Jorge Mario Bergoglio Bares His Teeth to Do the Work of Baal

This is a very long commentary containing a very detailed examination of both Traditionis Custodes and Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s “explanatory letter” to it.

The commentary, which is very detailed, consists of the following five sections:

I. Modernism’s War Against the Glories of the Roman Rite

II. From the Founding of the Society of Saint Pius X to Quattuor Abhic Annos, Ecclesia Dei Adflicta, and Summorum Pontificum

III. A Detailed Dissection of Traditonis Custodes

IV. Dissecting Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s Explanatory Letter to Traditionis Custodes

V. Concluding Remarks

Herewith is a summary of some of the major points made in this commentary:

1) The counterfeit church of conciliarism is not and can never be the Catholic Church;

2) Each of the conciliar “popes” defected from the Catholic Faith on man points long before their apparent “elections;”

3) Those who accept the nonexistent authority of these “popes,” however, are duty bound to submit to and obey the teaching and the disciplinary decisions of one they consider to be a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, something is simply part of Holy Mother Church’s Divine Constitution and is not subject to Gallicanist deconstructionism;

4) Traditionis Custodes is binding upon those who accept Jorge Mario Bergoglio as “Pope Francis”;

5) Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton explained in the American Ecclesiastical Review that no Catholic can dissent from anything that legitimate Successor of Saint Peter causes to be inserted into his Acta Apostolicae Sedis:

Thus, according to the clear teaching of the Humani generis, it is morally wrong for any individual subject to the Roman Pontiff to defend a thesis contradicting a teaching which the Pope, in his "Acta," has set forth as a part of Catholic doctrine.  It is, in other words, wrong to attack a teaching which, in a genuine doctrinal decision, the Sovereign Pontiff has taught officially as the visible head of the universal Church.  This holds true always an everywhere, even in those cases in which the Pope, in making his decision, did not exercise the plenitude of his apostolic teaching power by making an infallible doctrinal definition.

The Humani generis must not be taken to imply that a Catholic theologian has completed his obligation with respect to an authoritative doctrinal decision made by the Holy Father and presented in his published "Acta" when he has merely refrained from arguing or debating against it.  The Humani generis reminded its readers that "this sacred magisterium ought to be the immediate and universal norm of truth for any theologian in matters of faith and morals."[9]  Furthermore, it insisted that the faithful are obligated to shun errors which more or less approach heresy, and "to follow the constitutions and decrees by which evil opinions of this sort have been proscribed and forbidden by the Holy See."[10]  In other words, the Humani generis claimed the same internal assent for declarations of the magisterium on matters of faith and morals which previous documents of the Holy See had stressed.

We may well ask why the Humani generis went to the trouble of mentioning something as fundamental and rudimentary as the duty of abstaining from further debate on a point where the Roman Pontiff has already issued a doctrinal decision, and has communicated that decision to the Church universal by publishing it in his "Acta."  The reason is to be found in the context of the encyclical itself.  The Holy Father has told us something of the existing situation which called for the issuance of the "Humani generis."  This information is contained in the text of that document.  The following two sentences show us the sort of condition the Humani generis was written to meet and to remedy:

"And although this sacred magisterium ought to be the immediate and universal norm of truth on matters of faith and morals for any theologian, as the agency to which Christ the Lord has entrusted the entire deposit of faith - that is, the Sacred Scriptures and divine Tradition - to be guarded and defended and explained, still, the duty by which the faithful are obligated also to shun those errors which approach more or less to heresy, and therefore 'to follow the constitutions and decrees by which evil opinions of this sort have been proscribed and forbidden by the Holy See,' is sometimes ignored as if it did not exist.  What is said in encyclical letters of the Roman Pontiffs about the nature and constitution of the Church is habitually and deliberately neglected by some with the idea of giving force to a certain vague notion which they claim to have found in the ancient Fathers, especially the Greeks."[11]

Six years ago, then, Pope Pius XII was faced with a situation in which some of the men who were privileged and obligated to teach the truths of sacred theology had perverted their position and their influence and had deliberately flouted the teachings of the Holy See about the nature and the constitution of the Catholic Church.  And, when he declared that it is wrong to debate a point already decided by the Holy Father after that decision has been published in his "Acta," he was taking cognizance of and condemning an existent practice.  There actually were individuals who were contradicting papal teachings.  They were so numerous and influential that they rendered the composition of the Humani generis necessary to counteract their activities.  These individuals were continuing to propose teachings repudiated by the Sovereign Pontiff in previous pronouncements.  The Holy Father, then, was compelled by these circumstances to call for the cessation of debate among theologians on subjects which had already been decided by pontifical decisions published in the "Acta."

The kind of theological teaching and writing against which the encyclical Humani generis was directed was definitely not remarkable for its scientific excellence.  It was, as a matter of fact, exceptionally poor from the scientific point of view.  The men who were responsible for it showed very clearly that they did not understand the basic nature and purpose of sacred theology.  For the true theologian the magisterium of the Church remains, as the Humani generis says, the immediate and universal norm of truth.  And the teaching set forth by Pope Pius IX in his Tuas libenter is as true today as it always has been.

But when we treat of that subjection by which all Catholic students of speculative sciences are obligated in conscience so that they bring new aids to the Church by their writings, the men of this assembly ought to realize that it is not enough for Catholic scholars to receive and venerate the above-mentioned dogmas of the Church, but [they ought also to realize] that they must submit to the doctrinal decisions issued by the Pontifical Congregations and also to those points of doctrine which are held by the common and constant agreement of Catholics as theological truths and conclusions which are so certain that, even though the opinions opposed to them cannot be called heretical, they still deserve some other theological censure.[12]

It is definitely the business of the writer in the field of sacred theology to benefit the Church by what he writes.  It is likewise the duty of the teacher of this science to help the Church by his teaching.  The man who uses the shoddy tricks of minimism to oppose or to ignore the doctrinal decisions made by the Sovereign Pontiff and set down in his "Acta" is, in the last analysis, stultifying his position as a theologian. (The doctrinal Authority of Papal allocutions.)

Are there any further questions about the binding nature of what a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter places in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis?

Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton denounced "the shoddy tricks of minimism to ignore the doctrinal decisions made by the Sovereign Pontiff and set down his his 'Acta'."

4) The “resist while recognize” movement has reduced the papacy to little more than a political office that is “fair game” for dissent, open criticism and mockery;

5) The battle that is being fought at this time is about the integrity of the Catholic Faith, not about merely having access to a modernized version of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition;

6) Starting with an unremitting warfare against the very immutable nature of Divine Revelation, which is nothing other than an attack upon the very immutability of God Himself, the conciliar officials have made war upon true Catholic ecclesiology, reaffirmed non-Catholics in their false religions, taught that the Old Covenant was never abrogated even though this abrogation is a fact that has been taught from Apostolic times and reiterated many times, including most recently by Pope Pius XII in Mystici Corporis Christi, June 29, 1943, have publicly done things, such as esteeming the symbols of false religions with their own hands and participating in “inter-religious” “prayer” services, for which millions upon millions gave up their lives rather than even give the mere appearance of doing, have denied the irreformable teaching of the Social Reign of Christ the King both in theory and in fact having nothing to do to concessions made by our true popes to the regrettable state of things caused by the Protestant Revolution, dethroned the papacy in favor of “episcopal collegiality” and have proclaimed that members of false religions have a positive “right’ from God Himself to propagate their falsehoods;

7) Those who, in spite of this evidence, continue to insist on the falsehood that the Catholic Church has had “heretical popes,” have to reckon with Saint Robert Bellarmine's Defense of Popes Said to Have Erred in Faith and with the simple summary of Catholic truth as found in the readings for Matins in the Divine Office on the Feast of Pope Saint Leo the Great, April 11:

When the Lord, as we read in the Evangelist, asked His disciples Who did men, amid their divers speculations, believe that He, the Son of Man, was; blessed Peter answered and said Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but My Father, Which is in heaven and I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it; and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Thus therefore standeth the ordinance of the Truth, and blessed Peter, abiding still that firm rock which God hath made him, hath never lost that right to rule in the Church which God hath given unto him.

In the universal Church it is Peter that doth still say every day, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God, and every tongue which confesseth that Jesus is Lord is taught that confession by the teaching of Peter. This is the faith that overcometh the devil and looseth the bands of his prisoners. This is the faith which maketh men free of the world and bringeth them to heaven, and the gates of hell are impotent to prevail against it. With such ramparts of salvation hath God fortified this rock, that the contagion of heresy will never be able to infect it, nor idolatry and unbelief to overcome it. This teaching it is, my dearly beloved brethren, which maketh the keeping of this Feast to-day to be our reasonable service, even the teaching which maketh you to know and honour in myself, lowly though I be, that Peter who is still entrusted with the care of all other shepherds and of all the flocks to them committed, and whose authority I have, albeit unworthy to be his heir.


When, therefore, we address our exhortations to your godly ears, believe ye that ye are hearing him speak whose office we are discharging. Yea, it is with his love for you that we warn you, and we preach unto you no other thing than that which he taught, entreating you that ye would gird up the loins of your mind and lead pure and sober lives in the fear of God. My disciples dearly beloved, ye are to me, as the disciples of the Apostle Paul were to him, (Phil. iv. 1,) a crown and a joy, if your faith, which, in the first times of the Gospel, was spoken of throughout the whole world, Rom. i. 8, abide still lovely and holy. For, albeit it behoveth the whole Church which is spread throughout all the world, to be strong in righteousness, you it chiefly becometh above all other peoples to excel in worth and godliness, whose house is built upon the very crown of the Rock of the Apostle, and whom not only hath our Lord Jesus Christ, as He hath redeemed all men, but whom also His blessed Apostle Peter hath made the foremost object of his teaching. (Pope Saint Leo the Great, as found in Matins, The Divine Office, Feast of Pope Saint Leo the Great.)

Well, it is all there, isn’t it?

One must engage in all kinds of intellectual gymnastics to believe that the contagion of heresy is not rife within the counterfeit church of conciliarism, which is why all those who are not yet convinced of the truth of our ecclesiastical situation in this time of apostasy and betrayal should re-read these words:

This is the faith which maketh men free of the world and bringeth them to heaven, and the gates of hell are impotent to prevail against it. With such ramparts of salvation hath God fortified this rock, that the contagion of heresy will never be able to infect it, nor idolatry and unbelief to overcome it. (Pope Saint Leo the Great, as found in Matins, The Divine Office, Feast of Pope Saint Leo the Great.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has esteemed the symbols of idolaters. So have Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and “Saint John Paul II” before his own election as the head of the false conciliar sect on March 13, 2013, and Bergoglio has shown repeatedly that he has no belief in the integrity of the Catholic Faith. So have his predecessors in the past sixty-two and one-half years.

Dom Prosper Gueranger praised Pope Saint Leo the Great as follows in The Liturgical Year:

One of the grandest Saints in the Church’s Calendar is brought before us today. Leo, the Pontiff and Doctor, rises on the Paschal horizon, and calls for our admiration and love. As his name implies, he is the Lion of holy Church; thus representing, in his own person, one of the most glorious of our Lord’s titles. There have been twelve Popes who have had this name, and five of the number are enrolled in the catalogue of Saints; but not one of them has so honored the name as he whose feast we keep today: hence, he is called “Leo the Great.”

He deserved the appellation by what he did for maintaining the faith regarding the sublime mystery of the Incarnation. The Church had triumphed over the heresies that had attacked the dogma of the Trinity, when the gates of hell sought to prevail against the dogma of God having been made Man. Nestorius, a Bishop of Constantinople, impiously taught that there were two distinct Persons in Christ—the Person of the Divine Word, and the Person of Man. The Council of Ephesus condemned this doctrine, which, by denying the unity of Person in Christ, destroyed the true notion of the Redemption. A new heresy, the very opposite of that of Nestorianism, but equally subversive of Christianity, soon followed. The monk Eutyches maintained that, in the Incarnation, the Human Nature was absorbed by the Divine. The error was propagated with frightful rapidity. There was needed a clear and authoritative exposition of the great dogma, which is the foundation of all our hopes. Leo arose, and, from the Apostolic Chair, on which the Holy Ghost had placed him, proclaimed with matchless eloquence and precision the formula of the ancient faith—ancient, indeed, and ever the same, yet ever acquiring greater and fresher brightness. A cry of admiration was raised at the General Council of Chalcedon, which had been convened for the purpose of condemning the errors of Eutyches. “Peter,” exclaimed the Fathers, “Peter has spoken by the mouth of Leo!” As we shall see further on, the Eastern Church has kept up the enthusiasm thus excited by the magnificent teachings given by Leo to the whole world.

The Barbarian hordes were invading the West; the Empire was little more than a ruin: and Attila, “the Scourge of God, was marching on towards Rome. Leo’s majestic bearing repelled the invasion, as his word had checked the ravages of heresy. The haughty king of the Huns, before whose armies the strongest citadels had fallen, granted an audience to the Pontiff on the banks of the Mincio, and promised to spare Rome. The calm and dignity of Leo—who thus unarmed confronted the most formidable enemy of the Empire and exposed his life for his flock—awed the barbarian, who afterwards told his people that, during the interview, he saw a venerable person standing, in an attitude of defense, by the side of Rome’s intercessor: it was the Apostle St. Peter. Attila not only admired, he feared the Pontiff. It was truly a sublime spectacle, and one that was full of meaning;—a Priest, with no arms save those of his character and virtues, forcing a king such as Attila was, to do homage to a devotedness which he could ill understand, and recognize, by submission, the influence of a power which had heaven on its side. Leo, single-handed and at once, did what it took the whole of Europe several ages to accomplish later on.

That the aureola of Leo’s glory might be complete, the Holy Ghost gifted him with an eloquence which, on account of its majesty and richness, might deservedly be called Papal. The Latin language had, at that time, lost its ancient vigor; but we frequently come across passages in the writings of our Saint which remind us of the golden age.

In exposing the dogmas of our holy Faith, he uses a style so dignified and so impregnated with the savor of sacred antiquity, that it seems made for the subject. He has several admirable Sermons on the Resurrection; and speaking of the present Season of the Liturgical Year, he says: “The days that intervened between our Lord’s Resurrection and Ascension, were not days on which nothing was done: on the contrary, great were the Sacraments then confirmed, and great were the mysteries that were revealed.” (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, April 11, Feast of Pope Saint Leo the Great.)

“Peter has spoken by the mouth of Leo.”

Yes, it is always Saint Peter who speaks through the mouth of a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter.

Have the conciliar “popes” spoken truth or have they, quite instead, propagated falsehoods with ready abandon and made it appear as though their invocation of a “living tradition” and/or a “hermeneutic of continuity” can disguise their belief in the philosophically absurd and dogmatically condemned Modernist precept of dogmatic evolutionism. Indeed, the conciliar revolution has degenerated to the point where some of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s “theologians” speak openly in support of dogmatic evolutionism without making any advertence whatsoever to the euphemisms used by Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini/Paul VI, Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II, or Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI.

The devil, not Saint Peter, has spoken and continue to speak through the mouths of the current line of antipopes.

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s prayer to Pope Saint Leo the Great reminds us of what the constituent elements of a true pope, including integrity of doctrine, a hatred of error, and a pastoral zeal for the good of souls without flinching when approached by the mighty of this world such as Attila the Hun:

Glory be to thee, O Jesus, Lion of the Tribe of Juda! that hast raised up in thy Church a Lion to defend her in those dark times when holy Faith was most exposed to danger. Thou chargedst peter to confirm his Brethren; and we have seen Leo, in whom Peter lived, fulfill this office with sovereign authority. We have heard the acclamation of the holy Council which, in admiration at the heavenly teachings of Leo, proclaimed the signal favor thou conferredst on thy Flock, when thou badest Peter feed both Sheep and Lambs.

O holy Pontiff Leo! thou worthily didst represent Peter in his Chair, whence thy apostolic teaching ceased not to flow, ever beautiful in its truth and majesty. The Church of thine own day honoured thee as the great Teacher of Faith; and the Church of every succeeding age has recognised thee as one of the most learned Doctors and preachers of the divine Word. From thy throne in heaven, where now thou reignest, pour forth upon us the understanding of the great Mystery which thou wast called on to defend. Under thy inspired pen, this mystery grows clear; we see how sublimely it harmonizes with all other mysteries; and faith delights at gaining so close a view of the divine object of its belief. Oh! strengthen this faith within us. The Incarnate Word is blasphemed in these our own times; avenge his glory, by sending us men of thy zeal and learning.

Thou triumphedst over barbarian invaders: Attila acknowledged the influence of thy sanctity and eloquence by withdrawing his troops from the Christian land they infested. In these our days, there have risen up new barbarians—civilized barbarians, who would persuade us that religion should be eliminated from Education, and that the State, in its laws and institutions, should simply ignore our Lord Jesus Christ, the King to whom all power has been given, not only in heaven but on earth also. Oh! help us by thy powerful intercession, for our danger is extreme. Many are seduced, and are apostates while flattering themselves that they are still Christians. Pray that the light that is left within us may not be extinguished, and that the public scandals which now exist may be brought to an end. Attila was but a pagan; our modern statesmen and Governments are, or at least call themselves, Christians: have pity on them, and gain for them light to see the precipice to which they are hurrying society.

These days of Paschal Time must remind thee, holy Pontiff! of the Easters thou didst once spend, here on earth, when, surrounded by the Neophytes, thou gavest them the nourishment of thy magnificent Discourses: pray for the Faithful, who have this Easter, risen to a new life with Christ. What they most stand in need of is, a fuller and better knowledge of this their Saviour, in order that they may cling more closely to him, and persevere in his holy service. Thy prayers must get them this knowledge; by thy prayers, thou must teach them what he is both in his Divine and Human Nature: that, as God, he is their Last End, and their Judge after death; as Man, their Brother, their Redeemer, their Model. Bless, O Leo! and help the Pontiff who is now thy successor on the Chair of Peter. Show now thy love for that Rome, whose sacred and eternal destinies were so frequently the subject of thy glowing and heavenly eloquence. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, April 11.)

We can see very well—indeed, it is the subject for the next original article on this website—that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, far from opposing our modern Attila the Huns, is in full, not partial, “communion” with every socialist, globalist, environmentalist, statist, Communism, anti-life, pro-sodomite public official in the world, including Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., and the man to whom he has sold out the long suffering Catholics of the underground church in Red China, Xi Jinping. Bergoglio does this while opposing those in public life who are ostensibly “pro-life” and stand for a defense of their countries’ national sovereignty as “enemies” of “social justice.” Bergoglio is far cry from Pope Saint Leo the Great, which is why we must continue to pray fervently, especially through Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary, for the restoration of a true pope on the Throne of Saint Peter and end to the counterfeit church of conciliarism and its support one abject evil after another.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Vincent de Paul, pray for us.

Republished: Submit to and Obey the One World Church (June 28, 2008)

As I may very well need until late Sunday to complete work on an extensive commentary about Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s Traditionis Custodes, July 16, 2021, and his explanatory letter—to say nothing of the reaction in semi-traditional “resist while recognize” circles whose notions of the papacy are merely a contemporary iteration of Gallicanism, I found an article from June 28, 2008, that includes a review of the 1984 and 1988 “indults” (Quattuor Abhinc Annos, October 3, 1984 and Ecclesia Dei Ad Afflicta, July 2, 1988) issued by Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II). The article is being republished without any changes and thus appears, although on a different “platform” than in 2008, as it did thirteen years ago when Joseph Alois Ratzinger was serving as the fourth in the current line of antipopes.

One will see from this republished article that Traditionis Custodes is really a return to Quattuor Abhinc Annos more than anything else, noting that one can be sure that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is rumored to be considering resigning in the near future, will be “taking the names” of the “bishops” who slow walk Traditionis Custodes. Bergoglio knows that he has allies in every diocese of the world, and he will not hesitate to remove those he considers to be “revanchist” “bishops” who permit “Latin Mass” communities to exist on terms that do not conform to his new motu proprio.

Thus, this republished commentary, "Submit to and Obey the One World Church," is as relevant now as it was thirteen years ago as those calling upon Catholics to “ignore” what they accept as a “papal” constitution must reckon with a concise and precise summary of Catholic teaching given by Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., in his reflection on the Feast of Pope Saint Clement I, November 23.

A true pope is the Vicar of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and Dom Prosper Gueranger reminded us in his reflection on the Feast of Pope Saint Clement I, November 23, that to oppose the Vicar of Christ is to oppose God Himself:

t was considered at the time so beautiful and so apostolic, that it was long read in many churches as a sort of continuation of the canonical Scriptures. Its tone is dignified but paternal, according to St. Peter's advice to pastors. There is nothing in it of a domineering spirit; but the grave and solemn language bespeaks the universal pastor, whom none can disobey without disobeying God Himself. These words so solemn and so firm wrought the desired effect: peace was re-established in the church of Corinth, and the messengers of the Roman Pontiff soon brought back the happy news. A century later, St. Dionysius, bishop of Corinth, expressed to Pope St. Soter the gratitude still felt by his flock towards Clement for the service he had rendered. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, Feast of Pope Saint Clement I, November 23.)

There are some very interesting lessons to be learn from this passage in Dom Prosper Gueranger's The Liturgical Year.

First, there is a reminder of the monarchical power of the Roman Pontiff.

Who gave away the symbol of that monarchical power?

Wasn't it Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonoi Maria/Paul VI?

Who refused to be crowned with the Papal Tiara?

Wasn't it Albino Luciani/John Paul I, Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II, Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and Jorge Mario Bergoglio?

Who took the Papal Tiara off of his coat of arms?

Wasn't it Ratzinger/Benedict XVI.

Yes, conciliarism wants nothing to do with papal monarchical power, having embraced the heretical novelty of episcopal collegiality. Pope Saint Clement I knew otherwise. Deo gratias!

Second, the lie of episcopal collegiality is disproved by the fact that the Catholics in Corinth looked to Rome, that is, to the Successor of Saint Peter, Pope Clement, and not to the beloved evangelist, Saint John, who had taken care of Our Lady until she died and was assumed body and soul into Heaven. The Catholics of Corinth knew that it was not their "local churches" but Rome that was the seat of the Holy Faith. Deo gratias!

Third, Dom Prosper reminds us that the authority of the Vicar of Christ is absolute, that the pope is one "whom none can disobey without disobeying God Himself." Indeed. Although I was late to have my own eyes opened to the ramifications of this truth, suffice it to say that a legitimate pontiff commands our obedience in all things that do not pertain to sin, in all things that pertain to faith and morals. No one can oppose a legitimate pontiff without opposing Our Lord Himself. And no legitimate pontiff can give us bad doctrine or defective worship. He cannot express in his capacity as a private theologian things contrary to the defined teaching of the Catholic Church.

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s elegy of praise for Saint Peter reminds us that none of what has emanated from the Vatican in its conciliar captivity can be laid at the feet of Holy Mother Church, she who without stain or spot of any kind, she who makes no terms with error, she who is stable in the midst of a world made unstable by Original Sin and made more unstable by our Actual Sins:

Peter, on thee must we build; for fain are we to be dwellers in the Holy City. We will follow our Lord’s counsel, (Matthew 7:24-27) by raising our structure upon the rock, so that it may resist the storm, and may become an eternal abode. Our gratitude to thee, who hast vouchsafed to uphold us, is all the greater, since this our senseless age, pretends to construct a new social edifice, which it would fix on the shifting sands of public opinion, and hence realizes naught save downfall and ruin! Is the stone rejected by our modern architects any the less, head of the corner? And does not its strength appear in the fact (as it is written) that having rejected and cast it aside, they stumble against it and are hurt, yea broken? (1 Peter 2:6, 8)

Standing erect, amid these ruins, firm upon the foundation, the rock against which the gates of hell cannot prevail, as we have all the more right to extol this day, on which the Lord hath, as our Psalm says established the earth. (Psalms 92:1) The Lord did indeed manifest his greatness, when he cast the vast orbs into space, and poised them by laws so marvelous, that the mere discovery thereof does honour to science ; but his reign, his beauty, his power, are far more stupendous when he lays the basis prepared by him to support that temple of which a myriad worlds scarce deserve to be called the pavement. Of this immortal day, did Eternal Wisdom sing, when divinely foretasting its pure delights, and preluding our gladness, he thus led on our happy chorus: “When the mountains with their huge bulk were being established, and when the earth was being balanced on its poles, when he established the sky above, and poised the fountains of waters, when he laid the foundations of the earth, I was with him, forming all things; and was delighted every day playing before him at all times; playing in the world, for my delights are to be with the children of men.” (Proverbs 8)

Now that Eternal Wisdom is raising up, on thee, O Peter, the House of her mysterious delights, (Proverbs 9) where else could we possibly find Her, or be inebriated with her chalice, or advance in her love? Now that Jesus hath returned to heaven, and given us thee to hold his place, is it not henceforth from thee, that we have the words of Eternal Life? (John 6:69) In thee, is continued the mystery of the Word made Flesh and dwelling amongst us. Hence, if our religion, our love of the Emmanuel hold not on to thee, they are incomplete. Thou thyself, also, having joined the Son of Man at the Right Hand of the Father, the cultus paid unto thee, on account of thy divine prerogatives, reaches the Pontiff, thy Successor, in whom thou continuest to live, by reason of these very prerogatives: a real cultus, extending unto Christ in his Vicar, and which consequently cannot possibly be fitted into a subtle distinction between the See of Peter, and him who occupies it. In the Roman Pontiff, thou art ever, Peter, the one sole Shepherd and support of the world. If our Lord hath said: No one cometh to the Father but by Me; we also know that none can reach the Lord, save by thee. How could the Bights of the Son of God, the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, suffer in such homages as these paid by a grateful earth unto thee? No  we cannot celebrate thy greatness, without at once, turning our thoughts to Him, likewise, whose sensible sign thou art, an august Sacrament, as it were. Thou seemest to say to us, as heretofore unto our fathers by the inscription on thine ancient statue: Contemplate the God Word, the Stone divinely CUT IN THE GOLD, UPON WHICH BEING FIRMLY FIXED I CANNOT BE SHAKEN! (Deum Verbum intumini, auro divinitus sculptam petram, in qua stabilitus non concutior.- Dom Mabillion, Vetera analecta, t. iv) (Dom Prosper Gueranger. O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29.)

We must recapture a true reverence for the papacy as we pray every day for the restoration of a true and legitimate Successor on the Throne of Saint Peter, which I believe will not occur until after chastisements of epic proportions that will bring even believing Catholics to their knees once their bread and circuses have been taken away so that they can find their all in the God Who created them, redeemed them, and Who sanctifies them.

Do not be concerned about who sees the truth about the state of the Church Militant in this time of apostasy and betrayal. Family members may not see the truth. Former friends and acquaintances may not see the truth. We cannot ask why such people insist that the counterfeit church of conciliarism is the Catholic Church when it is in fact Antichrist’s Church of Lies and Sin. We must simply be grateful to Our Lady for sending us the graces that we need to see the true state of the Church Militant. We must beseech her daily, especially through Most Holy Rosary, entrusting all the crosses of the present moment as the consecrated slaves of her Divine Son, Christ the King, through her own Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, which will triumph in the end.

Seeing the truth does not make us one whit better than anyone else who does not. It is more than possible to see the truth and to lose one’s soul by being arrogantly self-righteous about having done so. We must be meek and humble of heart if we seek to take refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We must rely upon Our Lady to help us to be ready for the call from her Divine Son whenever it comes, and we must rely upon the graces she sends to us to persevere in the truth no matter what it may cost us in human terms as we continue to pray for the restoration of a true pope on the Throne of Saint Peter and an end to the nefarious religious sect that dares to call itself the Catholic Church.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Alexius, pray for us.

Revised: Shielding Us With Her Love and Care

[Afternoon Update: Well, I was minding my own business revising GIRM Warfare when I looked on my phone at some news headlines. I pay very little attention to the "news" these days and look at aggregation pages such as "Real Clear Politics" and a very few other sites for a scan of events, most of which do not interest me in the slightest as all we are witnessing at this time is the manifestation of the perfection of Modernity's inherent degeneracy, of which the American founding is a principal expression. There are only so many times that one can state the nogoodnik naturalists of the false opposite of the "left" are well, nogoodniks and that all the bloviating from the wannabe "goodniks" of the naturalist "right" can never retard the advance of evils under cover of civil law and all throughout a corporate world that is acting in a fascistic manner with govermental statists. How many more times can I point out that the proximate root causes of these problems have been caused by the Protestant Revolution's overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King and the subsequent rise and triumph of the anti-Incarnational principles of the Judeo-Masonic civil state of Modernity?

[I did, however, make the mistake of looking that the Fox News website on my phone, discovering that the Argentine Apostate has rescinded Summorum Pontificum and reimposed and even exceeded some of the original restrictions found in Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II's Abhinc Quattor Annos, October 3, 1984. Thus, I have to interrupt my work on the revision of GIRM Warfare to write about this entirely unsurprising development. It may not be until the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost and the Commemoration of Saints Camillus de Lellis and of Saint Symphorosa and her Seven Sons that the article will appear. 

[For the moment, however, let me reiterate the fact that the battle we fight is not for having access to the modernized version of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition. The battle we fight is not about Latin "Massism." The battle we fight is about the Catholic Faith. Jorge Mario Bergoglio does not simply hate the "Latin Mass" or "us" as some poor semi-traditional writers have exclaimed. He hates the "Latin Mass" and those who are "attached" to it as he hates the Catholic Faith.

[So many blinded moles are caught up in "Latin Massism" that they cannot see the simple truth that the counterfeit church of conciliarism is not the Catholic Church and that the false religious sect's invalid liturgical rites can never serve as the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church as they are based on Modernist principles and are designed to effect a "peace" with world. As I wrote a few years ago,  .]

We must use the shield of Our Lady of Mount Carmel's Brown Scapular to defend us against all of the attacks of the devil in our lives, especially as we seek to protect ourselves from the contagions of conciliarism, including the insidious lie of false ecumenism.

Today's Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel represents what tremendous love that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has for us by sending us His Most Blessed Mother to give us a sacramental by which we are clothed in the garment of her Brown Scapular, which serves as a particular protection at the moment of death if we have been faithful to all of the conditions of our enrollment.

Our Lord has permitted His Most Blessed Mother to give us so many aids to get home to Heaven--the Rosary, the Brown Scapular, the Miraculous Medal, the Green Scapular, devotion to her Immaculate Heart as part of her Fatima Message.

We must wear our Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel constantly as we bear witness as best we can that we have been given a loving Mother in Heaven who intercedes for us to live in such a way in this passing, mortal vale of tears that we will always be ready to die and have her pleading for us nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen."

Let us continue to pray for each other and for Holy Mother Church in this time of apostasy and betrayal as we shield ourselves in Our Lady's garment of the Mount Scapular and pray with fervor and devotion her Most Holy Rosary every day. I beg your prayers also for our daughter on the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of her Confirmation.

A blessed  Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to you all!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

Saint Simon Stock, pray for us.

Saint Henry the Emperor: A Model of Christian Rulers

This is a reflection in honor of my own Confirmation patron saint, Saint Henry the Emperor, on his feast day. Saint Henry was a superb exemplar of the Social Reign of Christ the King who sought to foster peace among men by promoting the missionary work of Holy Mother Church in parts of central and eastern Europe at the beginning of the Second Millennium. He knew that Catholicism was the one and only foundation of personal and social order, seeking at all times to honor Christ the King and Mary our Immaculate Queen.

May we plead with him this day and every day to help us to see the world more clearly through the eyes of the Catholic Faith as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, He Who is the King of every man and every nation on the face of this earth without any exception whatsoever, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

As I deep into the work of revising and updating GIRM Warfare, readers are advised that it will be another two weeks, at the earliest, before another original article will appear. I will, however, continue to republish reflections on major feast days. 

The revision of GIRM Warfare has been on my "to do" list for years now. However, the time has come to get the work done so that the finished product reflects my acceptance of the true state of the Church Militant in this time of apostasy and betrayal and thus of the sacramental invalidity of the conciliar liturgical rites.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

Saint Henry the Emperor, pray for us.

Saint John Gualbert: Reconciling Enemies One to the Other

Although work continues on a major revision of GIRM Warfare, I am offering you a  revised reflection on the holy life and work of Saint John Gualbert that was written some years ago now 

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint John Gualbert, pray for us.

Saints Nabor and Felix, pray for us.

Nary an Ecumenist Among Them

As I am singularly focused on the revision and updating of GIRM Warfare, original articles will not appear for at least two weeks.  Therefore, I offer the readers of this site, if any are left, that is (!), a revised commentary on the feasts (Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, the Martyrs of Gorkum. Saint Maria Goretti, Saint Veronica Giuliani) that are celebrated in some places even though they are not on the General Roman calendar of the Catholic Church.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Thomas More and John Fisher, pray for us.

Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us.

Saint Veronica Giuliani, pray for us.


The Martyrs of Gorkum, pray for us.


Seventy Long Years of Priestly Apostasy

Although work continues on the revision and updating of GIRM Warfare, the utter insanity of those who think that Joseph Alois Ratzinger did not resign from an office he never held in point of fact and is thus still “Pope Benedict XVI” eight years, four months after helicoptering off to Castel Gandolfo on February 28, 2013, impelled me to expand, revise and enlarge a commentary that is now entitled “Seventy Long Years of Priestly Apostasy.”

This current commentary includes a selection from Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year on the Feast of Pope Saint Leo II. The learned abbot discussed the case of Honorius, claimed to be a heretical pope by those in the resist-while recognize movement. It is, as they say today, “must” reading to refute the belief that there has ever been a heretic on the Throne of Saint Peter.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Pope Saint Leo II, pray for us.

On the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Magnificat

Today is the magnificent feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her cousin, Saint Elizabeth, and her preborn Divine Son’s preborn Precursor, Saint John the Baptist.

This date, July 2, marks the end of the period of Our Lady’s Visitation, which began on April 2, lasting until the day after the octave day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist. Our Lady’s perfect Charity for her cousin and her Divine Son’s Precursor should prompt us to perform the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy at all times, making sure as well to proclaim the Holy Name of Mary, she whom all generations are duty bound to call blessed, as the Mother of God who made possible our salvation by her perfect fiat to the will of God the Father at the Annunciation and who is the Queen of Heaven and on earth, the very Immaculate Conception who prays for us now and at the hour of our deaths.

A blessed Feast of the Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to you all.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saints Processus and Martinian, pray for us.

On the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ: The Laver of Redemption

The Most Precious Blood of Jesus is our laver of redemption, as our own sins, each and every single one of them, caused It to be shed during the events of Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

It was the thought of coming into contact with the horror of our sins, the very antithesis of His Sacred Divinity, that caused Our Lord to sweat droplets of His Most Precious Blood in His Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

It was our sins that caused the Most Precious Blood of Jesus to be shed so terribly during His cruel scourging at the Pillar.

It was our sins that caused the Most Precious Blood of Jesus to be shed as He was crowned with thorns to mock His Sacred Kingship over men and their nations.

It was our sins that caused the Most Precious Blood of Jesus to continue to be shed from the scourging and the crowning as He walked up the steps to be judged by the Roman procurator, Pontius Pilate. Droplets of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus are still venerated by pilgrims as proceed on their knees up the Sancta Scala in Rome right across from the Basilica di San Giovanni Laterano.

It was our sins that caused the Most Precious Blood to be shed as Our Lord’s hands and knees were crucified. It was our sins that caused the Most Precious Blood of Jesus to be shed unto Its last drop as He hung on the gibbet of the Holy Holy Cross for three hours, flowing in a torrent as Our Lord’s wounded side was pierced with the lance of Saint Longinus.

What is It that is poured out onto our souls when they are Absolved by a true priest in the Sacred Tribunal of Penance?

The Most Precious Blood of Jesus.

The Most Precious Blood of Jesus strengthens us when we receive It worthily in Holy Communion.

It was the shedding of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus on the wood of the Holy Cross that ratified the New and Eternal Covenant He inaugurated at the Last Supper, thereby obliterating forever the old sacrifices of the blood of bulls and goats and lambs in Temple worship, thus superseding he Old Covenant of the Jews.

We must celebrate this great Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, which was pumped through Our Divine Redeemer’s Sacred Body by His Most Sacred Heart, the very font of Mercy, with gratitude that we, sinners who caused It to be shed in torrents under the most unspeakably cruel conditions, are bathed unto our redemption by Its merits.

May we never take the Most Precious Blood of Jesus for granted.

A blessed Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to you all!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Aberrant Civil Leaders and Aberrant Pastors of an Aberrant Religion Reaffirm Men in Their Aberrant Affections

There was a time a little over twenty-one years ago now when I was driving from Reno, Nevada, where I had been visiting a generous Catholic (who funded my "Living in the Shadow of the Cross" and "To Be Catholic from the Womb to the Tomb" lecture programs from September of 2000 to April of 2003), to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to give a lecture there. The drive was long, over a thousand miles. About half of the drive took me through desert roads in the wasteland known as Nevada. It's a drive I never want to make again even though I made great time driving at breakneck speeds during the middle of the night. Let me explain why.

Although I do not get overcome by feelings of oppression on a regular basis, I did have a palpable sense of evil as I drove through the Nevada desert late at night into the early hours of the next morning (and, no, I can't recall the exact dates as there has been some "slippage" of the memory on some details while others are retained unfailingly, at least up until now). The reason for this palpable sense of evil became clear as I saw little red lights stationed at the driveways of "ranches" alongside US-95 and US-93 in those Nevada counties that permitting human beings to sell themselves to engage in the commission of various sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. "Wow," I said to myself, this is a mockery of the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament and of His Most Sacred Heart that beats within It."

Red vigil lamps burn near that Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament, signifying that the One Who redeemed us by the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross because of His love of His Co-Eternal and Co-Equal Father in Heaven and his love of us awaits our acts of adoration, thanksgiving, reparation and petition as His Most Sacred Heart pulsates radiant beams of that Divine love to warm us in the midst of the chills of this passing world, full of so many problems, many of which, of course, we cause for ourselves, especially by refusing to accept God's will for us in our lives and refusing to embrace the crosses that He sends us, each of which has been perfectly fitted by Him for us from all eternity. Each cross we are given is the means by which we can give honor and glory to the Most Blessed Trinity through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, out of which the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus that beats for us with such love in the tabernacle was formed.

It is thus understandable that the devil would want to mock the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament by having people of bad reputation, shall we say, advertise themselves by means of a red light and that their districts of sin be known as "red light districts." It is also understandable that the devil would want to make this month of June, the month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus into a celebration of perverse sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments as all manner of lewd, vulgar, obscene and disgusting spectacles take place in city after city in the United States of America and elsewhere in the so-called "civilized" or "developed" world.

Unspeakable and unprintable displays and sounds that come straight from Hell have made themselves particularly present in front of the Cathedral of Saint Patrick on the day that perversity is celebrated every year in late June on Fifth Avenue, Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, New York. I have seen some of these outrages with my own eyes in the 1980s and 1990s  as I stood on the sidewalk to pray the Holy Rosary in reparation for these outrages and for the conversion of those committing them, and I was present in the cathedral during what I thought was Holy Mass on December 10, 1989, when members of Act-Up chained themselves to pews and then shouted with the cries of the sort that could only have emanated from hell itself. 

Things have degenerated so much over the past four decades that many “mainstream” members of the false opposite of the naturalist right have participated in these parades. Republican participants in New York City have included Governor George Elmer Pataki, Mayor Rudolph William Giuliani, and United States Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato, among others. Indeed, the pro-sodomite organization called Human Rights Campaign even endorsed D’Amato over his Democratic opponent in 1998, a man named Representative Charles Schumer. Maybe you have heard of him. (I took a lot of heat from some “pro-lifers” for pointing this out in my unsuccessful primary campaign against D’Amato in the “Right to Life Party,” and a reporter for the Village Voice, Wayne Barrett, was astounded that I would call out D’Amato for his public support of sodomy as a “civil right.) It should also be recalled that former President Donald John Trump was rhetorically supportive of the homosexual agenda and took to “twitter” in 2019 to wish sodomites well during “pride month” even though his political aides kept him from making an official statement. Melania Trump even wanted to bathe the White House in the “rainbow” colors back in 2017, an idea many in the Trump White House thought would offend “evangelicals.” Who cares about offending God?

Well, the current President in Name Only, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., who makes Captain Peter Peachfuzz seem logical and coherent, knows that he can promote the sodomite agenda with absolute impunity as Jorge Mario Bergoglio has his back.

This commentary, therefore, is about the perversion of the month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by the lords of Modernity and the lords of Modernism, combining a commentary Bergoglio’s praise for the work of “Father” James Martin, S.J., with his one hundred thousandth gazillion condemnation of “rigid” Catholics. The commentary concludes with a section on today’s Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

Additionally, I have revised an older commentary, Memo from Two Popes and Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton to Bishop Richard Williamson: No One Can Resist a True and Legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, that I believe is appropriate for this great feast day.

I must “disappear” for a week or so to continue work on the revision of GIRM Warfare. Thank you. Republished articles will appear on Thursday and Friday.

Pray for a true pope every day!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.


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