Urrutigoity: The Legal Filings

As promised when posting very early this morning, I am hereby providing you with links to the legal files that provide complete documentation concerning the indisputably predatory homosexual behavior of Father Carlos Urrutigoity, who as of yet is still being defended by the Opus Dei "bish

With Our Lady's Weapon Held High

[Today's original article, Jorge and Miguel: As Red As They Get," is introduced immediately below the following introduction to a republished reflection on the life and the work of Saint Dominic de Guzman, the founder of the Order of Preachers, who received the Holy Rosary from Our Lady eighteen hundred years ago this year.]

Saint Dominic de Guzman had such great zeal for souls from his earliest days in seminary. As is well known, it was a conversation with an innkeeper in the Albigensian stronghold of Toulouse, France, changed the whole direction of his priesthood as he sought to win back souls from the darkness of an early forerunner of Calvinism, Albigensianism. Our Lady, sent by her Divine Son out of the ineffable Mercy that He has in His Most Sacred Heart, which was formed out of her own Immaculate Heart, to bring back the lost sheep (and not to beat up on the sheep when their souls are sorely distressed) out of the new form of Manicheaism that had arisen in southern France, gave Saint Dominic her Most Holy Rosary to the be the weapon to crush the Albigensian heresy. Saint Dominic de Guzman used the weapon of Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary very well and taught others how to do so.

Every Catholic, of course, owes a great deal to Saint Dominic, who walked between southern France and Rome several times during his life--and who accompanied two of the first Dominicans, Saints Hyacinth and his brother, Saint Ceslaus, on the first leg of their trip in Italy back to Krakow before he, Saint Dominic, had to turn back.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Dominic de Guzman, pray for us.

Jorge and Miguel: As Red As They Get

It becomes clearer and clearer that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has indemnified the homosexual collective at every turn, is using the moral corruption of Father Carlos Urrutigoity to go after a "Saint John Paul II" Opus Dei appointee, "Bishop" Rogelio Livieres, who opposed "liberation theology" and the advance of moral evils in Paraguay.

Why is this clearer now?

Well, consider the simple fact that a Communist revolutionary who was aligned with none other than the murderous Fidel Castro, Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockman, who served as the foreign minister of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990 under the murderous, repressive revolutionary regime of President Daniel Ortega, has had his suspension, which was imposed by "Saint Paul II" in 1985 lifted by Jorge Mario Beroglio, who is just as red as Miguel d'Escoto Brockman.

This is a long article with much historical detail that took almost twelve hours to complete. Even though the readership is small and the financial support offered is beyond inadequate, such an effort is made to help those who do take the time to read these articles and who derive some benefit from doing so.

Begging your patience, the length of this article has caused a delay until later this afternoon of posting the raw documentation of the legal files in the matter of the moral predator named Father Carlos Urrutigoity, the subject of Saturday's original article, "Still No Excuse for Those Who Defend the Society of Saint John," that are a matter of the public record and were provided to be in June by attorney James Bendell. Readers can then have access to the complete legal file, and they see rather readily why the Diocese of Scranton agreed to an out-of-court settlement in the amount of $400,000. You will then discover the sort of evidence that has been dismissed as "inconclusive" by the likes of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and Rogelio Livieres.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Dominic de Guzman, O.P., pray for us.

Giving Us What For, 2014

Note: Today's other [original article, which deals with Father Carlos Urrutigoity and "Bishop" Rogelio Livieres's defense of this moral predator, is linked below this introduction to the reflection on Saint Alphonsus de Liguori.]

Today is the Feast of the great Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, the Patron of Moral Theologians. It was over six years ago now that I recorded each of the Sunday sermons of Saint Alphonsus for the "Save Thy Souls" section of Traditional Catholic Sermons.org. It was a very sobering experience as I recognized that Saint Alphonsus was speaking directly to me, condemning my sins and my lukewarmness. Ouch. He certainly gave me what for, and I am grateful that he did so.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, the founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Redemptorists), was particularly emphatic in teaching us that we must avoid sins of human respect. That is, we can show no partiality or favoritism to those in power if they are doing things that put the temporal or, more important, the eternal welfare into jeopardy. This applies to the likes of Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis, who blasphemes God on a regular basis, and to most of his "bishops," men who believe that the sheep are their enemies and that they can stonewall and intimidate the sheep into remaining silent about real and documented abuses of power and real and documented violations of the integrity of the Holy Faith:
" And when there is question of the divine honour, we should not be frightened by the dignity of the man who offends God; let us say to him openly: This is sinful; it cannot be done. Let us imitate the Baptist, who reproved King Herod for living his brother's wife and said to him: 'It is not lawful for thee to have her'--Matt., xiv. 4. Men indeed shall regard us as fools, and turn us into derision; but, on the day of judgment they shall acknowledge that they have been foolish, and we have shall have the glory of being numbered among the saints. They shall say: 'These are they whom we had some time in derision. . . . . We fools esteemed their life madness, and their end without honour. Behold how they are numbered among the children of God, and their lot is among the saints'--Wis., v. 3, 4, 5. (Sixth Sunday After Easter: On Human Respect.)

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, pray for us.

Pope Saint Stephen I, pray for us

Still No Excuses For Those Who Defend The Society of Saint John

Although I did not think that I would be writing a new article for some weeks to come, at least until Jorge Mario Bergoglio's trip to South Korea later this month, circumstances necessitate revisiting an article posted in June in order to adapt it to a fast-breaking set of circumstances concerning the well-known moral predator by the name of Father Carlos Urrutigoity. [Please note: Attorney James Bendell sent me a very important correction to explain that at no point, whether as a minor or as an adult, did his client ever consent to the acts committed upon him by Father Carlos Urrutigoity and by Father Eric Ensey. There were at least three or four other such who were also victims of Father Urrutigoity who at no time ever gave their consent to what was done to them, not that it would made any difference to determine the absolute lack of fitness of either to serve in priestly ministry.]

The current article is a new composition, although its introductory part remains the same as that earlier article. In light of the conciliar Vatican's investigation into the conciliar "bishop" of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, Rogelio Livires, who is a member of Opus Dei, and the suspension of all presbyteral installations there, it it is time to revise the commentary from June and to expand it. Links to other relevant material will be found within the text below. This is a huge story now as Livieres, who believes Urrutigoity to be innocent of all charges against him, a belief that is stunningly erroneous, has revealed that it was none other than Joseph "Cardinal" Ratzinger who personally recommended Urrutiugoity to him in April of 2005, days before Ratzinger's "promotion" to become the "Petrine Minister" of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Read more? Be aware, however, that this article contains very graphic content and should be avoided by those who would prefer not to read such terrible things.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, pray for us.

Accepting Apostasy In Increments, part four

This article had been completed at a reasonable hour last evening. Alas, I discovered formatting problems that occur about halfway through the text that defy my meager ability to correct them. Without my having done anything consciously, the text about halfway through is italicized and even my own text has been indented. The citations have been double-indented. I cannot correct this. I apologize. I am going to ask the reader who revamped this site for to find out what is going on as I cannot figure it out at closing in on 1:00 a.m. Please accept my apologies for a problem that was not repaired until mid-morning today! Everything appears to be fine now, although some links need to be restored later. Thank you for your patience!

Jorge Mario Bergoglio's visit to his evangelical "brother," Giovanni Trettino, is the subject of the conclusion of what turned out to be a four-part series. Those who do not want to see the truth of our ecclesiastical situation at this time no longer have any excuses before God for not rejecting conciliarism and its false officials. The Catholic Church can never be the author of error of any kind. It is without any kind of precedent for there to be a succession of six legitimate Successors of Saint Peter who engage in brazen acts of apostasy as they preach heresy and reaffirm adherents of false religions in their false beliefs, no less apologize for the work of the Catholic Church over the centuries to seek their conversion.

As much other work occupies my time now, commentaries will not appear very regularly. Republished articles will be highlighted. There will be updates to this front page now and again to offer brief comments on certain developments. It is my hope that the work that I am doing at present will continue to be of profit to those who are exposed to it. I will let you know when such work is completed and available for your reading.

Finally, not even the placement of the PayPal button on each page of this site has caught the attention of more of those who access these articles. This is within the Providence of God. Non-tax-deductible financial gifts are always welcome, of course, and this is a particularly propitious time to send such gifts. Thank you.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

Saint Peter, pray for us.

Saint Paul, pray for us.

The Holy Machabees, pray for us.

In the Company of Jesus, 2014

Rather than rush to print with a commentary based on reports on what Jorge Mario Bergoglio said in his "private" meeting with Pentecostalists on Monday July 28, 2014, the Feast of Saints Nazarius, Celsus and Popes Innocent and Victor, I decided to wait for what I knew the Vatican would release before too terribly long, an official transcript of the supposedly "private" meeting with Giovanni Trettino and his gang of Protestant "evangelicals" who claim to have that private pipeline to God the Holy Ghost. My commentary is being written. It will be direct and to the point, although longtime readers will see quotations that they have seen hundreds of times before. Bergoglio demonstrates that he feels at home with his Pentecostalist "brothers" because he has the same kind of false ecclesiology that they have, all of his protestations about being a "son of the Church" to the contrary notwithstanding. Check tomorrow for the completed commentary, which will be the last for a while as other writing is taking precedence over the work of this site for reasons explained several times in the past month.

Today is the Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Saint Ignatius laid down his military armor in front of an image of Our Lady in the Benedictine monastery in Montserrat, Spain, on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 1522, becoming a soldier in the army of Christ the King. Saint Ignatius of Loyola was always in the "company of Jesus," always seeking to advance the cause of the Holy Faith.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola attracted men of character and determination of purpose right from the beginning, men who were serious about retarding the advances of the Protestant Revolution and seeking the conversion of pagans in far away lands. The devil hated this good work of the Society of Jesus, which he why he sought to corrupt the sons of Saint Ignatius in the Twentieth Century by means of the various propositions of Modernism. The most corrupt of them all now, of course, is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

We need to pray to Saint Ignatius and his company of Jesuit saints in Heaven, each of whom was so tenderly devoted to the Mother of God, to help us to be as brave and faithful and gallant as they were in defending the Sacred Honor of Christ the King and of Mary our Immaculate Queen.

Our Lady of the Society of Jesus, pray for us.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us.

Dear Abby Lives at the Casa Santa Marta

Jorge has given another interview. This is simply a brief effort to review a few of this naturalist's "tips for a happy life."

In other words, Dear Abby lives at the Casa Santa Marta.

Part four of my current series will appear on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, the Feast of Saints Abdon and Sennen.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saints Nazarius, Celsus, Victor and Pope Innocent, pray for us.

Accepting Apostasy In Increments, part three

What happened to the public apology that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was supposed to make yesterday, Saturday, July 26, 2014, the Feast of Saint Anne, the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, when he visited Caserta, Italy?

Accepting Apostasy In Increments, part two

What began as a two-part series has now turned into a three-part series, partly as a result of the constraints of time and partly as a result of intervening events.

Today's installment focuses on how the spirit of apostasy in the counterfeit church of conciliarism is so widely accepted by most Catholics that they nod their heads up and down in complete agreement when they see supposed "news" that "Pope Francis" wants to "reform the papacy," something that he has been trying do ever since his "election" to head his false church four hundred ninety-nine days ago and that his two immediate predecessors, "Saint John Paul II" and Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, had endeavored in their own ways to advance, both theoretically and practically. This is why Jorge Mario Bergoglio felt a close kinship to the late "bishop" Tony Palmer as he, Bergoglio, believed that there was room for a "brother bishop" in the "vineyard of the Lord."

Apostasy has been accepted increments. The tragic part about this is so few see it and throw stones at those who point it out to them. This is just part of the suffering that we must endure during this time of chastisement, which ours sins very richly deserve.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Francis Solano, pray for us.

Saint James the Greater, pray for us.

Saint Christina, pray for us.


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