The Cause, by Timothy A. Duff, M.S., Ed.


by Timothy A. Duff, M.S.Ed.

Aug. 4, 2017

Feast of St. Dominic, Confessor

One of the arguments used by those who choose to recognize the usurpers in the Vatican and elsewhere as having Catholic authority (though denying to them the obedience true Catholic authority demands), and hence remain in the Novus Ordo, is that “God would not allow this to happen”. This is of course a false and puerile argument, since this usurpation has in fact happened. It seems reality is just too much for them to face.

The next question which naturally arises is: How could this have happened? This is certainly a legitimate question, and Christ gave the answer: An enemy hath done this (Mt. 13:28).

The purpose of this article is to give a brief historical synopsis of precisely who this enemy is and how they have accomplished what no one thought possible. I have two goals in mind: First, to help souls escape the soul-destroying Novus Ordo Church; and second, so true Catholics can know our enemies so we can best oppose their evil work and help to save souls.

Here, then, is a brief summary of the cause.

Oct. 13, 1884

On this date Pope Leo XIII had a vision after the Mass he had just offered. Those who witnessed it (including a few Cardinals) said he stopped at the foot of the altar after Mass and stood motionless for some 10 minutes, turning pale and looking faint. When he came to he immediately went to his study and wrote the famous Prayer to St. Michael, commanding it to be said after all Low Masses.

When asked what had happened, he said he heard two voices (which were clearly those of Jesus Christ and Lucifer). Lucifer said (I am paraphrasing for brevity): “I can destroy your Church.” Christ said: “What do you require?” Lucifer said: “I require 75 to 100 years, and more power over those who will deliver themselves over to me.” Christ said: “You have the time, you have the power.”

Note how Christ allows Lucifer to exert greater power over those who will deliver themselves over to his service. God created free will, and He allows it to be used for good or evil according to individual choice. Those who have formally and knowingly delivered themselves over to Lucifer is a good definition of what a Satanist is. Hence on Oct. 13, 1884 began a formal and deadly battle of Satanists against the Catholic Church, allowed by Christ both as a trial for the good and the chastisement of the Church and the world.

1928: Earling, Iowa

A monumental exorcism took place in this small town in 1928. The details are given in the pamphlet Begone, Satan!. A teenage girl was cursed by her father for refusing his incestuous advances and was possessed (among others) by the demon Beelzebub (certainly of a very high rank among demons) and, astonishingly, by Judas Iscariot himself. The exorcist, Fr. Theophilus Riesinger, OFM Cap., was finally able to cast the demons and damned souls out of this girl, but only after a tremendous struggle and much penance by the members of the parish in which the exorcism took place; for as Christ said, this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting (Mt. 17:20).

Afterwards Fr. Riesinger said he believed this was a test case, that Lucifer was trying to come back onto the earth and prepare the way for his Antichrist. Hence we see the advancement of the battle begun by the permission of 1884.

It is extremely important to understand this date of 1928. The Church of Satan holds a formal gathering they call the Feast of the Beast every 28 years by Satan’s counting, which is inclusive; hence it is every 27 years by normal reckoning. Though the Satanists failed to bring back Lucifer to the earth in 1928 (he had been chained in hell since the death of Christ), their next Feast of the Beast in 1955 would prove uccessful.

1955: Victoria, British Columbia

This apocalyptic Feast of the Beast was recorded in detail in the memory of the 5-year-old girl whose mother tried to give her away to the Satanists to become a child of evil. She began to remember this experience 22 years later as a 27-year-old woman, and she wrote a book (along with her Catholic psychiatrist) called Michelle Remembers. This book sheds tremendous light on what has happened to the Catholic Church (and the world) since 1955 and who is responsible. Of course, the book has many detractors as could be expected; what cannot be argued is that what was revealed in this book has in fact taken place and perfectly explains the utterly demonic institution which falsely calls itself the Catholic Church. I encourage adults who wish to be better informed to read this book (though the paperback has an intentionally falsified cover, different from the original hardbound version); however, keep it away from children and adolescents.

Victoria is the North American headquarters of the Church of Satan; the worldwide center is in Geneva, Switzerland (the location of CERN, by the way). Beginning in 1954 and ending in 1955 there was a Feast of the Beast culminating in the calling of the 13 Satanic high priests, a sacrilegious parody of Christ and the 12 Apostles. And just as the true Catholic priest calls Christ out of heaven into the host sacramentally in the Mass, these Satanic high priests were successful in calling Lucifer from hell into the fire built for this purpose in the basement of a seemingly abandoned building in Victoria. (This, by the way, was the fulfillment of a revelation by Ven. A.C. Emmerich that Lucifer would return to the earth “50 or 60 years before the year 2000”.)

And what was the primary message of Lucifer to his high priests? In brief, he told them to usurp the Papacy, by murder if necessary, and thus use what the world would still view as the Catholic Church to spread the religion of Antichrist in order to destroy Catholic morals (Amoris Laetitia is a perfect example), worship and influence. Once this would be accomplished there would be no organized spiritual power on earth to oppose him and the reign of his Antichrist.

Oct. 9, 1958

This brings us to Oct. 9, 1958, the day Pope Pius XII died. Counting inclusively, this is almost exactly 75 years from Oct. 13, 1884. The consistory to elect his predecessor was marred by unprecedented confusion as witnessed by thousands of bystanders and reported by Vatican Radio and newspapers at the time. (For example, see "The Vatican Radio", The [London] Tablet, 1 November 1958; and “Cardinals Fail To Elect Pope In 4 Ballots; Mix up In Smoke Signals Causes 2 False Reports,” The Houston Post, October 27, 1958, Section 1, pages 1 & 7.)

In brief, white smoke appeared for 5 minutes at 5:55 p.m. on Oct. 26, 1958 from the stovepipe of the Sistine Chapel, indicating a new Pope had been elected. Thousands of eyewitnesses, and Vatican Radio, proclaimed a new Pope had been elected. However, at 6:00 p.m. black smoke appeared, followed by gray. Such confusion had never been seen before, and confusion is certainly not the work of the Holy Ghost.

If a true Pope was elected on Oct. 26, 1958, the Pope-elect never appeared on the balcony of St. Peter’s, which indicates formal recognition of the new Pope by the Church. This is very important to understand, since it is not just a valid election and personal acceptance by the Pope-elect; he must present himself to the Church to be recognized as the true Vicar of Christ, and the faithful of Rome first perform this recognition shortly after the election (usually 20 minutes or so).

The historical fact is two days later on Oct. 28, 1958 Angelo Roncalli, aka “John XXIII”, appeared on the balcony as the apparent new Pope. Roncalli usurped the office of the Papacy on this very day, fulfilling the desire of Lucifer expressed in 1955 (see above). He proved himself an anti-Pope and usurper by his actions. His first act (within 24 hours) was to make Giovanni Battista Montini a “Cardinal”. Montini would later become “Paul VI”, who would impose a counterfeit, invalid “Mass” on the Catholic world, and complete the institution of a false religion at Vatican II (started by Roncalli) which has its own invalid “Mass” and “Sacraments”, and continues to this day to attack and blaspheme every facet of Catholic faith and morals. That the usurpers call their institution “Catholic” is merely a deception meant to deceive (if possible) even the elect (Mt. 24:24).

Thus the Catholic Church has not had a valid Pope since the death of Pius XII, and this lack of the exercise of potent spiritual authority has lead to the chain of moral, political and social revolutions which have convulsed the world from the 1960s to this day, especially in the return of the pagan and usurious slave state from which Christ, His Church, and His eleven million martyrs delivered the world.

It is crucial to understand what a Catholic is. It is not enough to merely call oneself a Catholic; no, a person must be validly baptized and not be excommunicated by schism, heresy, apostasy, or any crime to which that punishment is attached. And the clear, undeniable fact, which even the “recognize-and-resisters” practice by refusing him obedience, is that the current imposter, Jorge Bergoglio (aka “Francis”), is objectively not a Catholic; his heresies are too numerous to mention here. In fact, he is doing everything he can to make the Catholic Church look like some sort of sick joke while he busily endeavors to destroy Catholic faith and morals.

In summary, then, Satanists usurped the Vatican in 1958 and have imposed their false religion to prepare the way for Antichrist. The current usurper Bergoglio is proving to be the antithesis of St. John the Baptist, who offered his life in defense of the sanctity of marriage, while Bergoglio is doing all he can in defense of adultery (and worse).

The question is: How long will (can) this demonic, soul-destroying charade go on?

What can Catholics do?

Let us recall what Lucifer asked and received from Christ: More power over those who will deliver themselves to him. Can we not then infer with certainty that in order to counteract this singular permission given to Lucifer and his minions to persecute the Church that Christ will give more power to those who will deliver themselves to Him, especially by true devotion to His Immaculate Mother Mary? All true Catholics of the age of reason and in the state of grace can ask for and receive this power in order to oppose the opposers, for let us remember that the word Satan means adversary, or one who opposes. He opposes us, but does not want us to oppose him. Some might fear to engage in this work, yet here we must remember what St. John said: Fear is not in charity: but perfect charity casteth out fear...he that feareth, is not perfected in charity (I Jn. 4:18). Can we not disrupt the plans and works of the Satanists just as the innocent 5-year-old Michelle did? Do we not see this is one of the main reasons Our Lady has invariably appeared to children?

As always, the best answer is to live the message of Fatima by daily duty, the daily Rosary, and special sacrifices. We should also especially pray for children, for so many of them are being corrupted practically from the womb. In fact, Our Lady of Good Success prophesied that children in our times would be a special target of the wicked.

Let us all pray for God to destroy the works of evil men; notice, their works, not them, since we must sincerely desire the conversion and salvation of all.

Finally, let us love the Mass and frequently receive the Sacraments, realizing true Catholics in the state of grace are the only ones on earth with spiritual power to oppose the Satanists. Some might say: It is up to God to fix these problems. To this I would respond: Why should God fix the problems we have caused by our sins? If we would but use our free will to grow in sanctity every day and oppose the opposers, especially praying for sinners as Our Lady of Fatima requested, then perhaps the time will soon come for the complete restoration of the Church by a true Pope, with resulting happiness for millions and great glory to God.