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                August 19 , 2010

Still Trying To Make Everyone Happy Except God Himself

(Or Part Two of Mainstreaming Mosques)

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Well, well, well. Look who has finally made a statement about the controversy that has been engendered by the proposal to build a Mohammedan mosque and community center in the lower part of the Borough of Manhattan of the City of New York, New York, near the site of the twin towers of the World Trade Center that were destroyed in the attacks that took place on the morning of September 11, 2001. The conciliar "archbishop" of New York, Timothy Dolan, has finally stated his views on the matter. Once one clears away all of the "feel good" conciliar smoke that he is attempting to blow in our faces, one thing stands out about "Archbishop" Dolan's position, such as it is: he is still trying to make everyone happy except God Himself:

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, spiritual leader to New York City's two million Catholics, is urging "respectful discussion" from all all parties locked in debate over plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero, and he said he prays a responsible decision will be reached regarding the mosque's final location.

Speaking to reporters today, Dolan said he hopes any decision will respect the viewpoint of those who oppose an Islamic Center so close to the site of the fallen Twin Towers but will also protect the exercise of religious freedom.

Dolan said New York has " a great record of welcoming people... of coming together to deal with issues in a constructed, dignified way."

He said he would be happy to be included in any future dialogue.

“My major prayer is that what has turned into somewhat of a divisive issue might develop into an occasion of very civil, rational, loving, respectful discussion," the Archbishop said.

He added that he was proud of both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. David Paterson for their handling of the debate.

"Mayor Bloomberg articulated in a particularly of eloquent way the principles of religious freedom and the hospitality on which this great country and this wonderful community is based," Dolan said.

Bloomberg is in support of the mosque's construction on Park Place, saying it will be a "sad day" if the project is derailed

Archbishop Dolan also gave credit to Governor Paterson for offering to broker discussions with the imam and mosque developers in the hopes of finding another location for the project.

“I think the governor’s initiative is welcome," he said.  "Both of what they (he and Mayor Bloomberg) are trying to do is bring people together to look into this problem," he said.

The archbishop pointed to what he called a "somewhat analogous situation" under Pope John Paul II, who brokered a solution when Carmelite nuns sought to move into a building and build a cross near Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp.

This was taken by some to be an attempt to spread Christianity at place of deep Jewish suffering.

Pope John Paul asked the nuns to move.  "Keep the idea, move the address," Dolan said.  "It worked there, might work here." (This news story was found on the website of WNBC-TV, Channel 4, New York. I am not providing a hyperlink to the page because it contains a terribly indecent photograph; see also Archbishop Offers to Mediate Islamic Center Controversy.)


You better believe that "Archbishop" Timothy Dolan did not enter into this matter without checking with the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, District of Columbia, and/or with the conciliar Vatican's Secretariat of State office. "Archbishop" Dolan tried to strike a "middle ground" by showing empathy for the convictions of those who were in the twin towers and the surrounding buildings on September 11, 2001, who managed by God's graces to survive the attacks that day and of those who are the surviving relatives of those who were killed during those attacks. "Archbishop" Dolan also tried to show sympathy for the "principle" of "religious freedom" that he says has been upheld so "eloquently" by the virulently pro-abortion, pro-perversity food fascist Mayor of the City of New York, New York, the self-described "billionaire playboy," Michael Bloomberg. This is just typical conciliarspeak as "dialogue" must be employed for competing parties to "listen to each other" and then to "come together" to a a "reasonable" understanding.

As noted yesterday in Mainstreaming Mosques, this entire controversy is phony. The Mohammedan imam, Feisal Abdul-Rauf, who is promoting what is called the "Cordoba House" project knows full well that his mosque and community center is going to be built somewhere else. He desired this controversy so as to demonstrate that he, the face of "moderate Islam," who is, of course, also a paid stooge of the pro-abortion, pro-perversity administration of Caesar Barackus Obamus Ignoramus, represents a "mainstream" version of the false and thus diabolically-inspired Mohammedan cult as opposed to the "radical" version that he criticizes somewhat in the America media while playing his double game behind the scenes by maintaining active ties with the very people he considers to be "unrepresentative" of "Islam." Feisal Abdul-Rauf wants this controversy to play out as it has thus far so as to further mainstream his false religion so that it can play a more active role in the pantheon of false religions that compose what the apostate Timothy Dolan refers to as the "hospitality" on which the United States of America and the City of New York are founded.

Timothy Dolan's embrace of "religious liberty" betrays his abandonment of the Catholic Faith as the Catholic Church teaches us that various evils, such as the building of centers of false worship, may be tolerated by the civil state so as to respect the consciences of nonbelievers and to prevent social unrest. This toleration of evil is far, far different from concilairism's heresy of "religious liberty" that was condemned by one true pope after another prior to the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958. Consider, yes, once again, this passage from Pope Leo XIII's Libertas Praestantissimum, June 20, 1888

Yet, with the discernment of a true mother, the Church weighs the great burden of human weakness, and well knows the course down which the minds and actions of men are in this our age being borne. For this reason, while not conceding any right to anything save what is true and honest, she does not forbid public authority to tolerate what is at variance with truth and justice, for the sake of avoiding some greater evil, or of obtaining or preserving some greater good. God Himself in His providence, though infinitely good and powerful, permits evil to exist in the world, partly that greater good may not be impeded, and partly that greater evil may not ensue. In the government of States it is not forbidden to imitate the Ruler of the world; and, as the authority of man is powerless to prevent every evil, it has (as St. Augustine says) to overlook and leave unpunished many things which are punished, and rightly, by Divine Providence. But if, in such circumstances, for the sake of the common good (and this is the only legitimate reason), human law may or even should tolerate evil, it may not and should not approve or desire evil for its own sake; for evil of itself, being a privation of good, is opposed to the common welfare which every legislator is bound to desire and defend to the best of his ability. In this, human law must endeavor to imitate God, who, as St. Thomas teaches, in allowing evil to exist in the world, "neither wills evil to be done, nor wills it not to be done, but wills only to permit it to be done; and this is good.'' This saying of the Angelic Doctor contains briefly the whole doctrine of the permission of evil.


The existence of a Mohammedan mosque may be tolerated to prevent greater evils. Unlike what many, although not all, of the conciliarists believe and assert publicly, however, a Mohammedan mosque has no "right" from God to exist as it is a place of devil worship that God Himself detests and loathes. And a nation organized around Catholic principles and recognizes the authority of the Catholic Church to exercise the Social Reign of Christ the King would recognize that it is the principle of "toleration" and not that of the heresy of "religious liberty" that would permit the building of centers of false worship in discreet locations, if at all possible, that would not otherwise scandalize the citizenry and lead to the sort of unrest that we see unfolding before our very eyes in our "pluralistic" society that is the very product of the falsehoods of the Protestant Revolution and the rise of the deification of man championed by the naturalistic philosophies and ideologies that can be described as Judeo-Masonry.

The truth is, of course, that Timothy Dolan does not believe that any false religion, whether it be some Protestant sect or Talmudic Judaism or Mohammedanism, is evil in se. Just re-read Making Everyone Happy Except God for an illustration of this fact. I mean, the man has repeatedly praised the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Anti Defamation League of B'Nai Brith that is, most ironically, one of the strongest and most outspoken opponents of the building of the "Cordoba House" project near what is called Ground Zero. Timothy Dolan might believe that Mohammedanism is false. He does not believe that it is evil and thus of the devil of its very wicked nature.

The only other point to be made about Timothy Dolan's public comments yesterday, August 18, 2010, is that it is absolutely obscene to suggest that the cowardly, thoroughly un-Catholic decision made by Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II in 1998 to request the religious sisters of the Carmelite convent near the site of the former Nazi concentration camp and death center at Auschwitz in Poland to remove a huge cross that they had erected near a cemetery of those, mostly Jewish, who had been killed by the Nazis. Anyone who considers the Cross of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to be "offensive" and/or that it is necessary or prudently advisable remove a display of the Holy Cross so as not to offend those who deny and hate the Sacred Divinity of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is a friend of the devil, not of Christ the King.

Holy Mother Church did not round up the people who were in the Auschwitz concentration camp. She did not exterminate those who were killed there. Catholicism had nothing whatsoever to do with the crimes of the Third Reich, which occurred precisely because of the systematic de-Catholicization of Europe that took place in the wake of the Protestant Revolution against the Social Reign of Christ the King and in the wake of the rise of naturalistic ideologies and philosophies that permitted the ancient enemies of the Church to spit on the Holy Faith and to promote the "rights of man" to the exclusion of the sacred right of the Catholic Church to be recognized as the true religion by the civil state. It is precisely because Catholicism was rejected and mocked and vilified that the murderous likes of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and Maximilian Robespierre and Otto von Bismarck and Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler, among many others, including the leaders of the Italian Risorgimento, arose to take their place in the history of petty tyrants and thugs who have attempted to wipe the Holy Faith from the face of this earth and to replace It with their own diabolical "programs" for the "better" world. 

The instrument of human salvation, the Holy Cross, is not offensive to God! Those who are offended by it must be told that it is the means of their salvation and that they must embrace It at the peril of the loss of their own immortal souls in Hell for all eternity. That is true Charity, my friends, not the obsequious surrender to the ancient enemies of the Faith that led the apostate Wojtyla/John Paul remove to remove the Cross from the Paul VI Audience Hall in 1994 when he hosted a concert in the memory of the victims and the survivors of the crimes of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler.

Ah, what the Catholic Faith teaches us is true Charity for souls is dismissed by Timothy Dolan as attempting to "spread Christianity" to the Jews. Excuse me, "Archbishop" Dolan,was Saint Peter, the very first Pope, wrong to seek the conversion of the Jews on the first Pentecost Sunday a short time after having been filled with the Gifts and Fruits of the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost, in the same Upper Room in Jerusalem where Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had instituted the Eucharist and the Priesthood, and thus the New and Eternal Testament that He ratified on the wood of the Holy Cross by shedding every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday, fifty-three days before?

Was Saint Vincent Ferrer wrong to have sought the conversion of the Jews and the Mohammedans of the Iberian Peninsula and southern France in the latter part of the Fourteenth and the early part of the Fifteenth Centuries?

Was Pope Saint Pius X wrong to have spoken to the founder of International Zionism, Theodore Herzl, as follows on January 25, 1904:

HERZL: Yesterday I was with the Pope [Pius X]. . . . I arrived ten minutes ahead of time, and without having to wait I was conducted through a number of small reception rooms to the Pope. He received me standing and held out his hand, which I did not kiss. Lippay had told me I had to do it, but I didn’t. I believe this spoiled my chances with him, for everyone who visits him kneels and at least kisses his hand. This hand kiss had worried me a great deal and I was glad when it was out of the way.

He seated himself in an armchair, a throne for minor affairs, and invited me to sit by his side. He smiled in kindly anticipation. I began:

HERZL: I thank Your Holiness for the favor of granting me this audience. [I begged him to excuse my miserable Italian, but he said:

POPE: No, Signor Commander, you speak very well.

HERZL: [He is an honest, rough-hewn village priest, to whom Christianity has remained a living thing even in the Vatican. I briefly laid my request before him. But annoyed perhaps by my refusal to kiss his hand, he answered in a stern categorical manner.

POPE: We are unable to favor this movement [of Zionism]. We cannot prevent the Jews from going to Jerusalem—but we could never sanction it. The ground of Jerusalem, if it were not always sacred, has been sanctified by the life of Jesus Christ. As the head of the Church I cannot answer you otherwise. The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people.

HERZL: [The conflict between Rome and Jerusalem, represented by the one and the other of us, was once again under way. At the outset I tried to be conciliatory. I said my little piece. . . . It didn’t greatly impress him. Jerusalem was not to be placed in Jewish hands.] And its present status, Holy Father?

POPE: I know, it is disagreeable to see the Turks in possession of our Holy Places. We simply have to put up with it. But to sanction the Jewish wish to occupy these sites, that we cannot do.

HERZL: [I said that we based our movement solely on the sufferings of the Jews, and wished to put aside all religious issues].

POPE: Yes, but we, but I as the head of the Catholic Church, cannot do this. One of two things will likely happen. Either the Jews will retain their ancient faith and continue to await the Messiah whom we believe has already appeared—in which case they are denying the divinity of Jesus and we cannot assist them. Or else they will go there with no religion whatever, and then we can have nothing at all to do with them. The Jewish faith was the foundation of our own, but it has been superceded by the teachings of Christ, and we cannot admit that it still enjoys any validity. The Jews who should have been the first to acknowledge Jesus Christ have not done so to this day.

HERZL: [It was on the tip of my tongue to remark, “It happens in every family: no one believes in his own relative.” But, instead, I said:] Terror and persecution were not precisely the best means for converting the Jews. [His reply had an element of grandeur in its simplicity:]

POPE: Our Lord came without power. He came in peace. He persecuted no one. He was abandoned even by his apostles. It was only later that he attained stature. It took three centuries for the Church to evolve. The Jews therefore had plenty of time in which to accept his divinity without duress or pressure. But they chose not to do so, and they have not done it yet.

HERZL: But, Holy Father, the Jews are in a terrible plight. I do not know if Your Holiness is aware of the full extent of their tragedy. We need a land for these harried people.

POPE: Must it be Jerusalem?

HERZL: We are not asking for Jerusalem, but for Palestine—for only the secular land.

POPE: We cannot be in favor of it.

[Editor Lowenthal interjects here] Here unrelenting replacement theology is plainly upheld as the norm of the Roman Catholic Church. Further, this confession, along with the whole tone of the Pope in his meeting with Herzl, indicates the perpetuation of a doctrinal emphasis that has resulted in centuries of degrading behavior toward the Jews. However, this response has the “grandeur” of total avoidance of that which Herzl had intimated, namely that the abusive reputation of Roman Catholicism toward the Jews was unlikely to foster conversion. Further, if, “It took three centuries for the Church to evolve,” it was that very same period of time that it took for the Church to consolidate and launch its thrust of anti-Semitism through the following centuries.

HERZL: Does Your Holiness know the situation of the Jews?

POPE: Yes, from my days in Mantua, where there are Jews. I have always been in friendly relations with Jews. Only the other evening two Jews were here to see me. There are other bonds than those of religion: social intercourse, for example, and philanthropy. Such bonds we do not refuse to maintain with the Jews. Indeed we also pray for them, that their spirit see the light. This very day the Church is celebrating the feast of an unbeliever who became converted in a miraculous manner—on the road to Damascus. And so if you come to Palestine and settle your people there, we will be ready with churches and priests to baptize all of you. (Marvin Lowenthal, Diaries of Theodore Herzl, pp. 427- 430.)


Catholics must treat all others, including all non-Catholics, with respect and dignity and kindness. Conversion is a long process. There are many ways to win over a soul, starting with friendship. It is, however, our obligation to spread the true Faith, something that Timothy Dolan implied in his remarks yesterday is offensive to others, especially to the Jews who suffered under the Third Reich of the occultist and racialist named Adolf Hitler, which is why the very symbol of human redemption, the Holy Cross, was removed from the Carmelite monastery because it made it appears though the Carmelite sisters wanted to spread the Holy Faith. Wasn't that their duty as Catholics, Timothy Dolan? Isn't it supposed to be your duty? Or do you just want to be known as the "happy" "bishop" who listens to others. I can assure you, Timothy Dolan, that Saint Peter did not listen to the Jews on Pentecost Sunday. He preached the truth of one and only true Faith, without which no one can be saved and without with there can be no true and just social order, to them with crystal clarity. So must you. That you do not do so proves yet again that you are very loyal your conciliar "popes," who have abandoned apostolic in favor of a false "ecumenism" that was condemned by one of those killed in Auschwitz on August 14, 1941, Father Maximilian Kolbe, a Conventual Franciscan who was the founder of the Militia of the Immaculata.

Father Kolbe wanted to build up the City of Mary Immaculate world. He saw a procession of anticlerical Freemasons walking in Rome in January of 1917 and decided then and there to devote his life's work to opposing all forms of naturalism in the promotion of the rights of Mary our Immaculate Queen. Father Kolbe was opposed to Zionism. He was opposed to Communism. He was opposed to Nazism. He was opposed to liberalism. And although Father Kolbe was opposed to Zionism, he treated individual Jews with kindness and dignity, providing them refuge as the Nazis were persecuting them. It was because Father Kolbe, who gave up his life at Auschwitz so that a Jewish man with a family would not be executed to satisfy Nazi "justice" after a prisoner had escape from there, was an enemy of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler and all other forms of naturalism that he was arrested and placed in that concentration camp. Was Father Kolbe wrong to seek the conversion of the Jews and others prior to his arrest and subsequent execution, "Archbishop" Dolan?

Apart from being an opponent of forms of naturalism,"Archbishop" Dolan, Father Maximilian Kolbe (whose cause for authentic canonization as a Confessor of Holy Mother Church certainly will be reviewed once the Church Militant is restored to her full glory after the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) was also a firm and vigorous opponent of the very false ecumenism that has been championed by the "Second" Vatican Council and the "magisterium" of the conciliar "popes" and to which you are so personally committed:

"Only until all schismatics and Protestants profess the Catholic Creed with conviction, when all Jews voluntarily ask for Holy Baptism – only then will the Immaculata have reached its goals.”

In other words” Saint Maximilian insisted, “there is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must not only fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy. We must realize the goal of the Militia Immaculata as quickly as possible: that is, to conquer the whole world, and every individual soul which exists today or will exist until the end of the world, for the Immaculata, and through her for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.” (Father Karl Stehlin, Immaculata, Our Ideal, Kansas City, Missouri, Angelus Press, 2007, p. 37.)


Any questions, "Archbishop" Dolan? You prove yourself to have defected from the Catholic Faith by believing in a false ecumenism that has been condemned by our true popes and makes a mockery of the apostolic work of the Holy Apostles and the countless millions of other Catholics who fought falsehoods and refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of any false religion, preferring death to doing so. You prefer human respect as you still try to make everyone on earth "happy" except for the true God of Divine Revelation Himself. May Father Kolbe pray for your conversion back to the true Faith as you publicly abjure your crimes against the honor and glory of the Most Blessed Trinity and thus of the immortal souls for whom Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem.

It is no wonder that the Archdiocese of New York has had to close and sell off (or reduce to "mission" status) once thriving Catholic parishes. We passed through several communities in Orange County, New York, yesterday as we took Sharon, who has suffered from great sciatica pain in recent days (please pray for her), to her atlas chirporactor. One formerly Catholic church building had been sold been sold to the Antiochan Orthodox Church. Another, Saint Stanislaus, in Pine Island, New York, has been reduced to a "mission church" with Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo services only on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. A false religion breeds sterility of belief and practice, which empties the pews. Timothy Dolan ought to be concerned about abjuring conciliarism than attempting to "mediate" the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy even as he has presided over decisions, made after great public protest, not to sell off certain formerly Catholic properties in the archdiocese to the Mohammedans.

It is no wonder that the Archdiocese of New York has had to close and sell off (or reduce to "mission" status) once thriving Catholic parishes. We passed through several communities in Orange County, New York, yesterday as we took Sharon, who has suffered from great sciatica pain in recent days (please pray for her), to her atlas chirporactor. One formerly Catholic church building had been sold been sold to the Antiochan Orthodox Church. Another, Saint Stanislaus, in Pine Island, New York, has been reduced to a "mission church" with Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo services only on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. A false religion breeds sterility of belief and practice, which empties the pews. Timothy Dolan ought to be concerned about abjuring conciliarism than attempting to "mediate" the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy even as he has presided over decisions, made after great public protest, not to sell off certain formerly Catholic properties in the archdiocese to the Mohammedans.

Perhaps we can, on this Feast of Saint John Eudes, recite this salutation of his to Our Lady, who is meant to reign as the Queen of all men and all nations here on earth and by doing so help to make reparation for the crimes against the Faith committed by the conciliar revolutionaries, including the "happy" "bishop, Timothy Dolan:

Hail Mary! Daughter of God the Father.

Hail Mary! Mother of God the Son.

Hail Mary! Spouse of God the Holy Ghost.

Hail Mary! Temple of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Hail Mary! Pure Lilly of the Effulgent Trinity. God.

Hail Mary!! Celestial Rose of the ineffable Love of God.

Hail Mary! Virgin pure and humble, of whom the King of Heaven willed to be born and with thy milk to be nourished.

Hail Mary! Virgin of Virgins.

Hail Mary! Queen of Martyrs, whose soul a sword transfixed.

Hail Mary! Lady most blessed: Unto whom all power in Heaven and earth is given.

Hail Mary! My Queen and my Mother! My Life, my sweetness and my Hope.

Hail Mary! Mother most Amiable.

Hail Mary! Mother most Admirable.

Hail Mary! Mother of Divine Love.

Hail Mary! IMMACULATE! Conceived without sin!

Hail Mary Full of Grace. The Lord is with Thee! Blessed art Thou amongst Women and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus!

Blessed be thy Spouse, St. Joseph.

Blessed be thy Father, St. Joachim.

Blessed be thy Mother, St. Anne.

Blessed be thy Guardian, St. John.

Blessed be thy Holy Angel, St. Gabriel.

Glory be to God the Father, who chose thee.

Glory be to God the Son, who loved thee.

Glory be to God the Holy Ghost, who espoused thee.

O Glorious Virgin Mary, may all men love and praise thee.

Holy Mary, Mother of God! Pray for us and bless us, now, and at death in the Name of Jesus, thy Divine Son


Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!


Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!


Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint John Eudes, pray for us.

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Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?


© Copyright 2010, Thomas A. Droleskey. All rights reserved.