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March 15, 2013

Do Not Permit Yourselves To Be Snookered

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Do not permit yourselves to be snookered by the appearance of humility on the part of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Modernist to the core of his being.

Do not permit yourselves to be snookered by the appearance of deep devotion to the Mother of God on the part of the sixth in the line of apostates who have claimed to be true and legitimate Successors of Saint Peter.

No one can be truly devoted to the Mother of God as he promotes one condemned proposition after another and as he engages in blasphemous, sacrilegious events with leaders of false religions. Bergoglio's own words and actions have brought much grief to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Why is this so?

Because Our Lady told us so, that is why.

Our Lady has told us that she does not share Jorge Mario Bergoglio's respect for Protestants:

Then the Lady said, "Where does that heretic live who cut the willow tree? Does he not want to be converted?"

Pierre [Port-Combet, who had become a Calvinist] mumbled an answer. The Lady became more serious, "Do you think that I do not know that you are the heretic? Realize that your end is at hand. If you do not return to the True Faith, you will be cast into Hell! But if you change your beliefs, I shall protect you before God. Tell people to pray that they may gain the good graces which, God in His mercy has offered to them."

Pierre was filled with sorrow and shame and moved away from the Lady. Suddenly realizing that he was being rude, Pierre stepped closer to her, but she had moved away and was already near the little hill. He ran after her begging, "Please stop and listen to me. I want to apologize to you and I want you to help me!"

The Lady stopped and turned. By the time Pierre caught up to her, she was floating in the air and was already disappearing from sight. Suddenly, Pierre realized that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary had appeared to him! He fell to his knees and cried buckets of tears, "Jesus and Mary I promise you that I will change my life and become a good Catholic. I am sorry for what I have done and I beg you please, to help me change my life…"

On August 14, 1656, Pierre became very sick. An Augustinian priest came to hear his confession and accepted him back into the Catholic Church. Pierre received Holy Communion the next day on the Feast of the Assumption. After Pierre returned to the Catholic Faith, many others followed him. His son and five daughters came back to the Catholic Church as well as many Calvinists and Protestants. Five weeks later on September 8, 1656, Pierre died and was buried under the miraculous willow tree, just as he had asked. (Our Lady of the Willow Tree.)

Who is pleased when a putative "priest" (and is is pretty clear at this point that the Bergoglio, who was ordained in 1969 by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano, is not truly ordained) permits himself to be "blessed" by Protestant televangelists?

The devil?

Who says so?

The devil himself:

It is indeed a remarkable fact that, as the devil made use of Luther, an apostate monk, to abolish the Mass and deny the Real Presence; in like manner, God made use of His arch-enemy, the devil, to prove the Real Presence. He repeatedly forced him publicly to profess his firm belief in it, to confound the heretics for their disbelief, and acknowledge himself vanquished by Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. For this purpose, God allowed a certain Mme. Nicola Aubrey, an innocent person, to become possessed by Beelzebub and twenty-nine other evil spirits. The possession took place on the eighth of November, 1565, and lasted until the eighth of February, 1566.

Her parents took her to Father de Motta, a pious priest of Vervins, in order that he might expel the demon by exorcisms of the Church. Father de Motta tried several times to expel the evil spirit by applying the sacred relics of the holy cross, but he could not succeed; Satan would not depart. At last, inspired by the Holy Ghost, he resolved to expel the devil by means of the sacrament of Our Lord's Body and Blood. Whilst Nicola was lying in a state of unnatural lethargy, Father de Motta placed the Blessed Sacrament upon her lips, and instantly the infernal spell was broken; Nicola was restored to consciousness, and received Holy Communion with every mark of devotion. As soon as Nicola had received the sacred Body of Our Lord, her face became bright and beautiful as the face of an angel, and all who saw her were filled with joy and wonder, and they blessed God from their inmost hearts. With the permission of God, Satan returned and again took possession of Nicola.

As the strange circumstances of Nicola's possession became known everywhere, several Calvinist preachers came with their followers, to "expose this popish cheat," as they said. On their entrance, the devil saluted them mockingly, called them by name, and told them that they had come in obedience to him. One of the preachers took his Protestant prayer book, and began to read it with a very solemn face. The devil laughed at him, and putting on a most comical look, he said: "Ho! Ho! My good friend; do you intend to expel me with your prayers and hymns? Do you think that they will cause me any pain? Don't you know that they are mine? I helped to compose them!"

"I will expel thee in the name of God," said the preacher, solemnly.

"You!" said the devil mockingly. "You will not expel me either in the name of God, or in the name of the devil. Did you ever hear of one devil driving out another?"

"I am not a devil," said the preacher, angrily, "I am a servant of Christ."

"A servant of Christ, indeed!" said Satan, with a sneer. "What! I tell you, you are worse than I am. I believe, and you do not want to believe. Do you suppose that you can expel me from the body of this miserable wretch? Ha! Go first and expel all the devils that are in your own heart!"

The preacher took his leave, somewhat discomfited. On going away, he said, turning up the whites of his eyes, "O Lord, I pray thee, assist this poor creature!"

"And I pray Lucifer," cried the evil spirit, "that he may never leave you, but may always keep you firmly in his power, as he does now. Go about your business, now. You are all mine, and I am your master."

On the arrival of the priest, several of the Protestants went away -- they had seen and heard more than they wanted. Others, however, remained; and great was their terror when they saw how the devil writhed and howled in agony, as soon as the Blessed Sacrament was brought near him. At last the evil spirit departed, leaving Nicola in a state of unnatural trance. While she was in this state, several of the preachers tried to open her eyes, but they found it impossible to do so. The priest then placed the Blessed Sacrament on Nicola's lips, and instantly she was restored to consciousness. Rev. Father de Motta then turned to the astonished preachers, and said: "Go now, ye preachers of the new Gospel; go and relate everywhere what you have seen and heard. Do not deny any longer that Our Lord Jesus Christ is really and truly present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar. Go now, and let not human respect hinder you from confessing the truth." (Father Michael Muller, C.SS.R., Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis, no matter his talk of preaching Our Lord crucified and his visit to a shrine of Our Lady in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major yesterday morning, does the work the devil every day when promoting the dogmatic falsehoods of conciliarism and as he stages the hideously abominable Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service.

Even though he does not realize it, Bergoglio/Francis is thus predisposed to be "blessed" by the agents of the devil in false religions and to enter into their false places of worship with such ready abandon and enthusiasm that he has, at least up until now, shown a complete hostility for even the modernized form of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition, something that those in the Motu world in Argentina know very well:

Wow, people who know nothing of the Argentine situation suddenly know a lot. It really is not enough to know what dulce de leche is or that it is the land of the tango to be aware of what goes on in Buenos Aires. And some are spreading disinformation about a diocese they do not even know! Unbelievable. But let us go back to facts not from gringos but from our porteño correspondents who know, live and suffer them.

First, we never said that Summorum had not been applied anywhere in Argentina. Cardinal Bergoglio was not the only Bishop of the whole of Argentina, but the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Naturally, his powers were limited to the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, which is territorially very small, limited to the area of the Federal Capital itself*** - and, even then, not in the churches of the Military Ordinariate, as in all countries. So what happened there that prompted us to say that the application of Summorum in that archdiocese was "non-existent" and Marcelo González to speak that, "a sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass, he has only allowed imitations of it in the hands of declared enemies of the ancient liturgy"?

Ah, say the Google-searchers whose only experience of Argentina was watching Evita in one of their Broadway trips, he "allowed" a Summorum mass immediately after it went into effect: there it is, in this Clarín report - sent by many readers and posted by many... Well, under Summorum, a bishop does not "allow" or "implement" anything - that was the Ecclesia Dei regimen. Naturally, under Ecclesia Dei, nothing was "allowed" in Buenos Aires, even though Argentina has the largest traditional Catholic community in South America. Anyway, under Summorum, a place was designated by the Archdiocese in the church of San Miguel Arcángel.

Quite a relief, right? As a matter of fact, that was just the beginning of the problems. The Mass was celebrated only on the Fourth Sunday of each month in the crypt of the church of San Miguel Arcángel. And more, as reported in 2010 by Página Católica, a most trusted blog on Argentine Catholic affairs that has been in our blogroll since its beginning:

[C]ontrary to what common sense dictates and Ecclesia Dei clarified, Father Dotro [the "chaplain" for the Traditional Mass specifically chosen by Abp. Bergoglio] follows the calendar of the Ordinary Form, reading, therefore, the lessons of this form. But, as he does not limit himself to this innovation, he does not read them, but has them read by the faithful. The modified Mass is therefore left without the Epistle, Gradual, or Gospel.

As informed by the media [as informed above by the Clarin article], on September 16, 2007, the first day in which it was celebrated by who would soon be the Chaplain of the traditionalists, some one hundred people filled the Crypt of San Miguel. [...] From the one hundred people who were present in the Mass on the first day, not more than two or three are left... Once a month! Because liturgical "modernism" is not in the interest of the faithful who adhere to tradition. For that, it is enough, and more [than enough], the number of parishes of Buenos Aires that, under the watch of the Cardinal-Primate, do as they please in the Ordinary Form. Father Dotro and his superior, who cannot ignore what is going on, in this way mock traditionalists about whom they should care.


The poor blogger, so he would not be accused of falsifying anything, even recorded the new (1970) lectionary lessons read out in the once-a-month mass... [A full translation of the post should be posted by us soon.]


And so what was the great and generous application of Summorum Pontificum in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires? One Novus Ordo-TLM hybrid once a month. And, as it happens to any badly celebrated Latin Mass, the number of attending faithful fast dwindled from one hundred to a handful. And, naturally, it was discontinued. So, as correctly mentioned in WikiMissa, there is currently not a single actual Traditional Mass strictly according to the 1962 Missal celebrated by diocesan priests of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. And every priest who tried to truly implement Summorum in his parish  - that is, out of their own initiative, without "authorization" from the Bishop - was ordered to stop. It is what happened to a poor priest who tried to do it in the chapel of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in October 2007, and was personally ordered by the Archbishop to stop in November 2007. [The complete post of this shameful event, also mentioned by Página Católica, in a 2011 post, will also be translated and posted shortly.]


That is how the then-Archbishop applied Summorum in his diocese. Now, will that have any influence in his current Supreme position? We shall see. We certainly do have a very liturgical new pope, with determined liturgical views, implemented from his very first minutes as pope. Whether these views will be pleasing to some who are now criticizing us is an altogether different matter. On the other hand, those who are used to bending will certainly have no problem with the changes.


*** This is also important: the diocesan Traditional Masses mentioned by dear Fr. Finigan as occurring in Argentina do not include any in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires precisely because there is not any there, which is limited to the Federal Capital (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which, despite the name, is outside Buenos Aires Province, in a comparable situation to the District of Columbia and Maryland). The three mentioned by him are in Buenos Aires Province: Villa Celina (La Matanza Partido, Diocese of Lomas de Zamora), Rawson (Chacabuco Partido, Diocese of Mercedes-Luján), and La Plata (Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, Archdiocese of La Plata). The Archbishop's territory became a Summorum-free zone. (RORATE C∆LI.)

Yet it is that some are deluding themselves into thinking that the "pope" from Latin America who has presided over an endless variety of liturgical sacrileges means to be a "friend" of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition because he prayed yesterday at the altar in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major beneath which lies the body of Pope Saint Pius V, the pope who issued Quo Primum. Is there no end to this wishful thinking?

What the Argentine Catholic who provided this information to Rorate Caeli does not realize or is unwilling to accept is Summorum Pontificum has long been a trap to lure traditionally-minded Catholics to sleep as their spirits were "pacified," a phrase that His Apostateness, Benedict XVI, Antipope Emeritus, used several times in his false "pontificate," in order to purchase silence from them in the wake of false doctrines, sacrilegious liturgical events, blasphemous exercises in "inter-religious" prayer" and wholesale changes in the pastoral praxis of what is believed to be the Catholic Church are shoved down their collective throats. What I wrote in Mister Potter's Big Cigar sixty-eight months ago now has proved to be very true.

The Argentine Catholic's information, though, is very valuable as it shows that Bergoglio/Francis, who has a detestation for "sacrality," cannot be spun by the papaloters in the "recognize but resist" movement as a "restorer of Tradition" as he is nothing of the sort.

"Pope" Francis has demonstrated that he is even opposed to Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's desire for a more "reverent" staging of the Novus Ordo abomination by means of facing the altar rather than the people. This is what Jorge Mario Bergoglio did at the Sistine Chapel yesterday as he staged the Novus Ordo liturgical service for the apostate "cardinals" who elected him:

In one of the first signs of change from the previous pontificate, Pope Francis celebrated Mass at a temporary altar that allowed him to face the rest of the congregation. In recent years, Pope Benedict XVI had celebrated Mass in the Sistine Chapel at an altar fixed to the wall under Michelangelo's fresco of the Last Judgment. (New Public Universal Face of Apostasy stages Novus Ordo service facing fellow apostates who elected him as head of the Occupy Vatican Movement. See also Francis breaks with Benedict on matters of liturgy, style and dress.)

How can anyone allege with a straight face that "Pope" Francis's prayer at the altar of Saint Pius V in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major yesterday represents a desire to "restore tradition" when he used his first public staging of the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service to make a firm distinction between himself and the previous "restorer of tradition," Ratzinger/Benedict, by facing his brother apostates?

Furthermore, anyone who has watched the video (to which a link was provided in yesterday's article, Francis, The Talking Apostate) of that "youth liturgy" over which the then Jorge Mario "Cardinal" Bergoglio presided in 2011can see pretty clearly that there will no talk of receiving what purports to be Holy Communion on the tongue or kneeling for its reception at the Novus Ordo liturgical service coming out of Bergoglio/Francis's mouth. All talk of that kind of dressing up the Novus Ordo liturgy is now a dead letter.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, although he makes his "home base" ideologically with the Communion and Liberation movement, partakes of the entire smorgasbord that the counterfeit church of conciliarism has to offer, including Cursillo, Focolare and the Neocatechumenal Way:

Dear Cursillistas:

"The good seed are those belonging to the Kingdom" (Mt 13:38)

In the vicinity of the feast of San Pablo, your patron and model of how "living color" thank God for all the fruits, that over the years, the work of Cursillo has given generously to Church.

Your service to proclaim Christ to be His witnesses in our daily environment, is to experience, concretely renew Baptism in the guest and make them disciples and missionaries of the Word, as expressed in the "Const. of the Church ":" In this ministry, all are called by the Lord, because of Baptism and Confirmation "(No. 33).

I am writing conscious of the difficulties of the inculturation of the Gospel in today's society and trust that your boldness and apostolic fervor born of a personal encounter with Christ himself and takes them to make history, according to the well, for many brothers, excluded or not, who live in the periphery feel embraced by the love of Jesus.

Being pilgrims in our city means not settle, be open to life and pay attention to what happens in our hearts as a good Samaritan to the difficult reality of so many brothers.

It is necessary that the Cursillo Movement through the participation of all, continue their pastoral way of conversion as we proposed Aparecida.

As Cursillistas in difficult times must ask God for the grace to have many godchildren, you always have precursillo up, not to fall into despair and paralyzing anxiety. The Kerygma gift they received in the Cursillo is misionante as proposed by the tripod (piety, study and action).

As Archdiocesan Church need unity of all in Christ, that He, only He reigns in our hearts and thus be able to recognize it as the disciples at Emmaus.

To thank you for your journey as trainee I ask you not to forget to renew your ardor and Eucharistic Jesus and the apostolic zeal of thy brethren of Group Reunion.

Today more than ever we need your closeness in the environments is light and joy to so many brothers who ignore that God is a Father who loves you tenderly.

Today more than ever we need your presence so that many families are in the transcendent love of Christ, a new and larger dimension of human love.

Today more than ever we need your person and your testimony at Ultreyas to go "forward" beyond, in proclaiming and living the Kerygma.

We ask you to please pray for me. May Jesus bless you and Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace, to care for them.

Affectionately, Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ, Archbishop of Buenos Aires. (Google Translation of: Cristo cuenta contigo.)

Around one hundred persons belonging to different Jewish communities in Argentina and the Focolare Movement, met, on the 15th August, to celebrate the XV Day of Peace, as is done every year in this month, at Mariapolis Lia, the little town of the Focolare in Argentina, situated 250 kms from Buenos Aires, deep in the Pampas.

The initiative has the aim of strengthening the reciprocal commitment for Jewish–Christian dialogue in this country. Every year they share reflections, and most of all experiences, as well as the most awaited moment of all – meeting around the olive tree brought from Israel and planted in the citadel around 15 years ago. This tree has become the symbol of the friendship and commitment to building peace together, Jews and Christians.

In a brief summary of the path followed in these years, the thrust given by Chiara Lubich was recalled when she spoke in 1998 at the seat of the International Jewish Institute B’nai B’rith. On that occasion Chiara underlined the common points existing in the spirituality of the Focolari and in the Jewish tradition.

Concurrently, around 180 youths participated in three round tables about tolerance, peace and freedom, and subsequently communicated to all the participants the conclusions and the commitments that were undertaken.

Many messages of adherence were received for the occasion, amongst which that of encouragement and applause for the initiative from the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who highlighted the work of the focolari in interreligious dialogue in all the world.

This edition of the Day for Peace was characterised by its internationality, by the presence of the participants of the IV Jewish–Christian symposium, programmed for the 22nd-25th August, also at Cittadella Lia. In fact, participants were present from Israel, Switzerland, Italy, United States, Messico, Perù,Uruguay, apart from those who came from different cities in Argentina. (Argentina: XV Day for Peace | Focolare Movement.)

The initiators and responsibles of the Neocatechumenal Way, Kiko Argüello, Carmen Hernández and Fr. Mario Pezzi, wish to express their joy for the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new Pontiff of the Church, His Holiness Francis:

“The name that he has chosen as Pope is already a glimpse of the pontificate that he will bring forth: simplicity and humility,” Kiko Argüello said. “We are convinced that he is a providential Pope for these times and he will bring the Gospel tirelessly around the world. He has always been close to the Way and to us, the initiators, he has always shown his affection and expressed his support. On various occasions, he has presided over celebrations of the Neocatechumenal communities of Buenos Aires, such as the 40th Anniversary Eucharist in 2008.

Pope Francis will be a tireless herald of the Gospel. He is without a doubt a great hope for the Church, and all the people of the Neocatechumenal Way will pray for him and for his pontificate.” (Statement by Initiators of the Neocatechumenal Way. For those who have short memories, Focolare and Cursillo were profiled briefly in Giving A Little "Push" To "Getting To Know You". )


The truly revolutionary nature of the Neocatechumenal Way was described in a very favorable light by none other than Sean "Cardinal" O'Malley, the nefarious enabler of the Kennedys who is the conciliar "archbishop" of Boston, Massachusetts, on his personal "blog" two years ago just after he had participate in a "retreat" that was conducted at this horrific "movement's" Domus Galiliaeae House in Israel:

Obviously, the spirituality of the Neocatechumenal Way, so much based upon baptismal mystagogia, is a grace for the Church and is allowing so many people to deepen their own baptismal commitment and to embrace a very radical form of Gospel life. Pope Benedict XVI met last month with 7,000 members of the Neocatechumenal Way and gave them a beautiful speech that underlines this aspect of their charism.

The centrality of the liturgy and the importance of the aesthetical — to allow people to glimpse the beauty of God — are obvious in everything that the Neocatechumenal Way does. The fact that the founder is a talented artist and musician also is a very important factor in the way that the Way has developed, and how they catechize and evangelize through the beauty of the liturgy, in song and in iconography.  (Boston Apostate's Personal Bog and Pravda Disinformation Site.)


Yes, you see, Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis is just as much a thorough supporter of the Neocatechumenal Way as Sean O'Malley.

Why is this so?

Because the Neocatechumenal Way has the full support of the Synagogue of Satan before which Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis is a obeisant sycophant.

Consider the praise according this Judeo-Masonic "lay movement" with the structures of the counterfeit church of concilairism was praised by Rabbi David Rosen and the aforementioned Sean O'Malley last year:

The rabbi stressed the importance of the work of the movements and people that embraced "Nostra Aetate" beyond the importance of the declaration itself.

"As one of the most powerful of these Catholic movements, especially in the Spanish-speaking world, but indeed across the globe, the profound commitment of the Neocatechumenal Way to ensuring that the pathway of 'Nostra Aetate' becomes the highway of the Church is of inestimable importance," Rabbi Rosen said.

After the rabbi spoke, the seminarians of Redemptoris Mater sang "Shema Israel," a song based on one of the most important Jewish prayers, to honor the speaker and the message.

After closing the dinner in prayer, Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley shared his thoughts about the purpose of the gala dinner for the archdiocese.

"It is our way of celebrating the presence of the seminary and the vocations of our seminarians, but it is also a realization of the very deep commitment that they have to the interfaith mission of our Church, particularly our relationships with the Jewish community. The presence of Rabbi David Rosen and so many Jewish leaders here is just indicative of in what great esteem the Neocatechumenal Way is held by the Jewish community throughout the world," he told The Pilot. (Rabbi Rosen Honored at Redemptoris Mater Seminary Gala. See also two articles about the Neocatechumenal Way's founder Kiko Aruello's "symphony" that he composed to build "bridges of reconciliation" between Christians and Talmudists: A Concert Of Reconciliation and Kiko Argüello: "The Suffering of the Innocents.)


Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis fits right in with the Neocatechumenal Way, Focolare and Cursillo because he is what they are: a wholly owned subsidiarity of Judeo-Masonry to establish the One World Ecumenical Church once and for all.

Forget about Francis's "from the heart" preaching without a prepared text as he speaks of the necessity of preaching Our Lord and Him Crucified. He crucifies Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's Mystical Body, Holy Mother Church, by entering into synagogues and being blessed by leaders of false religions, thus signifying that the true God of Divine Revelation is pleased with these religions and with his own recognition of them. He is no different than Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI in that regard, no different at all.

Bergoglio/Francis thus continues to communicate what can be called the "Theology of the Late Drunken 'Motorist' Rodney King: Why can't we all just get along?" Bergoglio/Francis's false religion with its false charity and toleration for all false religious beliefs stems from and feeds into a naturalistic way of viewing both God and His rational creatures, thereby making sappy sentimentality and raw emotionalism the basis for religious belief and praxis.

Although hailed as "humble," Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis is going to great lengths in his own apparently "unassuming" manner to strip the conciliar concept of what is referred to as the "Petrine Ministry" of any semblance of true papal authority. He chose not to wear the mozzetta around his shoulders when he appeared on the balcony of the Basilica of Saint Peter on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, and he chose to stand rather than to sit as the "cardinals" pledged their fealty to him after they had elected him a short while before.

Bergoglio/Francis did not even don a papal stole until "papal" master of ceremonies "Monsignor" Guido Marini put one on him prior to the "blessing" he administered after he had asked for the people to pray for him. He is taking decisive measures to reduce what most people in the world, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, think is the papacy to a "ministry of service" rather than an absolute monarchy given us by the Divine Monarch Himself, Christ the King, to infallibly teach, sanctify and govern men on the face of this earth. in all that pertains to the good of their immortal souls.

The new conciliar "pope" is also attempting to impose his false "humility" upon the apostate "cardinals" who elected him, telling them to wear black cassocks, not red, when they show up for a "papal" audience later today:

For an audience that he will hold with cardinals on Friday, the pope instructed them to wear plain black cassocks, and not red with white lace surplices. (Apostate Bergoglio/Francis Shifts Vaticanís Tone With Simple Acts of Apostasy and False Humility.)

Alas, the "theology" and liturgy Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis is where 98.75% percent of Catholics are "comfortable." They like the new theology and the new liturgy and the new way of "being Church" ("Cardinal" Bergoglio incessantly used such phrases as "Our errors and sins as Church are not beyond this analysis" to signify what he thinks is the Catholic Church as the "People of God" and not the Mystical Body of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).

Traditionalists who are attached to the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism are deceiving themselves into thinking that "they are winning the day" as virtually none of those who go to the Novus Ordo service want any kind of return to what they consider to be the past. They like things "just the way they are," and they like a "pope," however "conservative" or "rigid" they consider him to be on matters of personal morality, who is "nice," one who speaks sweet nothings into their ears while reaffirming adherents of false religions in their falsehoods. 

Some are even going so far as to delude themselves and others that Bergoglio/Francis will be the "pope" to finally consecrate Russia with all of his fellow apostates to Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.

There's a little problem with that delusion, however.

Well, actually there are several problems with the delusion.

Barack Hussein Obama has as much ability to consecrate Russia to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary as does Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

One has to proceed from basic principles:

1) Conciliarism is a false religion.

2) The conciliar rites of episcopal consecration (see the appendix below) and priestly ordination (see "Father" or Not) are invalid. Depending upon which ordinal Archbishop Ramón José Castellano of Buenos Aires, Argentina, used on December 13, 1969, the Feast of Saint Lucy (Giovanni Montini/Paul the Sick issued the first ordinal with the new rite wasin 1968 and again was issued in 1978) the new conciliar "pope" may not be a priest, and he is certainly not a "bishop."

3) Bergoglio/Francis defects from numerous articles of the Catholic Faith and has, as noted in yesterday's article and in this one, committed excommunicable acts of sacrilege by praying with false religions and being "blessed" by the leaders of false religions. Our Lady is pleased such with words and deeds? Again, just see what see told Pierre Port-Combet on March 25, 1649. She was very direct with him, wouldn't you say?

4) Bergoglio/Francis has thus expelled himself form the bosom of the Catholic Church by virtue of adhering to, no less promoting, one condemned proposition after another. He is as surely excommunicated as any Catholic in public life who supports baby-killing and perversity.

5) Bergoglio cannot thus be a true pope no matter what he attempts. Our Lady hates heresy, and to believe one can be truly devoted to her while promoting those things that are repugnant to her Divine Son is delusional. Here's the skinny, folks: The Chair is Still Empty.)

Antichrist is not going to give us his calling card. We are going to have to use our sensus Catholicus to recognize him.

No matter how kind and sympathetic a figure he may cut for popular consumption, Luis Mario Bergoglio is a figure of Antichrist. Anyone who can give credence to the Synagogue of Satan is not friend of Our Lady or of her Divine Son, Christ the King.

Those who will want to delude themselves and others worse yet are closing their eyes to truth in order to project onto their "newest only friend in the Vatican" beliefs and desires that he does hold and indeed rejected a long time ago.

As for the rest of us, we must be intent on making reparation for our ow sins, especially now as Passion Week approaches in less than a day with the praying or singing of First Vespers for Passion Sunday tomorrow evening, Saturday, March 16, 2013.

We must, if all possible given our circumstances, spend more time in prayer before the Our Lord's Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament and must continue to pray as many Rosaries each day as our state-in-life permits. And even those of us who are no longer bound by the laws of fasting because we are over the age of fifty-nine should really, health issues requiring the taking of food notwithstanding, of course, make every effort to fast as none us knows the extent of the reparation we must make to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate of Mary for only own sins, no less the good that such fasting, especially when it is not obligatory, can do to make reparation for the sins of others, including the conciliar revolutionaries, and to effect their conversion to the true Faith.

The hour is late.

Do not permit yourselves to be snookered.

Let us continue to entrust ourselves to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary in this time of apostasy and betrayal.

Lift high the Cross!

Ave Crux!

Ave Maria!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!


Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

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Father Louis Campbell on the Invalidity of the Conciliar Rite of Episcopal Consecration

“Let no one lead you astray with empty words,” warns St. Paul in today’s Epistle (Eph.5:6). We must keep the faith, the faith of our fathers, handed on to us from the Apostles by saints and martyrs, the fathers and doctors of the Church, and holy popes and bishops. Now it is our turn to teach the faith, handing it on to the younger generation unchanged and untainted by heresy, lest the Church become the desolate kingdom spoken of by Our Lord in the Gospel. 

Many, “with empty words,” have tried to destroy the Catholic faith – Arius, Luther, Calvin and Cranmer, to name a few. Then came the Modernists, condemned by Pope St. Pius X, whose heresies lived on to be re-hatched at Vatican II by the liberal theologians, and canonized by the conciliar popes.

If one were to set out to destroy the Catholic faith, a good place to begin would be to tamper with the Sacraments, the Sacrament of Baptism, for instance. But every well instructed Catholic knows that the essential rite of Baptism requires the pouring of water upon the head of the person (or immersing the person in the water) while saying the words: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” (or Holy Spirit).  

If the priest baptizing were to say, “I pour upon you the life-giving waters of salvation, that you may share the life of the Holy Trinity,” we would know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Sacrament was invalid, and that the person would have to be re-baptized using the form that is required for validity. We would not have to wait for the theologians to debate the matter, or for the Holy See to issue a decree of nullity. Any Catholic in his right mind would know that the attempted Baptism was invalid. Any attempt by the “liturgical experts” to change the essentials of the Sacrament would not have been tolerated by the Catholic faithful.   

But consider some of the other sacraments. Most of us knew little of what was required, for instance, for the valid consecration of a bishop. In a ceremony rarely witnessed by most of the faithful, the Sacrament was administered in Latin amid mysterious and lengthy rites. Change the form of this Sacrament, and who would notice? Then what better way to destroy the Catholic Church than to render invalid the Sacrament of Holy Orders, since true bishops are absolutely necessary if the Church is to survive?    

The essential matter and form for the valid consecration of a bishop was determined by Pope Pius XII on November 30, 1947, in the Apostolic Constitution Sacramentum Ordinis (Acta Apostolicae Sedis 40, 1948, 5-7), a document which appears to have all the essential characteristics of infallibility. Even if it does not, it is certainly an authoritative document, which Pope Pius expected to be taken most seriously. With the laying on of hands, the consecrating bishop was to say the words of the Preface, “of which,” says the pope, “the following are essential and therefore necessary for validity: ‘Fill up in Thy priest the perfection of Thy ministry and sanctify him with the dew of Thy heavenly ointment, this thy servant decked out with the ornaments of all beauty’” (Comple in sacerdote tuo ministerii tui summum, et ornamentis totius glorificationis instructum coelestis unguenti rore sanctifica). 

At the end of the document Pope Pius XII states: “We teach, declare, and determine this, all persons not withstanding, no matter what special dignity they may have, and consequently we wish and order such in the Roman Pontifical... No one therefore is allowed to infringe upon this Constitution given by us, nor should anyone dare to have the audacity to contradict it...” 

Pope Pius XII’s body had hardly begun “a-mouldering in the grave” when the agents of change began working in earnest to destroy the Catholic faith. Paul VI, once the confidant and trusted friend of Pope Pius XII, had that “audacity to contradict” when he published his own decree in 1968. In vain did Pope Pius XII “teach, declare, and determine” what was required for the validity of the Sacrament of Orders. Paul VI would introduce entirely new words, requiring them for validity, words which were never used for the consecration of a bishop in the Roman Rite: “So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you, the governing Spirit whom you gave to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Spirit given by him to the holy apostles, who founded the Church in every place to be your temple for the unceasing glory and praise of your name” (Pontificalis Romani, June 18, 1968).

As to why Paul VI found it necessary to discard the essential words of the traditional form of consecration and replace them with entirely different words, he says “…it was judged appropriate to take from ancient sources the consecratory prayer that is found in the document called the Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus of Rome, written at the beginning of the third century.”

Judged appropriate? By whom? None other than Archbishop Annibale Bugnini and his associates of the “Consilium,” who invented the Novus Ordo Mass. And who on earth was Hippolytus of Rome? He was an anti-pope of the third century who separated from Rome because of doctrinal differences and established a schismatic church, although he later returned to the Catholic Church and died a martyr. Who knows but that his “Apostolic Tradition” was drawn up for his schismatic sect? 

And whatever became of Pope Pius XII’s Apostolic Constitution, Sacramentum Ordinis?  The name Sacramentum Ordinis was even given to another document by John Paul II, probably as a red herring to throw us off the track.  

What conclusion does one draw? The Catechism of the Council of Trent states: “In our Sacraments… the form is so definite that any, even a casual deviation from it renders the Sacrament null.” We would never tolerate a change in the form of the Sacrament of Baptism. Never! Can we blithely accept a total deviation in the form of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a change which omits the part of the traditional form declared essential for validity by Pope Pius XII? I think not! Pope Pius XII changed nothing of the traditional form, but merely designated which part of the form was essential for validity. Paul VI omitted that essential part of the form and replaced it with something entirely new. Not even popes (certainly not would-be popes) can change the form of a Sacrament. Whom do we trust, Pope Pius XII who carefully guarded the traditional sacramental form handed down from ages past, or Paul VI? Paul VI, who on the flimsiest of pretexts changed the essential form of a Sacrament, thus rendering it invalid. The result is that we are left with a whole generation of pseudo-bishops attempting to govern the Church without the grace of office. A miter and a bishop’s ring do not a bishop make. And the Kingdom is brought to desolation (Lk.11:17). 


But even among traditionalists many refuse to consider the possibility of invalid sacramental rites. It’s more convenient to think that if the pope says so it’s got to be OK. But Paul VI told us the Novus Ordo Mass was OK, and look where that has brought us. The day must come when all awaken to the fact that the Church has been brought low by an apostasy more monstrous than we have been willing to admit. Only then will the true bishops emerge, a true pope will restore the hierarchy, and the Church will rise more glorious than ever. “And all mankind shall see the salvation of God” (Lk.3:6).  (Father Louis J. Campbell, "A Kingdom Brought to Desolation (Lk.11:17)," Third Sunday of Lent, March 27, 2011, Saint Jude Shrine, Stafford, Texas.)



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