Republised: Mother Cabrini's Mission to Keep Catholic Immigrants Catholic in the Americas

This is a very brief republished reflection on the heroic missionary work of the saint whose feast we celebrate today, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, a naturalized citizen of the United States who is the first and thus far only citizen of this country to be canonized by a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter.

Let me try to put it to you this way: Mother Cabrini’s insistence on the highest standards of personal modesty and her concern about Italian immigrants being converted by the materialistic and decadent ways of Protestant and Judeo-Masonic American culture, to say nothing of her love of mortifications and sufferings, would have earned her an “apostolic visitator” sent by Jorge Mario Bergoglio to “reform” her “Pelagian” ways if she lived at this time of apostasy and betrayal.

The next original article on this site will be published within a half hour of this posting. 

Once again, I renew the invitation to those who have not provided a non-tax-deductible financial gift to do so at this time. Thank you. 

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for us.

Revised: Dominus Meus et Deus Meus

Today is the Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle. Saint Thomas did not believe that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had risen from the dead on Easter Sunday. Our Lord told the doubting Apostle to press his finger into His nail marks and to press his hand into His wounded side. Saint Thomas believed. Along with the other Apostles, including the one who replaced Judas Iscariot, Saint Matthias, Saint Thomas became a bold proclaimer of the Catholic Faith, going to India, where he sacrificed his life for the Holy Faith. Saint Thomas the Apostle touched the flesh of the Risen Saviour with his own hands. He then went on to touch the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of that same Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with his own priestly hands as he uttered the words at Holy Mass that made the Messias incarnate under the appearances of bread and wine. The very words Saint Thomas uttered after he had touched Our Lord on Low Sunday, Dominus meus et Deus meus, are what we pray every time a true priest utters these words at Holy Mass: "Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum." As we prepare the celebration of Christmas Day four days from now, we should ask Saint Thomas to help us reverence Our Lord in His Real Presence with greater fervor as we grow stronger in the Faith with every passing day, consecrated as we are to Our Lord through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

"Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Apologist for the Lockdown State's New Red Dawn, part three," is still being written. It is turning into a somewhat longer commentary than I expected would be the case. My hope is that it can be posted by tomorrow, Tuesday, December 22, 2020, the Feast of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini here in the United States of America. I still have another ten to fifteen pages of writing to do later today. "Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus, part nine," will be published a few days after Christmas, followed by "Father Carlo Maria Vigano: Front Man for Opus Dei?" thereafter. "Naturally Absurd, part five," will be completed by early January, 2021. Thank you for your patience.

Remember to check out my books for Christmas gifts. One that is particularly timely in light of Spain's legalizing formal euthanasia, which exists worldwide under the aegis of "palliative care"/hospice/"comfort care," is Life, Death, and Truth: Under Attack by Medicine and Law. I will write about the immoral Spanish law that binds the consciences of no one at some point soon. Thank you.


Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Thomas the Apostle, pray for us.

Updated: Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus, part eight

Part one of this commentary focused on Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s apologia for the lockdown state’s diabolically-conceived and executed effort to impose a Red Chinese-style Communist dictatorship upon the “free world” in order, our civil minds say, to protect us from a virus, while certainly a threat to some people, has a mortality rate of less than one percent in those who are not elderly and/or do not suffer from one or more pre-existing conditions (co-morbidities

Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Front Man for the Lockdown State's New World Order, part two

This commentary, which is the second of three parts, is divided into several sections and published under two different titles.

Although I had thought about publishing the part dealing with vaccinations in general and the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus vaccination in particular as a separate commentary, but to do so would be to detach it from the earlier sections that are very much related to the one about the harmful poisons and genetically modifying material contained in the much-heralded “lifesaving” vaccination that our civil minders assure us is “safe” and thus to demonstrate the lockdown state’s plans to convince us that they know best for us in all things.

Yes, this is a long commentary.

Part three of “Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Front Man for the Lockdown State’s New Red Dawn” will be published by Ember Friday, December 18, 2020, as a great deal of it is written.

Thank you for your patience.

Republished: Saint Lucy of Syracuse: An Immmovable Foe of Religious Liberty

The saint whose feast we commemorate today, Gaudete Sunday (the Third Sunday of Advent), Saint Lucy, resisted all efforts made by the civil authorities to induce her to worship the idols when a suitor, who was angered by her rejection of him after she had given away her riches to the poor, betrayed her as Christian to the pagan officials of the Roman Empire in Syracuse, Sicily, at the beginning of the Fourth Century A.D., in the year 304 A.D.

Saint Lucy could have saved her life if only she worshiped the idols. Unlike the conciliar "pontiffs," men who have esteemed the symbols of various and sundry false religions, with their own consecrated hands, Saint Lucy refused to do so and was immovable when taken to a house of sin. She refused even to look upon the vice that was before her.

May this immovable foe of religious liberty help us to see more clearly with the eyes of our immortal souls that the Catholic Church cannot be in the least responsible for the abominations and blasphemies and sacrileges and defections from the Faith perpetrated by the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

May Saint Lucy, a model of purity and gentleness and grace and courage, help us to see so clearly that we flee to the catacombs where the Faith is protected without any concessions to conciliarism.

A blessed Feast of Saint Lucy to all who are named after this great witness to the Faith, especially my dear wife, who took Saint Lucy as her patron at Baptism, and our dear daughter, Lucy Mary Therese Norma, who has, of course, a special devotion to the virgin and martyr from Syracuse, Sicily.

I ask your prayers also for the repose of the soul of the late Father Salvatore V. Franco, who died on this day eighteen years ago now. Father Franco, who suffered from serious heart problems but died of a form of leukemia that he only found out he had weeks before he died, was good enough to offer us refuge in his kitchen in Westbury, Long Island, New York, in April of 2002 until November of 2002 as he offered the Immemorial Mass of Tradition for us each weekday.

Although I had long before abandoned the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical abomination on Sundays as I moved in "indult" circles, we made the decision to abandon all putative "offerings" of this abominable travesty during the week when Father Franco took ill and before he died. Father Franco, who was ordained as a priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn in June of 1953, had a heart attack in 1963 at the age of thirty-seven, an act of God's Divine Mercy that kept him from being immersed in parish life as the conciliar revolution proceeded apace. Father Franco kept active, however, offering Mass and helping souls. We will be forever grateful to him for providing us with the refuge that he did in the months after Lucy's birth. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. We will always miss, Father Salvatore V. Franco!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Lucy, pray for us.

Five Hundred Eighty-Nine Years Later: The Americas Will Always Belong to Our Lady

Two articles on Our Lady of Guadalupe are being republished today. Each has been slightly revised and, of course. In addition to this article, there is also "We Must Be Made As Simple and Trusting" that was published in four parts back in 2010.

A fuller description of today’s feast is found in the introduction to “We Must Be Made as Simple and Trusting” below. A Spanish language translation of this commentary that was prepared by Mr. Juan Carlos Areneta seven years ago can be read at: Las Américas Pertenecen a Nuestra Señora.

Finally, please pray for my younger brother (and only sibling), who turns sixty-seven years of age today. Our late mother died on March 18, 1982, and our father died on September 5 1992. The years have certainly passed quickly.

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is not on the universal calendar of the Catholic Church nor is it a mandated feast in the United States of America except in the Archdioceses of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Fe as well as in the Dioceses of Monterery, Tuscson, and El Paso. 

Nonetheless, however, votive Masses are permitted on December 12, and each Catholic should, therefore, celebrate this feast day with great rejoicing.

Finally, the second part of my current series will not be posted, at it stands now, until Ember Wednesday, December 16, 2020. There is a whole lot of work to do on it, and I am being as methodical as possible to make necessary points, qualifications and distinctions. 

In the meantime, however, those who are interested in learning more about the "follow the science" in the 1950s, which was not a "golden era" of anything other than naturalism, I would urge them to re-read Antipapal Appointees Always Advance Antichrist’s Anti-Catholic Agenda, which is also included in Life, Death, and Truth: Under Attack by Medicine and Law. Part two of Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Front Man for the Lockdown State's New Red Dawn, part onewill elaborate on some of the themes in the article from twenty months ago.

Finally, although the subject will be discussed in "Naturally Absurd, part five," which I hope to complete by Monday, December 21, 2020, the Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle, I want to remember the readers of this site that there was no need to be agitated all the efforts by President Donald John Trump to challenge the blatant cases of election fraud that are now going to be institutionalized in every state controlled by the members of the organized crime family of the false opposite of the naturalist "left."

I hate to do "I told you so," and it gives me no glee at all to see things unfold as expected with the gutless wonders on the Supreme Court of the United States of America, including the current president's own three appointees, eager to demonstrate their "independence" before men. This is what I wrote in  last month:

The existence of a massive amount of vote fraud is undeniable. Unfortunately, however, the totalitarians of the organized crime family of the naturalist “left” know that proving the fraud they designed to be committed is very difficult, which is why they, aided and abetted by the technocrats of Silicon Valley and their lapdogs in the mainslime media, planned assiduously to avoid another “accident” such as that which happened four years ago. As noted six days ago in Christ the King is Still the King of Men and Their Nations No Matter Who Wins Elections, the plandemic was crucial  this planning in order to provide the pretext of the “necessity” to use “mail-in balloting” as their “weapon of choice” to stuff the ballot box, not the time-honored, old-fashioned methods of discarding votes and using the names of deceased persons to “vote” were not used in addition to the newer forms of software technology to get the desired result. The bottom line is that these methods, having been “perfected” this year, will be used repeatedly to invent/manufacture enough votes it means having a final vote count the exceeds the number of those who are eligible to vote in a particular state, county, city or election distract (for information about the fact that a former chief of staff to the wicked Nancy Patricia D’Alessandro Pelosi, Richard Blum, who just happens to the husband of wretched Dianne Feinstein, owns anywhere from ten to sixty percent of one of the companies, Avid Technologies, whose Dominion software system is used on a number of states to tabulate votes, see Jim Condit, Jr.’s  Election Fraud News.)

This having been noted, though, one of the reasons that the Supreme Court of the United States of America may not do anything of substance this year as opposed to twenty years ago in Bush v. Gore is that the putative “president-elect,” the egregious Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., has won at this writing 5,113,258 more votes popular votes nationally than has President Donald John, noting that 4,899,617 of that vote margin is coming from the People’s Republic of California, where it has become impossible for Republicans there to win statewide election. This is the sort of future that awaits the “swing” states where Democratic governors, attorney generals, secretaries of state and party bosses are now able to create all the votes they need to various elections without being held to any kind of political or legal accountability. These minions of Antichrist have seized an election and they now intend to impose upon us a “dark winter” of totalitarianism for “our own good,” you understand, and this sad but predictable state of affairs is but the inevitable result of the belief in “the sovereignty of the people.” In addition to the Biden national mask mandate, the renegade Catholic, who will turn eighty years of age on November 20, 2022, is following through on his promise for another national lockdown based on the number of “new” cases of the China/Chinese/Wuhan/Covid-19/Coronavirus that are, as has been demonstrated in the past and will be discussed again soon in “Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus, part seven,” as exaggerated as Biden’s vote totals in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina (see Biden's China Virus Adviser Wants Six Week Lockdown).

There is the old adage that the Supreme Court follows election returns, and I would dare say that this is true even when the returns are fraudulent and when there is the sure threat of civil unrest, bordering on civil war, if the Court reverses the vote counting process in enough states to make it possible for Trump to receive the 270 electoral votes he needs to win the presidency. This is simply not going to happen. (.)

As the title of the just quoted commentary exhorted the readers of this site, be inspired by exemplars of Christ the King, not agitated by the mostly predictable side shows of naturalism. 

Yes, we are in for a massive chastisement. Then again, we remain in Our Lady's loving hands, and it might just be the case that a few of us may be able to save our souls as a result of the upcoming era of persecution that will become an institutionalized and thus, humanly speaking, irreversible fact of life until Our Lord Himself intervenes.

Pray the Rosary daily!

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!

A blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to you all!

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: May We Be Made As Simple and As Trusting

Our Blessed Mother gave us two great miracles on this day four hundred eighty-nine years ago,

Acceding to the demand of Apostolic Administrator [later Archbishop] Fray Juan de Zumarraga, O.F.M., the Mother of God saw to it that Castilian roses grew atop Tepeyac Hill so that her little "Juanito," Juan Diego, a fifty-five year-old widower to whom she had first appeared on December 9, 1531, could provide proof that it was she who had made the request of Fray de Zumarraga to build a shrine in her honor on the hill where she appeared. 

The administrator's guards, who had treated Juan Diego with such cruelty and even racism, spied those roses and tried to grab them out of Juan's tilma as he waited to see Fray de Zumarraga. The roses, quite miraculously, disappeared every time the guards sought to snatch them away from Juan Diego. Those Castilian roses were presented by Juan Diego to Fray Juan de Zumarraga, who knelt before the Indian convert to the Faith as he gazed upon the miraculous image that Juanito did not know was there: the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who was clearly expecting the Baby Jesus. 

Remember, this was Advent in the year 1531, just forty-nine years after Christopher Columbus first set foot on the Island of San Salvador to implant the Cross of the Divine Redeemer in this hemisphere for the first time since Saint Brendan the Navigator had done so in the First Millennium.

Our Lady's miraculous image showing her expecting the Baby Jesus is quite symbolic of the expectant desire she had then—and has now—for the conversion of the peoples of the Americas to the true Faith, that each person and each nation be born anew as they submit themselves to Christ the King through His Catholic Church. Over nine million indigenous people converted to the true Faith within a short time following her apparition to Juan Diego on this day 488 years ago, almost person for person the number of people lost to the Faith as a result of the Protestant Revolt in Europe. It was almost as though God was saying to those who left, “Fine. I will have My Mother get new souls to populate Holy Mother Church and hence Heaven itself.”

The Americas were indeed converted to Catholicism, which is why the devil had to attack the Faith in Latin America with such ferocity by means of the Masonic revolutionaries who were supported in both philosophical and monetary terms by the lodges in the nascent Untied States of America. Great crimes were committed against Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Most Blessed Mother as a result. These crimes continue to this day, which is, of course, one of the reasons that Saint Michael the Archangel appeared with Our Lady as she spoke to Juan Diego. Our Lady has crushed the head of the serpent with her heel and Saint Michael the Archangel is our helper to crush him in our own lives and in the Americas where he reigns, albeit temporarily, in civil government and in popular culture.

May we rely upon the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Empress and Patroness of the Americas, to help us to be courageous enough to plant seeds for the conversion of the Americas, including the United States of America, to the Social Reign of Christ the King as It must be exercised by the Catholic Church.

Perhaps an extra Rosary today on this glorious feast day will help us to be more faithful and more courageous in our promotion of the Social Reign of Christ the King and Mary our Immaculate Queen. Viva Cristo Rey!

Finally, as I am now into the seventh day of a cold and flu that has laid us all pretty low, I  have been unable to do much on my long delayed next original article. It is my hope to complete that article today before writing one or more thereafter

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!

A blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to you all.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Front Man for the Lockdown State's New Red Dawn, part one

As has become the norm with these kinds of commentaries, the final product took a few days longer that I had expected would be the case. Indeed, this particular commentary would not have appeared for several more days had I not decided to break into two parts, of which, obviously, this is the first.

The first part of this commentary, which is, much to no one’s surprise, I am sure, is rather lengthy and detailed, concerns the apologia that Jorge Mario Bergoglio permitted to be published in his stage name of “Pope Francis” as an op-ed commentary in The New York Times, with which he is obviously ideologically aligned, on Friday, November 27, 2020, the Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, in behalf of the lockdown state’s global agenda for what is, in plain English, a new world order based on Marxist-Leninist principles, a veritable new red dawn.

Part two of this commentary will be posted on either Thursday or Friday and will focus on the red “pope’s” affinity for the progenitor of the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus, Red China, including the recent renewal of his infamous sellout of the underground Catholics there, a sellout that began in earnest under Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II and accelerated under the “restorer of tradition,” Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI.

A revised and expanded reflection on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary was published a short while ago.

A blessed Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary to you all.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


Revised and Expanded: On the Feast of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION." Those words, uttered by the Mother of God herself to Saint Bernadette Soubirous in the Grotto of Massabielle near Lourdes, France, on March 25, 1858, was a Heavenly ratification of the solemn, infallible proclamation of the doctrine of her Immaculate Conception by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1854, in the Bull Ineffabilis Deus.


Our Lady was conceived in the womb of her holy mother, Good Saint Anne, without any stain of Original or Actual Sin in anticipation of the merits that would be won by her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, on the wood of the Holy Cross. She, the Singular Vessel of Devotion, had the perfect integrity of Adam and Eve before their Fall from Grace in the Garden of Eden.

It is important, therefore, to get the doctrine of Original Sin right in order to understand the great miracle worked by God in the soul of the fairest flower of our race, Our Lady, from the very first moment of her Immaculate Conception. To get anything about the doctrine of Original Sin wrong leads to the efforts on the part of Modernists to deconstruct the doctrinal definitions of Original Sin and of the Immaculate Conception.

Alas, the Catholic Church, our Holy Mother on earth, our Mater and Magister, is as spotless as the Immaculate Blessed Virgin Mary. Holy Mother Church does not deconstruct infallible dogmatic definitions. Holy Mother Church cannot do so, which is why we need to pray to Our Lady, she who is the Mediatrix of All Graces and our Immaculate Queen, to help us to make no concessions to the counterfeit church of conciliarism that has promulgated an abominable "liturgy" and whose officials feel feel to "reinterpret" dogmatic truths according to Modernist propositions that have been condemned by the authority of our spotless Mother on earth, Holy Mother Church.

Mindful of the effects of our own sins on our immortal souls and of our need to make reparation for them to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, may we make the Secret prayer for today's Holy Mass our own:

"Receive the saving Victim we offer to Thee, O Lord, on the solemn feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary: and grant that, as we confess that by Thy prevenient grace she was kept free from every stain of sin; so, by her intercession, we may be delivered from all our offenses. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God."

A blessed Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary to you all! 

An original article, Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Front Man for the Lockdown State's New Red Dawn, was published a sort while after this revised reflection was posted. 

Revised: Saints Nicholas of Myra and Amborse of Milan: Generous Defenders of the Faith and Militant Foes of Heresy

Although I am busy at work on the next original article for this site and am holding out some hope for its completion by late tonight, I offer the readers of this site a brief and revised reflection on two saints who opposed heresy, Saint Nicholas of Myra and Saint Ambrose of Milan. 

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Nicholas of Myra, pray for us.

Saint Ambrose, pray for us.


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