening, beloved brethren, in the Church and, unfortunately, also in Traditionalism, and unfortunately also in the Society.

This letter that I wrote can cost me my skin (…) but I cannot accept that, instead of seeing things as they are, (…) a person would say that this [accord] was made thanks to the blessing of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. And if Bishop Fellay dares to say this, I summon him before God to be chastised by the Most Holy Virgin Mary for using her holy name in such a falsehood. If I am mistaken, I ask that chastisement to fall on me. I cannot be clearer. Bread is bread and wine is wine. Here there is one selling out the Church, selling out the Society, selling out me and you, but I won’t allow anyone to sell me out or to buy me. (…)

This problem is taking place with the General Superior (of the Society of St. Pius X) (…) who is selling out the Society by allying himself with the Vatican, which has not stepped back in anything. Where does Benedict XVI go? He goes to the Synagogue, he goes to the United Nations, and now he goes to the Society (SSPX) – another concubine in the pantheon of false religions.

This is not admissible. This is a tactic of Rome. I want you to know, dear brethren, that Rome of the Roman Empire was able to dominate the world by means of religious compromises. This is why Rome had a pantheon with all the principal gods of the important peoples who were subjugated by it. Since religious alliances were established and Rome had the same gods of the enemies, then there were no mutual attacks. Rome accepted the same gods of the Greeks in order to dominate the Greeks; Rome adopted the same gods of this or that people in order to dominate them. This was its tactic to govern.

This same tactic continues today in that Rome, which St. Peter - the first Pope of the Church - called Babylon. He was not in the Middle East; he was in Rome and he called it Babylon because it was the Babylon of the religions. He didn’t spare words, because it had an altar to every god. All known religions had their representatives there. (…) A Pope quoted in the Breviary – whose name I don't remember at this moment – said that at the end [of history] Rome will again have, as in the beginning, all the religions. It will return to its ancient paganism, rejoicing in hosting all religions. It will return to its old religious prostitution. (A Bold Show of Dissatisfaction in the SSPX Ranks;  please read Father Meramo's remarks in their entirety; the Tradition in Action website has also published and English translation of Father Meramo's January 26, 2009, "open letter" to Bishop Fellay, Fellay’s Decision to Merge Confronted by Intellectual Priest. These letters have been censored by the Society of Saint Pius X hierarchy.)


"Whatever you want?" "Archbishop" Dolan. Sure, you can do and say whatever you want in the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, including denying that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday in atonement for our sins, except put into question any of the details of the crimes of the Third Reich. That is the unpardonable crime in the conciliar church, not speaking about God in a blasphemous manner and not denying openly articles of the Catholic Faith that the conciliarists still, at least nominally, accept.

Who appointed Timothy Dolan? Let me scratch my head? Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI.

Who is not going to remove Timothy Dolan? Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. Timothy Dolan is safe to follow the lead of his "pope" to blaspheme another day, safe to state publicly once again how much he "admires" the "work" of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith even though that Masonic organization has filed various amicus curiae briefs in support of baby-killing under cover of the civil law and special rights for those steeped in perverse sins in violation of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments (see the appendix at the end of If Only Catholics Spoke This Way).

If the conciliar "archbishop" of Freiburg, Germany, Robert Zollitsch, can remain safe and secure in the bosom of the conciliar "pope" for six hundred days even though he denied that Our Lord died in atonement for our sins, then one can rest fully assured that Timothy Dolan is perfectly safe to the say the following prior to thanksgiving day next year, November 24, 2011, the date of my sixtieth birthday if it is God's Holy will to sustain my physical life until then:

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when people are open to the Lord, and we don't think about ourselves. We're grateful to God. We're conscious that somebody, some call him or her, whatever you want, somebody beyond us is in charge, and we are immensely grateful. (Is 'Superman' Catholic?)


Far from being something to be "thankful" for, "Archbishop" Dolan, the fact that many Americans do not know Who to thank on a daily basis for the gifts that have been given unto them is the result of the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King that was wrought by the Protestant Revolution and has been institutionalized by the naturalistic, religiously indifferentist ethos of Judeo-Masonry that was summarized as follows by Pope Leo XIII in Humanum Genus, April 20, 1888:

But the naturalists go much further; for, having, in the highest things, entered upon a wholly erroneous course, they are carried headlong to extremes, either by reason of the weakness of human nature, or because God inflicts upon them the just punishment of their pride. Hence it happens that they no longer consider as certain and permanent those things which are fully understood by the natural light of reason, such as certainly are -- the existence of God, the immaterial nature of the human soul, and its immortality. The sect of the Freemasons, by a similar course of error, is exposed to these same dangers; for, although in a general way they may profess the existence of God, they themselves are witnesses that they do not all maintain this truth with the full assent of the mind or with a firm conviction. Neither do they conceal that this question about God is the greatest source and cause of discords among them; in fact, it is certain that a considerable contention about this same subject has existed among them very lately. But, indeed, the sect allows great liberty to its votaries, so that to each side is given the right to defend its own opinion, either that there is a God, or that there is none; and those who obstinately contend that there is no God are as easily initiated as those who contend that God exists, though, like the pantheists, they have false notions concerning Him: all which is nothing else than taking away the reality, while retaining some absurd representation of the divine nature.

When this greatest fundamental truth has been overturned or weakened, it follows that those truths, also, which are known by the teaching of nature must begin to fall -- namely, that all things were made by the free will of God the Creator; that the world is governed by Providence; that souls do not die; that to this life of men upon the earth there will succeed another and an everlasting life.

When these truths are done away with, which are as the principles of nature and important for knowledge and for practical use, it is easy to see what will become of both public and private morality. We say nothing of those more heavenly virtues, which no one can exercise or even acquire without a special gift and grace of God; of which necessarily no trace can be found in those who reject as unknown the redemption of mankind, the grace of God, the sacraments, and the happiness to be obtained in heaven. We speak now of the duties which have their origin in natural probity. That God is the Creator of the world and its provident Ruler; that the eternal law commands the natural order to be maintained, and forbids that it be disturbed; that the last end of men is a destiny far above human things and beyond this sojourning upon the earth: these are the sources and these the principles of all justice and morality.

If these be taken away, as the naturalists and Freemasons desire, there will immediately be no knowledge as to what constitutes justice and injustice, or upon what principle morality is founded. And, in truth, the teaching of morality which alone finds favor with the sect of Freemasons, and in which they contend that youth should be instructed, is that which they call "civil," and "independent," and "free," namely, that which does not contain any religious belief. But, how insufficient such teaching is, how wanting in soundness, and how easily moved by every impulse of passion, is sufficiently proved by its sad fruits, which have already begun to appear. For, wherever, by removing Christian education, this teaching has begun more completely to rule, there goodness and integrity of morals have begun quickly to perish, monstrous and shameful opinions have grown up, and the audacity of evil deeds has risen to a high degree. All this is commonly complained of and deplored; and not a few of those who by no means wish to do so are compelled by abundant evidence to give not infrequently the same testimony. (Pope Leo XIII, Humanum Genus, April 20, 1888.)


This false spirit is what possesses the mind of conciliarists, including "Archbishop" Timothy Dolan and his "boss," Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. As I wrote two and one-half months ago during the latter's journey to the United Kingdom, Generic Christianity Is Not Good Enough For God--and true pope after true pope has condemned any generic sense of the "religious spirit." Pope Leo XIII condemned such a spirit throughout his long pontificate, including in Custodi di Quella Fede, December 8, 1892:


Everyone should avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry or to affiliated groups. Know them by their fruits and avoid them. Every familiarity should be avoided, not only with those impious libertines who openly promote the character of the sect, but also with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance, respect for all religions, and the craving to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel with those of the revolution. These men seek to reconcile Christ and Belial, the Church of God and the state without God. (Pope Leo XIII, Custodi di Quella Fede, December 8, 1892.)


"Whatever you want"? Not on your Catholic life.

Pope Pius XI noted this in the afore-cited Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937:

Every true and lasting reform has ultimately sprung from the sanctity of men who were driven by the love of God and of men. Generous, ready to stand to attention to any call from God, yet confident in themselves because confident in their vocation, they grew to the size of beacons and reformers.   . No doubt "the Spirit breatheth where he will" (John iii. 8): "of stones He is able to raise men to prepare the way to his designs" (Matt. iii. 9). He chooses the instruments of His will according to His own plans, not those of men. But the Founder of the Church, who breathed her into existence at Pentecost, cannot disown the foundations as He laid them. Whoever is moved by the spirit of God, spontaneously adopts both outwardly and inwardly, the true attitude toward the Church, this sacred fruit from the tree of the cross, this gift from the Spirit of God, bestowed on Pentecost day to an erratic world.


Never mistake any form of faux Christianity for the true Faith as we continue pray for the conversion of those steeped in some kind of false Christianity or any other kind of false religion. Got it? 

How sad that the likes of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and Timothy Dolan cannot speak to non-Catholics in these plain, thoroughly Catholic words of Pope Pius IX in Iam Vos Omnes, September 13, 1868:

It is for this reason that so many who do not share 'the communion and the truth of the Catholic Church' must make use of the occasion of the Council, by the means of the Catholic Church, which received in Her bosom their ancestors, proposes [further] demonstration of profound unity and of firm vital force; hear the requirements [demands] of her heart, they must engage themselves to leave this state that does not guarantee for them the security of salvation. She does not hesitate to raise to the Lord of mercy most fervent prayers to tear down of the walls of division, to dissipate the haze of errors, and lead them back within holy Mother Church, where their Ancestors found salutary pastures of life; where, in an exclusive way, is conserved and transmitted whole the doctrine of Jesus Christ and wherein is dispensed the mysteries of heavenly grace.

It is therefore by force of the right of Our supreme Apostolic ministry, entrusted to us by the same Christ the Lord, which, having to carry out with [supreme] participation all the duties of the good Shepherd and to follow and embrace with paternal love all the men of the world, we send this Letter of Ours to all the Christians from whom We are separated, with which we exhort them warmly and beseech them with insistence to hasten to return to the one fold of Christ; we desire in fact from the depths of the heart their salvation in Christ Jesus, and we fear having to render an account one day to Him, Our Judge, if, through some possibility, we have not pointed out and prepared the way for them to attain eternal salvation. In all Our prayers and supplications, with thankfulness, day and night we never omit to ask for them, with humble insistence, from the eternal Shepherd of souls the abundance of goods and heavenly graces. And since, if also, we fulfill in the earth the office of vicar, with all our heart we await with open arms the return of the wayward sons to the Catholic Church, in order to receive them with infinite fondness into the house of the Heavenly Father and to enrich them with its inexhaustible treasures. By our greatest wish for the return to the truth and the communion with the Catholic Church, upon which depends not only the salvation of all of them, but above all also of the whole Christian society: the entire world in fact cannot enjoy true peace if it is not of one fold and one shepherd. (Pope Pius IX, Iam Vos Omnes, September 13, 1868.)


Do Ratzinger/Benedict or Timothy Dolan fear "having to render an account one day" to Christ the King as they have NOT "pointed out the way" for non-Catholics "to attain eternal salvation"? They do not. They are incapable of saying that it is necessary for non-Catholics to convert unconditionally to the Catholic Church before they die. Shouldn't this be proof enough of their infidelity? Is God as sanguine as Ratzinger/Benedict about the esteeming of the symbols of religions that He loathes? Is He as sanguine as Timothy Dolan about the various ways that people refer to Him? No.


We must enfold ourselves into the love of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as we make reparation for our own many sins, which are so responsible for the worsening of the state of the Church Militant on earth and of the world-at-large, as we seek to restore all things in Christ the King and Mary our Immaculate Queen.

The Rosary, the Rosary, the Rosary. Use it well. The enemies of Christ the King within in our souls and in the counterfeit church of conciliarism will be defeated by Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary and the fulfillment of her Fatima Message.

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?


Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.


Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Stephen of Hungary, pray for us.

See also: A Litany of Saints

Appendix A

Pope Pius IX on Modern Civilization: Taking A Different View Than the "Happy" Bishop

In truth, on the face of this earth there is but one true and holy Religion, founded and established by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself; this Religion – the fecund mother, the nurturer of all virtues, the enemy of vice, the liberator of souls and the mistress of true happiness – is called Catholic, Apostolic and Roman.

We have already spoken about what we should think of those who live outside of this ark of salvation in the consistory allocution of December 9, 1854, and here we confirm that same doctrine.

To those who, for the good of Religion, invite us to extend our hand to contemporary civilization, we ask whether the Vicar of Christ, divinely established by Christ to preserve the purity of His heavenly doctrine and to nourish and confirm His lambs and sheep in this same doctrine, could join forces with contemporary civilization without a very grave danger of conscience and causing the greatest of scandals. For it was this civilization that produced evils so numerous that we could never deplore them sufficiently, as well as so many poisonous opinions, errors and principles which are extremely opposed to the Catholic Religion and her doctrine
. (Pius IX, Allocution Jamdudum cernimus, March 18, 1861, in Recueil des Allocutions consistoriales, encycliques et autres lettres apostoliques, Paris: Adrien Leclere, 1865, p. 435, found at  Pope Cannot Accept Modern Civilization.)

Appendix B

Pope Leo XIII on the Masonic Ethos of Toleration of False Religions: Condemning the Conciliar "Popes" and their "Bishops"

Everyone should avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry or to affiliated groups. Know them by their fruits and avoid them. Every familiarity should be avoided, not only with those impious libertines who openly promote the character of the sect, but also with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance, respect for all religions, and the craving to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel with those of the revolution. These men seek to reconcile Christ and Belial, the Church of God and the state without God. (Pope Leo XIII, Custodi di Quella Fede, December 8, 1892.)

Appendix C

Pope Leo XIII on the Duties of Catholics to Defend Catholic Truth in Public: Generic Religiosity Has Nothing to Do with Fidelity to Christ the King

But in this same matter, touching Christian faith, there are other duties whose exact and religious observance, necessary at all times in the interests of eternal salvation, become more especially so in these our days. Amid such reckless and widespread folly of opinion, it is, as We have said, the office of the Church to undertake the defense of truth and uproot errors from the mind, and this charge has to be at all times sacredly observed by her, seeing that the honor of God and the salvation of men are confided to her keeping. But, when necessity compels, not those only who are invested with power of rule are bound to safeguard the integrity of faith, but, as St. Thomas maintains: "Each one is under obligation to show forth his faith, either to instruct and encourage others of the faithful, or to repel the attacks of unbelievers.'' To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe. In both cases such mode of behaving is base and is insulting to God, and both are incompatible with the salvation of mankind. This kind of conduct is profitable only to the enemies of the faith, for nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good. Moreover, want of vigor on the part of Christians is so much the more blameworthy, as not seldom little would be needed on their part to bring to naught false charges and refute erroneous opinions, and by always exerting themselves more strenuously they might reckon upon being successful. After all, no one can be prevented from putting forth that strength of soul which is the characteristic of true Christians, and very frequently by such display of courage our enemies lose heart and their designs are thwarted. Christians are, moreover, born for combat, whereof the greater the vehemence, the more assured, God aiding, the triumph: "Have confidence; I have overcome the world." Nor is there any ground for alleging that Jesus Christ, the Guardian and Champion of the Church, needs not any manner the help of men. Power certainly is not wanting to Him, but in His loving kindness He would assign to us a share in obtaining and applying the fruits of salvation procured through His grace.

The chief elements of this duty consist in professing openly and unflinchingly the Catholic doctrine, and in propagating it to the utmost of our power. For, as is often said, with the greatest truth, there is nothing so hurtful to Christian wisdom as that it should not be known, since it possesses, when loyally received, inherent power to drive away error. So soon as Catholic truth is apprehended by a simple and unprejudiced soul, reason yields assent. (Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae, January 10, 1890.)

Appendix D

Pope Leo XIII on the Degeneration of Nations Absent the Catholic Faith: We Do Not Give Thanks for Religious "Diversity"

From this it may clearly be seen what consequences are to be expected from that false pride which, rejecting our Saviour's Kingship, places man at the summit of all things and declares that human nature must rule supreme. And yet, this supreme rule can neither be attained nor even defined. The rule of Jesus Christ derives its form and its power from Divine Love: a holy and orderly charity is both its foundation and its crown. Its necessary consequences are the strict fulfilment of duty, respect of mutual rights, the estimation of the things of heaven above those of earth, the preference of the love of God to all things. But this supremacy of man, which openly rejects Christ, or at least ignores Him, is entirely founded upon selfishness, knowing neither charity nor selfdevotion. Man may indeed be king, through Jesus Christ: but only on condition that he first of all obey God, and diligently seek his rule of life in God's law. By the law of Christ we mean not only the natural precepts of morality and the Ancient Law, all of which Jesus Christ has perfected and crowned by His declaration, explanation and sanction; but also the rest of His doctrine and His own peculiar institutions. Of these the chief is His Church. Indeed whatsoever things Christ has instituted are most fully contained in His Church. Moreover, He willed to perpetuate the office assigned to Him by His Father by means of the ministry of the Church so gloriously founded by Himself. On the one hand He confided to her all the means of men's salvation, on the other He most solemnly commanded men to be subject to her and to obey her diligently, and to follow her even as Himself: "He that heareth you, heareth Me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth Me" (Luke x, 16). Wherefore the law of Christ must be sought in the Church. Christ is man's "Way"; the Church also is his "Way"-Christ of Himself and by His very nature, the Church by His commission and the communication of His power. Hence all who would find salvation apart from the Church, are led astray and strive in vain.

As with individuals, so with nations. These, too, must necessarily tend to ruin if they go astray from "The Way." The Son of God, the Creator and Redeemer of mankind, is King and Lord of the earth, and holds supreme dominion over men, both individually and collectively. "And He gave Him power, and glory, and a kingdom: and all peoples, tribes, and tongues shall serve Him" (Daniel vii., 14). "I am appointed King by Him . . . I will give Thee the Gentiles for Thy inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for Thy possession" (Psalm ii., 6, 8). Therefore the law of Christ ought to prevail in human society and be the guide and teacher of public as well as of private life. Since this is so by divine decree, and no man may with impunity contravene it, it is an evil thing for the common weal wherever Christianity does not hold the place that belongs to it. When Jesus Christ is absent, human reason fails, being bereft of its chief protection and light, and the very end is lost sight of, for which, under God's providence, human society has been built up. This end is the obtaining by the members of society of natural good through the aid of civil unity, though always in harmony with the perfect and eternal good which is above nature. But when men's minds are clouded, both rulers and ruled go astray, for they have no safe line to follow nor end to aim at. (Pope Leo XIII, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, November 1, 1900.)

Appendix E

Pope Leo XIII: We Must Restore Catholicism: The Catholic Way is the Truly American Way!

Just as Christianity cannot penetrate into the soul without making it better, so it cannot enter into public life without establishing order. With the idea of a God Who governs all, Who is infinitely wise, good, and just, the idea of duty seizes upon the consciences of men.  It assuages sorrow, it calms hatred, it engenders heroes. If it has transformed pagan society--and that transformation was a veritable resurrection--for barbarism disappeared in proportion as Christianity extended its sway, so, after the terrible shocks which unbelief has given to the world in our days, it will be able to put that world again on the true road, and bring back to order the states and peoples of modern times. But the return of Christianity will not be efficacious and complete if it does not restore the world to a sincere love of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. In the Catholic Church Christianity is Incarnate. It identifies itself with that perfect, spiritual, and, in its own order, sovereign society, which is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and which has for Its visible head the Roman Pontiff, successor of the Prince of the Apostles. It is the continuation of the mission of the Savior, the daughter and the heiress of His Redemption.  It has preached the Gospel, and has defended it at the price of its blood, and strong in the Divine assistance and of that immortality which has been promised it, it makes no terms with error but remains faithful to the commands which It has received, to carry the doctrine of Jesus Christ to the uttermost limits of the world and to the end of time, and to protect it in its inviolable integrity. Legitimate dispenser of the teachings of the Gospel It does not reveal itself only as the consoler and Redeemer of souls, but It is still more the internal source of justice and charity, and the propagator as well as the guardian of true liberty, and of that equality which alone is possible here below. In applying the doctrine of its Divine Founder, It maintains a wise equilibrium and marks the true limits between the rights and privileges of society. The equality which it proclaims does not destroy the distinction between the different social classes  It keeps them intact, as nature itself demands, in order to oppose the anarchy of reason emancipated from Faith, and abandoned to its own devices. The liberty which it gives in no wise conflicts with the rights of truth, because those rights are superior to the demands of liberty.  Not does it infringe upon the rights of justice, because those rights are superior to the claims of mere numbers or power. Nor does it assail the rights of God because they are superior to the rights of humanity. (Pope Leo XIII, A Review of His Pontificate, March 19, 1902.)


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