Bergoglio the Blaspheming Heretic Lives Down to Expectations at Fatima, part two

As has been noted on this site many times in the past, Our Lady does not act on her own. The Mother of God, the Queen of All Saints, she who is the fairest flower of human race, has always perfectly.

The Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without any stain of Original Sin and was thus filled with grace to prepare her to be the Singular Vessel of Devotion in which God the Father’s Co-Equal, Co-Eternal Divine Son would become Incarnate in her Virginal and Immaculate Womb by the power of the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost. She was prepared for her Annunciation from the moment of her Immaculate Conception and throughout the period of the three years she spent with her parents prior to their presenting her in the Temple, where she grew in wisdom and grace.

Our Lady never served herself. She was always at the service of the will of God, Whose will she accepted and fulfilled without a moment’s hesitation or complaint. The thought of acting on her own accord never occurred to her as she, being free of Original and Actual Sin, enjoyed a Perfect Integrity of body and soul. The Mother of God thus never acted impetuously or haphazardly. She always acted in accord with the Divine Plan for the indispensable role in the salvation of the human race that had been appointed for her from all eternity.

To disparage or denigrate the apparitions of Our Lady on earth after her Assumption into Heaven following her death that have been deemed worthy of belief by competent ecclesiastical authorities and have thus been declared as worthy of belief  by dismissing them as merely private revelations that are not part of the Deposit of Faith is to fail to recognize the depth of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s burning desire to save the souls for whom He shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross to redeem. It is out of the infinite Treasury of Love that beats within His Most Sacred Heart that Our Lord has deigned to send His Most Blessed Mother to us to give us various helps to save our souls and to exhort us to do penance for our own sins and those of the whole world.

The world was in the midst of a needless, unjust and immoral war of nationalism and militarism one hundred years ago as the formerly Catholic nations of Europe fought with each in the horror of trench warfare on the ground while aerial combat made its debut as a means to drop deadly bombs and deadly nerve agents. What became known as World War I, known then as the Great War or the World War, took a horrible toll in Europe, a toll that was recognized as follows by Pope Pius XI in his first encyclical letter, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922:

One thing is certain today. Since the close of the Great War individuals, the different classes of society, the nations of the earth have not as yet found true peace. They do not enjoy, therefore, that active and fruitful tranquillity which is the aspiration and the need of mankind. This is a sad truth which forces itself upon us from every side. For anyone who, as We do, desires profoundly to study and successfully to apply the means necessary to overcome such evils, it is all-important that he recognize both the fact and the gravity of this state of affairs and attempt beforehand to discover its causes. This duty is imposed upon Us in commanding fashion by the very consciousness which We have of Our Apostolic Office. We cannot but resolve to fulfill that which is so clearly Our duty. This We shall do now by this Our first encyclical, and afterward with all solicitude in the course of Our sacred ministry.

Since the selfsame sad conditions continue to exist in the world today which were the object of constant and almost heartbreaking preoccupation on the part of Our respected Predecessor, Benedict XV, during the whole period of his pontificate, naturally We have come to make his thoughts and his solutions of these problems Our own. May they become, too, the thoughts and ideals of everyone, as they are Our thoughts, and if this should happen we would certainly see, with the help of God and the co-operation of all men of good will, the most wonderful effects come to pass by a true and lasting reconciliation of men one with another.

The inspired words of the Prophets seem to have been written expressly for our own times: "We looked for peace and no good came: for a time of healing, and behold fear," (Jer. viii, 15) "for the time of healing, and behold trouble." (Jer. xiv, 19) "We looked for light, and behold darkness . . . we have looked for judgment, and there is none: for salvation, and it is far from us." (Isaias lix, 9, 11)

The belligerents of yesterday have laid down their arms but on the heels of this act we encounter new horrors and new threats of war in the Near East. The conditions in many sections of these devastated regions have been greatly aggravated by famine, epidemics, and the laying waste of the land, all of which have not failed to take their toll of victims without number, especially among the aged, women and innocent children. In what has been so justly called the immense theater of the World War, the old rivalries between nations have not ceased to exert their influence, rivalries at times hidden under the manipulations of politics or concealed beneath the fluctuations of finance, but openly appearing in the press, in reviews and magazines of every type, and even penetrating into institutions devoted to the cultivation of the arts and sciences, spots where otherwise the atmosphere of quiet and peace would reign supreme.

Public life is so enveloped, even at the present hour, by the dense fog of mutual hatreds and grievances that it is almost impossible for the common people so much as freely to breathe therein. If the defeated nations continue to suffer most terribly, no less serious are the evils which afflict their conquerors. Small nations complain that they are being oppressed and exploited by great nations. The great powers, on their side, contend that they are being judged wrongly and circumvented by the smaller. All nations, great and small, suffer acutely from the sad effects of the late War. Neither can those nations which were neutral contend that they have escaped altogether the tremendous sufferings of the War or failed to experience its evil results almost equally with the actual belligerents. These evil results grow in volume from day to day because of the utter impossibility of finding anything like a safe remedy to cure the ills of society, and this in spite of all the efforts of politicians and statesmen whose work has come to naught if it has not unfortunately tended to aggravate the very evils they tried to overcome. Conditions have become increasingly worse because the fears of the people are being constantly played upon by the ever-present menace of new wars, likely to be more frightful and destructive than any which have preceded them. Whence it is that the nations of today live in a state of armed peace which is scarcely better than war itself, a condition which tends to exhaust national finances, to waste the flower of youth, to muddy and poison the very fountainheads of life, physical, intellectual, religious, and moral.

A much more serious and lamentable evil than these threats of external aggression is the internal discord which menaces the welfare not only of nations but of human society itself. In the first place, we must take cognizance of the war between the classes, a chronic and mortal disease of present-day society, which like a cancer is eating away the vital forces of the social fabric, labor, industry, the arts, commerce, agriculture -- everything in fact which contributes to public and private welfare and to national prosperity. This conflict seems to resist every solution and grows worse because those who are never satisfied with the amount of their wealth contend with those who hold on most tenaciously to the riches which they have already acquired, while to both classes there is common the desire to rule the other and to assume control of the other's possessions. From this class war there result frequent interruptions of work, the causes for which most often can be laid to mutual provocations. There result, too, revolutions, riots, and forcible repression of one side or other by the government, all of which cannot but end in general discontent and in grave damage to the common welfare. (Pope Pius XI, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922.)

Christ the King, He Who is the Lord of History, desired to send His Most Blessed Mother to three shepherd children during the midst of the Great War, then raging near the close of three full years after its start on August 3, 1914. Just as His Incarnation was announced to Our Lady by an angel, Saint Gabriel the Archangel, so it was that He send Saint Michael the Archangel, the Angel of Portugal, to prepare the way for His Most Blessed Mother, the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary to appear on six occasions between May 13, 1917, and October 13, 1917.

The following description of Saint Michael the Archangel’s two different apparitions to Lucia dos Santos and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, though, lengthy, is important to consider in order to explain that the care that God took to prepare these three chosen souls for the apparitions of His own Most Blessed Mother:

In the spring of 1916, three young Portuguese shepherds, Lucy dos Santos and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto, led their sheep to graze on a hill called the Cabeço. Rain began to fall, so the children found a place on the hillside to serve as a shelter. Even after the rain had passed and the sun had returned, the little shepherds spent the day at this spot, eating lunch, saying the Rosary and playing games. Lucy was then only nine years old, Francisco was eight, and Jacinta was six.

As they were playing, a strong wind suddenly blew, shaking the trees, and the children saw a figure approaching above the olive trees. Lucy described the figure as having "the appearance of a young man of fourteen or fifteen, whiter than snow, which the sun rendered transparent as if it were of crystal, and of great beauty. We were surprised and half absorbed. We did not say a word.

"While coming closer to us, the Angel said: ‘Do not fear! I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.’ And kneeling on the earth, he bent his forehead to the ground. Prompted by a supernatural movement, we imitated him and repeated the words which we heard him pronounce: ‘My God, I believe in Thee, I adore Thee, I hope in Thee and I love Thee. I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in Thee, do not adore Thee, do not hope in Thee and do not love Thee.’

"Having repeated that prayer three times, he got up again and said to us: ‘Pray in this way. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications.’ And he disappeared."

Lucy recalled, "The supernatural atmosphere which enveloped us was so intense that, during a long moment, we barely realized the fact of our own existence. We remained in the position in which the Angel had left us, always repeating the same prayer. The presence of God made itself felt in such an intense and intimate manner, that we did not dare even to speak any longer among ourselves. The next day, we still felt our spirit enveloped in this atmosphere which only disappeared very slowly."

The Angel of Peace had come to speak to the children, to infuse them with this extraordinary grace through which they were penetrated with the Divine Presence, and to demonstrate to them the attitude, posture and fervor with which to pray to God. Interestingly, during the apparition Francisco could not hear the words of the Angel, and had to be told what was said afterward; this would be the case for all of the other apparitions as well. After some time the three little shepherds recovered their physical strength and playfulness.

The second apparition of the Angel took place during the summer of 1916. While the children were playing around their favorite well, the Angel suddenly appeared. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Pray, pray a great deal! The Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you. Offer unceasingly prayers and sacrifice yourselves to the Most High."

Lucy asked the Angel how they were to make sacrifices.

The Angel replied, "Make of everything you can a sacrifice and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners. In this way, you will draw peace upon your country. I am its Guardian Angel, the Angel of Portugal. Above all, accept and bear with submission the sufferings which the Lord will send you."

Lucy comments, "Those words of the Angel engraved themselves in our spirit, as a light which made us understand Who God is, how much He loves us and wants to be loved by us, the value of sacrifice and how pleasing it is to Him, and that out of respect for it, God converts sinners." The dominant theme in this second apparition of the Angel was the importance of making offerings to God through every possible action and sacrifice, even the smallest, and of making the offerings with special intentions, especially for the conversion of sinners.

In the autumn of the same year, the children took their sheep to the same place where the first apparition took place. There in the blessed place of the Cabeço, they were reciting the prayer the Angel had taught them when above them an unknown light appeared. Lucy relates, "We got up again to see what was happening, and we saw the Angel again, who had in his left hand a Chalice over which was suspended a Host, from which some drops of Blood fell into the Chalice."

Leaving the Chalice and the Host suspended in the air, he prostrated himself down to the earth near the children and repeated three times this prayer:

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I adore You profoundly, and I offer You the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He, Himself is offended. And I draw upon the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that You might convert poor sinners.

Then, getting up, the Angel took the Chalice and Host. He gave Lucy the Sacred Host on the tongue. Then while giving the Precious Blood from the Chalice to Francisco and Jacinta, he said:

"Eat and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes and console your God." Then, prostrating himself on the ground he repeated with the children three times the same prayer: Most Holy Trinity, etc., and disappeared.

This final apparition of the Angel was clearly the summit of the three, as the children were graced to see the Precious Blood of Our Lord fall from the Sacred Host into the Chalice, and then receive Holy Communion from the hands of the Angel.

Again, the need for converting poor sinners was a theme in this final apparition of the Angel. The prayer repeated by the Angel demonstrates that through our prayers, united with the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, sinners can be converted. Our prayers and sacrifices alone amount to very little; but when they are united to the merits of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, they become infinitely valuable. Also emphasized was the need for reparation for the sins committed against God, by which He is constantly hurt and seeking consolation. In addition, the way the children received Holy Communion is particularly instructive for our time: they received Communion in the kneeling position, and the Sacred Host was given on the tongue.

The appearance of the Angel of Peace to three little Portuguese shepherds was a preparation for the signal grace that was about to be bestowed upon them: the appearance of the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary. The apparitions of the Angel prepared them for seeing the Mother of God, through the transforming Divine graces the Angel showered on them, and his instructions about prayer, sacrifice and offerings. Through his apparitions to Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta, the Angel of Peace came to ready them for the decisive roles they were each to play in the most important event of the Twentieth Century, the appearance of Our Lady at Fatima.

Yet the Angel of Peace’s instructions were not meant for the children alone. They apply to each of us, and just as they prepared the children for the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, they can also serve as a preparation for our reception of Our Lady’s Fatima Message. (The Angel of Portugal.) This is not an endorsement of the Fatima Center and its “resist while recognize” position.)

There is much food for Catholic reflection doctrine contained in the facts as described above.

First, we must adore the one and only true God, the Most Blessed Trinity.

Jews do not adore the true God.

Mohammedans do not adore the true God.

Buddhists and Hindus and other pagans do not adore the true God.

Ah, but this means also that the conciliar revolutionaries do not adore the true God as they claim constantly that Jews, Mohammedans, Buddhists, Hindus, Yazidis, animists and other non-Catholics adore the true God of Divine Revelation and are thus “believers.”

Second, Saint Michael the Archangel taught the children the correct posture and attitude to have in prayer. We are knee erect and to be attentive to our prayers as we are addressing them to God directly or speaking to the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, our Guardian Angel, our patron saint and other saints to intercede for us with Him. This contrasts sharply with the Protestantization of posture while at prayer that has occurred within the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism as a result of the entire ethos of the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service.

Catholics who attend the Novus Ordo service stand to receive what they think is Holy Communion, which treats the reception of Our Lord as matter of egalitarianism, not the honor and respect due to the King of Kings through Whom all things were made and Who redeemed us on the wood of the Holy Cross. The thought of kneeling is foreign to most Catholics today. Indeed, most Catholics in the conciliar structures believe that it would be “beneath” their dignity to kneel, which is confined in the Novus Ordo to the “Eucharistic Prayer,” although there are places in the United States and elsewhere in the world where people stand, and after the Agnus Dei until they go up to stick out their paws to receive what purports to be Holy Communion, after which they may sit or kneel as they choose until the closing prayer.

The Angel of Portugal, Saint Michael the Archangel, gave Holy Communion to Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia as they were kneeling, and it was by a special privilege granted to Jacinta and Francisco that they, who were to die within several years after being visited by the Mother of God, that Saint Michael permitted them to drink the Precious Blood from the Chalice, which is given out freely in the Novus Ordo service to those who desire to consume what they think is the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord.

Third, the Angel of Portugal taught the children to sacrifice and pray for the conversion of sinners. Jorge Mario Bergoglio believes that unrepentant sinners are to be “accompanied” in their “journey,” not exhorted to quit their sins.

Fourth, the Angel of Portugal taught the shepherd children that Our Lord, Whom they were about to receive in Holy Communion, “was horribly outraged by ungrateful men” and exhorted them to make “reparation for their crimes and console your God.” Reparation is part of the Catholic Faith, but it is not part of the conciliar revolution no matter the few times that the conciliar authorities might make gratuitous references to the term in reference to the “crimes” against the “climate” and “economic justice.”

Pietro The Red Parolin Continues the Long Tradition of the Conciliar Vatican's Distortion of Our Lady's Fatima Message

This is important to keep in mind as the entirety of the message delivered by Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his Secretary of State, Pietro “The Red” Parolin was the antithesis of the truth concerning Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, which had been prepared by the Angel of Portugal, Saint Michael the Archangel. It should be wonder at all that men who preach a false gospel and who stage a false worship service as they proselytize—excuse me, “evangelize”—in behalf of a false morality shoud continue to give us false teaching about the Our Lady’s Fatima Message.

For present purposes, therefore, I want to start on the “homily” given by Pietro “Cardinal” Parolin in an evening vigil staging of the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service to demonstrate how the Secretary of State for the Holy See in its conciliar captivity is continuing a decades-long tradition of falsifying Our Lady’s Fatima Message that has emanated from the conciliar Vatican’s Secretariat of State, especially under Angelo Sodano and Tarcisio Bertone, Parolin’s two immediate predecessors.

See for yourselves:

As a Mother concerned for the trials of her children, Mary appeared here with a message of consolation and hope for a world at war and for the Church in travail: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph” (Apparition of July, 1917).   In other words: “Trust!  In the end, love and peace will triumph, because God’s mercy is stronger than the power of evil.  What seems impossible to men is possible to God”.  Our Lady also asks us to join in this battle of her divine Son, particularly by the daily recitation of the Rosary for peace in the world.  Even though everything depends on God and his grace, we still need to act as if everything depended on us, by asking the Virgin Mary that the hearts of individuals, the homes of families, the history of peoples and the fraternal soul of all humanity be consecrated to her and placed under her protection and guidance.  She wants people who entrust themselves to her!  “If they do what I tell you, many souls will be saved and have peace” (Apparition of July, 1917).  In the end, what will win the war is a heart: the Heart of the Mother will obtain the victory, at the head of millions of her sons and daughters. (Pietro the Red Parolin Omits Any Reference to the Consecration of Russia,)

Omitted from this piece of very clever distortion is the exact description of what Our Lady said needed to be done for souls to be saved and to have peace, namely, for a true pope to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

"Continue to come here every month. In October, I will tell you who I am and what I want, and I will perform a miracle for all to see and believe."

Lucia made some requests for sick people, to which Mary replied that she would cure some but not others, and that all must say the rosary to obtain such graces, before continuing: "Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially when you make some sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

"You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.

"To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

Mary specifically told Lucia not to tell anyone about the secret at this stage, apart from Francisco, before continuing: "When you pray the Rosary, say after each mystery: 'O my Jesus, forgive us, save us from the fire of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are most in need.' "

Lucia asked if there was anything more, and after assuring her that there was nothing more, Mary disappeared off into the distance. (Our Lady's Words at Fatima.)

Our Lady did come with further instructions, informing Sister Lucia dos Santos in Tuy, Spain, on June 13, 1929, that the time had come for the consecration of Russia by the Holy Father, Pope Pius XI, with all of the world’s bishops to her Immaculate Heart:

"The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops in the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. There are so many souls whom the Justice of God condemns for sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation: sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray." (Our Lady's Words at Fatima.)

Sister Lucia made this known to Pope Pius XI through her confessor. Pope Pius XI, however, did not act on the request. 

Pope Pius XII's Efforts to Take Our Lady's Fatima Requests Seriously

Undaunted, however, Sister Lucia wrote to Pope Pius XII in 1940 to make a request of him directly, specifying once again the necessity of a collegial consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart:

Most Holy Father,

Humbly prostrated at your feet, I come as the last sheep of the fold entrusted to you to open my heart, by order of my spiritual director.

I am the only survivor of the children to whom our Lady appeared in Fátima (Portugal) from the 13th of May to the 13th of October 1917. The Blessed Virgin has granted me many graces, the greatest of all being my admission to the Institute of Saint Dorothy. (To here this is copy of the sketch the Bishop sent me.)

I come, Most Holy Father, to renew a request that has already been brought to you several times. The request, Most Holy Father, is from our Lord and our good Mother in Heaven.

In 1917, in the portion of the apparitions that we have designated "the secret," the Blessed Virgin revealed the end of the war that was then afflicting Europe, and predicted another forthcoming, saying that to prevent it She would come and ask the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart as well as the Communion of reparation on the first Saturday. She promised peace and the conversion of that nation if Her request was attended to. She announced that otherwise this nation would spread her errors throughout the world, and there would be wars, persecutions of the Holy Church, martyrdom of many Christians, several persecutions and sufferings reserved for Your Holiness, and the annihilation of several nations.

Most Holy Father, this remained a secret until 1926 according to the express will of our Lady. Then, in a revelation She asked that the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays of five consecutive months be propagated throughout the world, with its conditions of doing the following with the same purpose; going to confession, meditating for a quarter of an hour on the mysteries of the Rosary and saying the Rosary with the aim of making reparation for the insults, sacrileges and indifferences committed against Her Immaculate Heart. Our good Heavenly Mother promises to assist the persons who practise this devotion, in the hour of their death, with all the necessary graces for their salvation. I exposed the request of our Lady to my confessor, who tried to have it fulfilled, but only on the 13th of September 1939 did His Excellency the Bishop of Leiria make public in Fatima this request of our Lady.

I take this opportunity, Most Holy Father, to ask you to bless and extend this devotion to the whole world. In 1929, through another apparition, our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, promising its conversion through this means and the hindering of the propagation of its errors.

Sometime afterwards I told my confessor of the request of our Lady. He tried to fulfill it by making it known to Pius XI.

In several intimate communications our Lord has not stopped insisting on this request, promising lately, to shorten the days of tribulation which He has determined to punish the nations for their crimes, through war, famine and several persecutions of the Holy Church and Your Holiness, if you will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with a special mention for Russia, and order that all the Bishops of the world do the same in union with Your Holiness. I truly feel your sufferings, Most Holy Father! And, at much as I can through my humble prayers and sacrifices, I try to lessen them, close to our Lord and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Most Holy Father, if in the union of my soul with God I have not been deceived, our Lord promises a special protection to our country in this war, due to the consecration of the nation by the Portuguese Prelates, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; as proof of the graces that would have been granted to other nations, had they also consecrated themselves to Her.

Now, Most Holy Father, allow me to make one more request, which is but an ardent wish of my humble heart; that the feast in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be extended throughout the whole world as one of the main feasts of the Holy Church.

With the deepest respect and reverence I ask for the Apostolic Blessing. May God protect Your Holiness.

Tuy, Spain, 2nd of December of 1940.
Maria Lucia de Jesus

From Novos Documentos de Fátima, Fr. Anthony Mario Martins, SJ (Oporto: 1984). English edition: Documents on Fatima & Memoirs of Sr. Lucia. (Alexandria, SD: Fatima Family Apostolate, 1992).  (Fatima Consecration Timeline. This timeline includes the false consecrtions of the world to Our Lady of Fatima and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that were performed by Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II. However, the documentation of Sister Lucia dos Santos's letter to Pope Pius XII is to be found here. )

Describing Our Lady’s Fatima Message as “Fatima is the summation of my thinking. The time for doubting Fatima is passed. It is now time for action,” Pope Pius XII consecrated the world, but not Russia specifically, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1942, and then instituted the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary two years later, that is, in 1944, and inserted it in the calendar to be celebrated on August 22, the Octave Day of Our Lady’s Assumption, which he would define dogmatically in 1950. 

Pope Pius XII's Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary mentions how the world, then being torn asunder by World War II, was indeed the victim of its own iniquities:

Queen of the most holy Rosary, help of Christians, refuge of the human race, victorious in all the battles of God, we prostrate ourselves in supplication before thy throne, in the sure hope of obtaining mercy and of receiving grace and timely aid in our present calamities, not through any merits of our own on which we do not rely, but only through the immense goodness of thy mother’s Heart. In Thee and in thy Immaculate Heart, at this grave hour of human history, do we put our trust; to thee we consecrate ourselves, not only with all of Holy Church, which is the mystical body of thy Son Jesus, and which is suffering in so many of her members, being persecuted, but also with the whole world, torn by discords, agitated with the hatred, the victim of its own iniquities. Be thou moved by the sight of such material and moral degradation, such sorrows, such anguish, so many tormented souls in danger of eternal loss! Do thou, O Mother of mercy, obtain for us from God a Christ-like reconciliation of the nations, as well as those graces which can convert the souls of men in an instant, those graces which prepare the way and make certain the long desired coming of peace on earth. O Queen of peace, pray for us, and grant unto the world in the truth, the justice, and the charity of Christ. Above all, give us peace in our hearts, so that the kingdom of God, may spread it the tranquility of order. Accord thy protection to unbelievers  and to all those who lie in the shadow of death; cause the Sun of Truth to rise upon them; may they enabled to join with us in repeating before the Saviour of the world: “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to men of good will.” Give peace to the nations that are separated us from error or discord, and in a special manner to those peoples who profess a singular devotion toward thee; bring them back to Christ’s one fold, under the one true Shepherd. Obtain full freedom for the holy Church of God; defend her from her enemies; check the ever-increasing torrent of immorality; arouse in the faithful a practical love of purity, a practical Christian life, and an apostolic zeal, so that the number of those who serve God may increase in merit and in number. Finally, even as the Church and all mankind were once consecrated to the Heart of thy Son Jesus, because He was for all those who put their hope in Him an inexhaustible source of victory and salvation, so in like manner do we consecrate ourselves forever to thee also and to thy Immaculate Heart, Of Mother us and Queen of the world; may thy love and patronage hasten the day when the kingdom of God shall be victorious and all the nations, at peace with God and with one another, shall call thee blessed and intone with thee, from the rising of the sun to its going down, the everlasting “Magnificat” of glory, of love, of gratitude to the Heart of Jesus in which we alone can find truth, life, and peace. (Pope Pius XII, Rescript from the Secretariat of State, November 17, 1942, document exhibited, November 19, 1942, The Raccolta: A Manual of Indulgences, Prayers and Devotions Enriched with Indulgences, approved by Pope Pius XII, May 30, 1951, and published in English by Benziger Brothers, New York, 1957, pp. 345-347.)

Sister Lucia, however, explained William Thomas Walsh, the noted historian, on September 15, 1946, the Feast of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that Pope Pius XII's 1944 consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary did not fulfill Our Lady’s request:

Finally we came to the important subject of the second July secret, of which so many different and conflicting versions have been published. Lucia made it plain that Our Lady did not ask for the consecration of the world to her Immaculate Heart. What she demanded specifically was the consecration of Russia. She did not comment, of course, on the fact that Pope Pius XII had consecrated the world, not Russia, to the Immaculate Heart in 1942. But she said more than once, and with deliberate emphasis:

“What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the bishops in the world shall consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, she will convert Russia and there will be peace. If it is not done, the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.”

“Does this mean, in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?”


It was plain that she felt that Our Lady’s wishes had not yet been carried out. People must say the Rosary, perform sacrifices, make the five first Saturday Communions, pray for the Holy Father.

“Did Our Lady ever say anything to you about the United States of America?”

She gave me a rather studied glance, and then smiled in faint amusement, as if to suggest that perhaps the United States was not so important in the general scheme of things as I imagined.  (William Thomas Walsh, Our Lady of Fatima, published by Doubleday, New York, New York, 1954, pp. 228-229.)

No, the United States of America is not as important as most Americans, including most American Catholics, have imagined, but it has been, of course, overcome by Communism, albeit of a “soft” nature that envelops both the false opposites of the naturalist “left” and “right.” There goes the Judeo-Masonic myth of "American exceptionalism" down the sink hole. 

The Errors of Russia

Before proceeding to a review of Pope Pius XII’s singular consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on July 7, 1952, perhaps it would be good to review a brief overview of some of those errors, which are those both of Russian Orthodoxy and of Bolshevism. 

The errors of Russia antedate Marxism-Leninism. Indeed, Marxism-Leninism, the most aggressive, atheistic form of socialism, was but a logical successor of nearly one thousand years of errors in Russia that made it possible for Talmudic financiers to build on the overthrow of the the Social Reign of Christ the King wrought by Orthodoxy by instituting the overtly anti-Theistic rule of the politburo. Just take a look at three of the pre-Communist errors of Russia, which remains, I believe, an instrument by which a chastisement will be visited upon the West for its infidelity to Christ the King and to Mary our Immaculate Queen:

1. Denial of Papal Primacy, presaging the errors of Martin Luther and John Calvin and Thomas Cranmer, et al.

2. Denial of the Magisterial Authority of the Catholic Church, leaving doctrinal decisions in the hands of committees of bishops.

3. The subordination of the Orthodox Church to the civil state, presaging the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King and the separation of Church and State wrought by Martin Luther and cemented by the rise of Judeo-Masonry and other, inter-related forces of naturalism.

Obviously, the errors of Russian Orthodoxy helped to shape the nature of Russian government over the centuries, something that Greek Orthodoxy, finding itself immersed in the heart of Mohammedanism, could not do. Thus it is that Russian Orthodoxy helped to pave the way over the centuries for Protestantism and Freemasonry by means of its rejection of the Social Reign of Christ King as it must be exercised by the Catholic Church.

The principle error of Modernity, the rejection of the Incarnation as an absolute necessity in the right ordering of men and their nations, had its antecedent roots in Russia. The errors of Russia influenced, albeit indirectly at times and through many filters, the ideas of the so-called Enlightenment in the West. And the failure of those anti-Incarnational and, at times, anti-Theistic ideas to resolve social problems, which have their remote cause in Original Sin and their proximate causes in the Actual Sins of men, made possible the rise of all manner of utopian theories.

After all, if "heaven" is to be here on earth and men cannot resolve their problems by means of mere structural reform sanctioned by a majority of "reasonable men" (see Locke, John, Second Treatise on Civil Government), then men who do not realize that the state of nations depends upon the right ordering of souls according to the tenets contained in the Deposit of Faith entrusted exclusively to the Catholic Church and in cooperation with the graces won for men by the shedding of every single drop of the Most Precious Blood of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, on the wood of the Holy Cross, will gravitate all too naturally to increasingly more utopian schemes of naturalism, including Bolshevism. The failure of Western liberalism, which had been influenced in many ways by the errors of Russia, to "improve" the lot of man helped to create a fertile seed ground for Bolshevism.

The spread of the errors of Orthodoxy, especially as regards the rejection of Papal primacy and thus the Social Reign Christ the King, came back to bite the Russian czars themselves a well-armed, well-financed and well-organized minority of Bolshevik cadres took advantage of the weakness caused by Imperial Russia's involvement in World War I to begin the process in 1917 of exacting total control over an empire that had expanded greatly in the Nineteenth Century, although it took a three year civil war between the Red Russians (the Bolsheviks) and the White Russians to solidify that power. One solidified, however, Bolshevism began to spread a whole litany of errors, many of which have been adapted in the "democratic" West. Consider once again, if you will, some of the ways in which these errors have been spread into the midst of our own lands:

1) Although private ownership has been retained in the West, nationalization of major industries began common after World War II in the United Kingdom, France, the countries of Scandinavia and elsewhere. True, national socialism, practiced in Italy and Germany and Japan before World War II (and Argentina after World War II) also featured nationalization of some industries. However, the practitioners of national socialism also permitted a degree of private ownership of major industries as long as those industries manufactured what the state dictated and sold their products according to the prices it, the state, established. Those Western countries, such as the United States, that did not nationalize major industries in peacetime began, however, even before World War II to confiscate private property, namely, the "wealth" of its citizens, by means of confiscatory taxation policies, most of which are absolutely unconstitutional under the terms of the Constitution of the United States of America, in order to redistribute income by means of government programs of social engineering. This confiscation of income, although not a strict abolition of private property as such, nevertheless limited the legitimate freedom of citizens and made their dependent upon the "largesse" of the civil state, making it more difficult for them to meet their own daily needs and, in man instances, forcing wives and mothers who wanted to stay at home with their children to go into the workplace simply to make income to pay these confiscatory taxes. This is even more the case now under the presidency, such as it is, of the Marxist-trained Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro and his ObamaCare.

2) Private property in the West has also become heavily regulated since the dawn of Bolshevism in order to realize whatever goals the social engineers believed were necessary to pursue at any given moment, whether it be the displacement of citizens to facilitate "economic development" favorable to corporations whose executives donate heavily to candidates of both major political parties or to realize the goals of "environmentalists" and "animals rights" activists to limit the just use of one's own property in the defense of his family (from, say, bears and other predatory animals). One is a prisoner on his own property to the dictates of various statists, whose whims change from moment to moment.

3) Political power has been concentrated increasingly in the past one hundred years or so in a duopoly called the "Republicrats," shall we say, career politicians who seek more and more to increase the size of the Federal budget and to make ever more future generations of Americans indentured servants of the government as these same career politicians enable the robber barons of the credit industry to charge usurious rates of interest to finance loans for automobiles and homes, thereby keeping large segments of the population even more indentured at almost every turn of their lives. This duopoly of power justifies almost every effort to increase surveillance of ordinary citizens, using the old shibboleth of "national security" to cower people in a "republican" system of government to surrender voluntarily what the Bolsheviks had to take from the Russians by armed force.

4) "Information" is manufactured by the government and disseminated for popular consumption and acceptance. Obviously, "Russia" did not invent this. However, Russian Orthodoxy's rejection of the Social Reign of Christ the King and its subordination of the schismatic and heretical Orthodox "church" paved the way Protestantism's and Freemasonry's embrace and promotion of this same error, thereby making the state to be a "demigod" beyond criticism and whose "information" must be accepted in the name of "patriotism." Thus it is, for example, that events such as the attacks on September 11, 2001, which even some former officials of the George W. Bush administration testified before the "9/11 Commission" have not been explained adequately (such as how steel columnized towers could collapse merely because they had been hit by airplanes and why the government of the State of Israel had ordered all of their personnel out of the twin towers of the World Trade Center that day and why an Israeli film crew was positioned in New Jersey, directly across from the twin towers, at the exact moments that the planes hit each building) were used as a pretext for launching the "global war on terror" and for attacking Iraq, which had no role to play in those attacks whatsoever. It was only when the body count of our citizens serving in Iraq began to rise that the mask of this pretext was stripped away somewhat. Bush the Younger managed disinformation while he faced a mainslime media opposed to him. Obama/Soetoro was able to do so with the full approval and support of almost everyone in the mainslime media, who are continue to do his bidding for him now that he is out of his office (and I believe that the he is calling a lot of the shots at the major newspaper 

5) Any country that rejects the Social Reign of Christ the King, the linchpin of both Orthodoxy and Protestantism and all subsequent social revolutions, as it must be exercised by the Catholic Church must attack the rights of the family, seeking to destabilize the family so as to make more and more citizens dependent upon the state and its "experts" as to how to conduct their lives. Freemasonry's spirited push for the "liberalization" of existing divorce laws in the United States of America at the end of the Nineteenth Century, especially in North Dakota after it was granted statehood in 1889, was the logical consequence of Orthodoxy's and Protestantism's acceptance of divorce and remarriage. The later acceptance of contraception by Orthodoxy and by most, although not all, Protestant sects would further destabilize the family, mirroring Bolshevism's complete arrogation of the the rights of the family unto the civil state, which could accuse parents of "abuse" if their children were subjected to "counter-revolutionary" ideas. Something quite similar has been occurring in the United States and elsewhere in the West as home-schooling parents are carefully monitored for any signs of "bigotry" or "intolerance" that might "deform" their children, thus necessitating the intervention of the civil state to "rescue" the children from these "backward" parents. The state must thus carefully construct and enforce curricula of study, imposing said curricula with "religious: zeal.

6) Constant warfare must be waged against the true Church, the Catholic Church, founded by Our Lord upon the Rock of Saint Peter, the Pope, and brought to birth this very day, Pentecost Sunday, as the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity descended in tongues of flame upon the Apostles and our dear Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the same Upper Room in Jerusalem where Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had institute the priesthood and the Eucharist some fifty-two days before. Some civil states in the West, most notably Canada, have imitated Bolshevism quite directly by waging relentless campaigns to silence Catholics about the truths of the Faith, especially as it relates to opposing baby-killing under cover of law and opposing the social promotion of perversion. More commonly, however, the civil state in the West, aping Bolshevism, permits the most aggressive and vile attacks upon Our Lord and Our Lady and the true Church in the nooks and crannies of popular culture, all in the name of a "false" civil freedom, the likes of which were condemned by Pope Gregory XVI in the passage from Mirari Vos cited at the beginning of this article. The constant warfare against the true Faith unites the naturalism of Bolshevism with the naturalism of the Western liberalism and pluralism and religious indifferentism that made possible its ascendancy in the first place.

The errors of Russia helped to merge with so many other errors to produce the ethos of conciliarism itself, resulting in utter silence about Communism at the "Second" Vatican Council, the fruit of the "Metz Accord" (which guaranteed silence at the "council" about Communism in exchange for the presence of "observers" from the Russian Orthodox Church) and the betrayal of the late Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty, to say nothing of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's sell-out of the underground Catholics in Red China ten years ago that Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Pietro Parolin are in the process of completing by means of an impending surrender to to the Chicom rump church, the so-called Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (see . The appendix below provides a summary of the long history of the conciliar Vatican's currying favor with Communists around the  globe. Other recent articles on the apostates' chumminess with their comardes-in-revolutionary arms, Communists and Socialists, include "and Words Fail. This is far from anything approaching an exhaustive list of such articles, only a sampling of them.)

Not Interested in the Conversion of Russia

As we know, of course, the conciliar revolutionaries have had no intention of fulfilling Our Lady's Fatima Message as they have never had any intention of converting Russia. Consider what Paul "Cardinal" Poupard, then the president of the "Pontifical" Council for Interreligious Dialogue, said ten years ago about the conversion of Russia:

Moscow, June 18, Interfax - The Vatican does not want to convert Russia to Catholicism, and relations with the Moscow Patriarchate are improving, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture Cardinal Paul Poupard told students of the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanitarian University on Monday.

Poupard said the Vatican never wanted to make Russia a Catholic country. The Holy See is praying for a Christian Russia and further preaching by Orthodox and Catholic disciples, he said.

The cardinal admitted differences between Orthodox and Catholic clerics as members of one and the same family.

The two churches want to speak about their belief, he said, adding that at the meeting he was wearing a cross he had received from Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II.

The atmosphere of inter-church relations has changed, Apostolic Nuncio to Russia Archbishop Antonio Mennini said. He said they could affirm Christian values together and be friends.

The Russian Orthodox Church feels that it is respected by the Holy See, the archbishop said. The Vatican regards the Russian Orthodox Church as the national church and welcomes the opportunity to meet and learn about the Russian religious tradition, he said.  (Vatican Has No Plans to Convert Russia to Catholicism. I much prefer Grey Poupon dijon mustard to Paul Poupard, French apostate.)

So much for the work of Saint Josaphat Kuncewicz, who was martyred on November 12, 1623, for his efforts to convert the Orthodox to the true Faith.

So much for the work of Saint Hyacinth, Apostle of the Northland.

So much for the work of Saint Andrew Bobola who was killed on May 16, 1657, by the Cossacks for his missionary efforts to convert members of the heretical and schismatic Orthodox church to the Catholic Church.  

So much for these words of Pope Leo XIII in Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae, June 29, 1896:

First of all, then, We cast an affectionate look upon the East, from whence in the beginning came forth the salvation of the world.  Yes, and the yearning desire of Our heart bids us conceive and hope that the day is not far distant when the Eastern Churches, so illustrious in their ancient faith and glorious past, will return to the fold they have abandoned.  We hope it all the more, that the distance separating them from Us is not so great: nay, with some few exceptions, we agree so entirely on other heads that, in defense of the Catholic Faith, we often have recourse to reasons and testimony borrowed from the teaching, the Rites, and Customs of the East.

The Principal subject of contention is the Primacy of the Roman Pontiff.  But let them look back to the early years of their existence, let them consider the sentiments entertained by their forefathers, and examine what the oldest Traditions testify, and it will, indeed, become evident to them that Christ's Divine Utterance, Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church, has undoubtedly been realized in the Roman Pontiffs.  Many of these latter in the first gates of the Church were chosen from the East, and foremost among them Anacletus, Evaristus, Anicetus, Eleutherius, Zosimus, and Agatho; and of these a great number, after Governing the Church in Wisdom and Sanctity, Consecrated their Ministry with the shedding of their blood.  The time, the reasons, the promoters of the unfortunate division, are well known.  Before the day when man separated what God had joined together, the name of the Apostolic See was held in Reverence by all the nations of the Christian world: and the East, like the West, agreed without hesitation in its obedience to the Pontiff of Rome, as the Legitimate Successor of St. Peter, and, therefore, the Vicar of Christ here on earth.

And, accordingly, if we refer to the beginning of the dissension, we shall see that Photius himself was careful to send his advocates to Rome on the matters that concerned him; and Pope Nicholas I sent his Legates to Constantinople from the Eternal City, without the slightest opposition, "in order to examine the case of Ignatius the Patriarch with all diligence, and to bring back to the Apostolic See a full and accurate report"; so that the history of the whole negotiation is a manifest Confirmation of the Primacy of the Roman See with which the dissension then began.  Finally, in two great Councils, the second of Lyons and that of Florence, Latins and Greeks, as is notorious, easily agreed, and all unanimously proclaimed as Dogma the Supreme Power of the Roman Pontiffs.

We have recalled those things intentionally, for they constitute an invitation to peace and reconciliation; and with all the more reason that in Our own days it would seem as if there were a more conciliatory spirit towards Catholics on the part of the Eastern Churches, and even some degree of kindly feeling.  To mention an instance, those sentiments were lately made manifest when some of Our faithful travelled to the East on a Holy Enterprise, and received so many proofs of courtesy and good-will.

Therefore, Our mouth is open to you, to you all of Greek or other Oriental Rites who are separated from the Catholic Church, We earnestly desire that each and every one of you should meditate upon the words, so full of gravity and love, addressed by Bessarion to your forefathers: "What answer shall we give to God when He comes to ask why we have separated from our Brethren: to Him Who, to unite us and bring us into One Fold, came down from Heaven, was Incarnate, and was Crucified?  What will our defense be in the  eyes of posterity?  Oh, my Venerable Fathers, we must not suffer this to be, we must not entertain this thought, we must not thus so ill provide for ourselves and for our Brethren."

Weigh carefully in your minds and before God the nature of Our request.  It is not for any human motive, but impelled by Divine Charity and a desire for the salvation of all, that We advise the reconciliation and union with the Church of Rome; and We mean a perfect and complete union, such as could not subsist in any way if nothing else was brought about but a certain kind of agreement in the Tenets of Belief and an intercourse of Fraternal love.  The True Union between Christians is that which Jesus Christ, the Author of the Church, instituted and desired, and which consists in a Unity of Faith and Unity of Government.

Nor is there any reason for you to fear on that account that We or any of Our Successors will ever diminish your rights, the privileges of your Patriarchs, or the established Ritual of any one of your Churches.  It has been and always will be the intent and Tradition of the Apostolic See, to make a large allowance, in all that is right and good, for the primitive Traditions and special customs of every nation.  On the contrary, if you re-establish Union with Us, you will see how, by God's bounty, the glory and dignity of your Churches will be remarkably increased. (Pope Leo XIII, Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae, June 29, 1896.)

"Past Teaching" is "Conditioned" By Historical Circumstances

The conciliar revolutionaries do not believe this, which is one of the reasons that they have worked feverishly to deconstruct, distort and misrepresent as they believe that the teaching of the Catholic Church on all subjects, including the necessity of exhorting non-Catholics to convert to the true Faith, must be understood—and hence rejected—because it is always “conditioned” by the particular circumstances in which it was formulated and expressed. Doctrinal formulae must always be subject to reexamination, adjustment, reinterpretation and “development” in light of the “changed” circumstances of the times. This is, of course, dogmatic evolutionism, which was condemned by the [First] Vatican Council on April 24, 1870, and numerous times thereafter prior to the death of Pope Pius XII on October 8, 1959, especially by Pope Saint Pius X (Pascendi Dominci Gregis September 8, 1907, and The Syllabus of Errors, September 1, 1910) and Pope Pius XII (Humani Generis, August 12, 1950).

Such distortion must also be used with the true meaning of the apparitions of Our Lady, especially as it pertains to her Fatima Message, which stands as a complete rejection of the conciliar agenda for the ruin of souls in the name of a false gospel and a false definition of "mercy." 

Pietro the Red Parolin, who helped to broker the counterfeit church of conciliarism's "rapprochement" with the Communist governments of Vietnam, Red China and Cuba, explained in an interview before his trip to Fatima with "Pope Francis" that the Fatima Message was for its "time," which has passed:

As for the shepherds Giacinta and Francesco, whom the Pope will proclaim saint on May 13, "belong to a certain time and place in history, with its way of expressing itself, its language and tools used at that particular time, which had "the ability to go straight to the heart of the Gospel through the Immaculate Heart of Mary": "These children have made their own this message, this reality and now they offer it to us with the authority of their holiness that the Church recognizes before the world."  (Parolin: Unnecessary Speculations on the Secrets of Fatima.)

This is a denigration of the holy seers as they had been prepared by the Angel of Portugal for Our Lady's apparitions to them. Our Lady spoke to them in the timeless language of praying her Most Holy Rosary and of making sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. Sister Lucia dos Santos accurately conveyed Our Lady's messages to Holy Mother Church, including the request for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart as she warned about the errors of Russia. Parolin is incapable of admitting any of this, which is why he must seek to deconstruct Our Lady's Fatima Message to make it appear as though she was a herald of "Pope Francis's" "gospel of mercy" as part of "Saint John Paul II's" "new evangelization."

Moreover, Pietro the Red Parolin went so far as to say that Our Lady said everything to the seers publicly, making speculations about the secrets of Fatima, especially the Third Secret of Fatima, entirely "unnecessary":

There has been much speculation and yes, there will still be speculation on the secrets of Fatima - Parolin continues - but in a sense they are unnecessary speculations, because what Fatima wanted to tell us She said publicly and openly. And this is the core message of faith, of our Christian faith, of our Catholic faith. From here thus a different vision of life is born: a life that becomes a pilgrimage to the Lord Jesus; It becomes a pilgrimage sustained and continually renewed by the power of the Gospel. Then, the prophetic mission of Fatima is to remind the Church what she is, what she must continue to be, a church that announces in today's world, a community that proclaims new heavens and earths and which awaits, almost anticipates them - as the Council would say – by immersing herself in the darkest and most painful folds of history with the strength of love to change it. This is Fatima's prophetic message which, in a certain sense, coincides with the prophetic message of the Church. (Parolin: Unnecessary Speculations on the Secrets of Fatima.)

Such a bold distortion and mispresentation of the actual facts of Our Lady's Fatima Message is beneath contempt. It is repulsive.

Pope Pius XII's 1952 Act of Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sister Lucia dos Santos was meticulous in explaining that there were three secrets, the last of which was to be opened and revealed in 1960. As is probably the case, of course, the Third Secret of Fatima was about the conciliar revolution and its plot against the Catholic Faith. 

Pope Pius XII acted with alacrity to the requests that Our Lady made to Sister Lucia dos Santos after October 13, 1917, and while he did not consecrate Russia collegially to the Immauclate Heart of Mary, he did perform a consecration singularly on July 7, 1952. While this consecration did not fulfill Our Lady's request as Sister Lucia dos Santos had specified in her 1940 letter to him, Pope Pius XII did take seriously the messages Our Lady gave to Sister Lucia after the Miracle of the Sun, which is why he instituted the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1944 and prayed this act of consecration of the Russian people to her eight years later:

We know — and the knowledge has filled Our heart with hope and with deepest comfort — that you love and honor the Virgin Mother of God with ardent affection and that you venerate her sacred images. It is known that in the Kremlin itself there was constructed a church — today unfortunately no longer being used for divine worship—dedicated to our Lady assumed into heaven; and this is a most clear testimony of the affectionate devotion which your forebears had and you have for the beloved Mother of God.


Now We are well aware that the hope of salvation can never be absent wherever hearts are turned with sincere and ardent piety to the most holy Mother of God. Though attempts be made by men, no matter how powerful or impious, to extirpate the Christian religion and Christian virtue from the minds of the citizens, and though Satan himself may strive with every means to foster this sacrilegious struggle—as is described in the words of the Apostle of the Gentiles: "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and the powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places"[1]—yet notwithstanding, when Mary interposes her powerful protection, the gates of hell cannot prevail.

She, in fact, is the most loving and most powerful Mother of God and of us all, and never was it heard that anyone has had suppliant recourse to her and has not experienced her most efficacious protection. Continue, therefore, as you have been doing, to venerate her with fervent piety, and to love her ardently and to invoke her with these words which you have been accustomed to address to her: "To you alone has it been given, O most holy and most pure Mother of God, unfailingly to have your petitions ever answered."[2]


We, together with you, are raising to her Our suppliant invocations, that the Christian Faith, which is the honor and support of human society, may be strengthened and increased among the peoples of Russia, and that all the wiles of the enemies of religion, all their errors and their deceptive artifices, may be driven far from you; that public and private morality may be brought into conformity with the teachings of the Gospels; that those especially who among you profess themselves as Catholics, although deprived of their pastors, may resist with fearless fortitude the assaults of the impious, if necessary even unto death; that just liberty, which is the right of the human person, of citizens, and of Christians, may be restored to all as it should be, and in the first place to the Church, which has the divine mandate of teaching to all men truth and virtue; and finally that true peace may come with its shining light to your beloved nation and to all men throughout the world, and that this peace, founded securely upon justice and nourished by fraternal charity, may lead all mankind to that common well-being of citizens and peoples which is the fruit of mutual concord.

May our most loving Mother be pleased to look with clemency also upon those who are organizing the ranks of militant atheists and upon those who are collaborating in promoting such activities; may she deign to obtain for their minds that light which comes from God and direct their hearts through divine grace unto salvation.


In order that Our and your prayers be more readily answered, and to give you an especial attestation of Our particular affection, therefore, just as not many years ago We consecrated the entire world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, in a most special way, so now We dedicate and consecrate all the peoples of Russia to that same Immaculate Heart, in confident assurance that through the most powerful protection of the Virgin Mary there may, at the earliest moment, be happily realized the hopes and desires which We, together with you and with all those of upright intention, have for the attainment of true peace, of fraternal concord, and of rightful liberty for all: in the first place for the Church, so that through the mediation of the prayer which We raise to heaven in union with you and with all Christian peoples, the saving Kingdom of Christ, which is "a Kingdom of truth and of life, a Kingdom of sanctity and of grace, a Kingdom of justice, of love, and of peace,"[3] may triumph and be firmly established in every part of the world.

And with suppliant appeal We pray the same most loving Mother that she may assist every one of you in the present sad circumstances and obtain from her divine Son heavenly light for your minds, and for your souls that virtue and fortitude by which, with God's grace, you may be able victoriously to overcome impiety and error.


1  Eph. 6:12.

Acathistus Festi Patrocinii SS. Dei Genetricis; Kondak 3.

3  Praef. in festo I Ch. Regis.[Source: Papal Documents on Mary (Milwaukee: The Bruce Publishing Co., 1954) 249-251.] (Pope Pius XII, Carissimis Russiae Populis.)

I noted in part one of this series that it was tragic that neither Pope Pius XI nor Pope Pius XII chose consecrate Russia collegially to her Immaculate Heart. Yet it is that I will admit very readily that Pope Pius XII may have earnestly desired to do so. However, the plain reality of the matter is that many of his bishops, including Archbishop Angelo Roncalli, then the Papal Nuncio to France, would have refused to join in such a consecration. We may never learn until eternity if our last true Holy Father thus far did make such a request of his bishops and found many who were unwilling to do as the Mother of God had request.

Most of the men who would be the principal movers and shakers among the council fathers of the "Second" Vatican Council had prominent positions in the Catholic Church well before 1952. Indeed, one of Pope Pius XII's cardinals, Eugene Tisserant, whom he personally consecrated to the episcopacy in 1937, served as Roncalli/John XXIII's personal emissary to negotiate the terms of the presence of "observers" from the Russian Orthodox Church at the "Second" Vatican Council in exchange for silence about Communism (the details are to be found in the appendix below). This is a tragedy, but one that occured within the Providence of God. 

Concilarism's Ostpolitik As A Rejection of Our Lady of Fatima and Pope Pius XI's Divini Redemptoris

As we know the conciliar authorities quickly abandoned openly opposition to Communism during the reign of the first in the current line of antipopes, Roncalli/John XXIII, and then become apologists for Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria/Paul the Sick's "ostopolik" (east politics) that effectively gave Communist goverments behind the Iron Curtain a de facto say in the appointment of bishops. 

Even "Saint John Paul II's" hagiographer, George Weigel, one of the leading neoconservative "Catholic" voices support President George Walker Bush's unjust, unconstitutional and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, admitted that the Soviet KGB had infliltrated the Vatican during Montini/Paul VI's tenure:

In the 1960s, Popes John XXIII and Paul VI initiated a new Vatican approach to the countries behind the iron curtain, the Ostpolitik. According to its chief architect and agent, Archbishop Agostino Casaroli, the strategic goal of the Ostpolitik was to find a modus non moriendi—a “way of not dying”—for the Catholic Church in the countries of the Warsaw Pact. The tactics included a cessation of all public Vatican criticism of communist regimes, and endless negotiations with communist governments. The results were, to put it gently, minimal.  


The Ostpolitik came close to destroying Catholicism in Hungary where, by the mid-1970s, the Church leadership was owned and operated by the Hungarian communist party, which also was in de facto control of the Hungarian College in Rome. 


In Czechoslovakia, the Ostpolitik disempowered Catholic human rights activists, did nothing for those brave Catholic souls who resisted the regime, and empowered a gang of clerical collaborators who served as a front for the communist party and its repressions.


In East Germany, the Ostpolitik couldn’t do much damage because the damage had already been done.

In Poland, the Ostpolitik was deftly resisted by the Polish primate, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, working in tandem with the man who would become Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. Yet despite the Poles’ well-founded criticisms of the Ostpolitik, Vatican diplomats continually tried to displace Wyszynski, a canny and tough-minded negotiator, as the Church’s interlocutor with the regime.


Serious damage was done in Rome, too. There, the Ostpolitik led to the serious penetration of the Vatican by communist secret intelligence agencies, including the Soviet KGB, the East German Stasi, the Czechoslovak StB, the Polish SB, and the Hungarian AVH—nasties who did not play well with other children. During Vatican II, the SB tried to undercut Cardinal Wyszynski by preparing and circulating to all the Council fathers a memorandum questioning the Polish primate’s orthodoxy. In the years after the Council, communist-bloc moles operated in Vatican offices and in the Vatican press corps, compromising the very negotiations so prized by Archbishop Casaroli and his associates.  (The Ostpolitik Failed: Get Over It.)


Montini/The Sick One, whose personal life was used by the Kremlin in a a very effective manner with he was the Pro-Secretary for Ordinary Affais of the Secretariat of State under Pope Pius XII (see the appendix below), personally broke with Pope Pius XI's prohibition against any cooperation with Communism, expressed in Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937, by meeting with none other than the Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko, in New York City on October 4, 1965, the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the very day on which he had called the United Nations as the as the last hope of concord and peace (see Address to the United Nations, October 4, 1965), to begin a "dialogue" with the crafty Soviet diplomat:

On October 4, 1965, in New York City during the 20th Session of the UN General Assembly, on the initiative of the Vatican, there was a meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR A. Gromyko with Pope Paul VI. During this meeting, Paul VI expressed his wish to hold between the USSR and the Vatican, through appropriate representatives, an exchange of views to establish a cooperation in the struggle for peace. Later, the Vatican (through its permanent observer at the UN) sent out cautious feelers about the possibility of a new meeting of Paul VI with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR during his stay in Rome at the invitation of the Italian government. On New Year’s Eve, Paul VI sent a telegram to the president of  the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Podgorny in which, along with Christmas greetings, he called on the Soviet Union to facilitate a peaceful settlement in Vietnam, since, as mentioned in the telegram, the events in that country posed a threat to world peace. On January 11, 1966, Podgorny sent a reply telegram to Paul VI. (Alberto Melloni and Anatoli Krassikov, The Ostpolitik of Paul VI: Soveit Sources and Research Perspectives in the Vatican, 1958-1978.) 

The only kind of "peace" that the murderous leaders of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ever desired was to have a "piece" of every nation in the world, which is why Pope Pius XI banned all contacts with Communists as follows in 1937:

See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless. (Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937.)

This condemnation of any kind of cooperation with Communism was reinterred by the Holy Office on July 1, 1949, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, under the pontificate of our last true pope, Pope Pius XII:

This Sacred Supreme Congregation has been asked:  

1. whether it is lawful to join Communist Parties or to favour them;
2. whether it is lawful to publish, disseminate, or read books, periodicals, newspapers or leaflets which support the teaching or action of Communists, or to write in them;
3. whether the faithful who knowingly and freely perform the acts specified in questions 1 and 2 may be admitted to the Sacraments;
4. whether the faithful who profess the materialistic and anti-Christian doctrine of the Communists, and particularly those who defend or propagate this doctrine, contract ipso facto excommunication specially reserved to the Apostolic See as apostates from the Catholic faith.

The Most Eminent and Most Reverend Fathers entrusted with the supervision of matters concerning the safeguarding of Faith and morals, having previously heard the opinion of the Reverend Lords Consultors, decreed in the plenary session held on Tuesday (instead of Wednesday), June 28, 1949, that the answers should be as follows:

To 1. in the negative: because Communism is materialistic and anti-Christian; and the leaders of the Communists, although they sometimes profess in words that they do not oppose religion, do in fact show themselves, both in their teaching and in their actions, to be the enemies of God, of the true religion and of the Church of Christ; to 2. in the negative: they are prohibited ipso iure (cf. Can. 1399 of the Codex Iuris Canonici); to 3. in the negative, in accordance with the ordinary principles concerning the refusal of the Sacraments to those who are not disposed; to 4. in the affirmative.

And the following Thursday, on the 30th day of the same month and year, Our Most Holy Lord Pius XII, Pope by the Divine Providence, in the ordinary audience, granted to the Most Eminent and Most Reverend Assessor of the Sacred Office, approved of the decision of the Most Eminent Fathers which had been reported to Him, and ordered the same to be promulgated officially in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Given at Rome, on July 1st, 1949. (As found at Decree Against Communism.)

These words are completely unequivocal. Yet it is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has praised Communists such as Fidel and Raul Castro endlessly. This is why Joseph "Cardinal" Ratzinger, Tarcisio "Cardinal" Bertone and Angelo "Cardinal" Sodano, issued an "interpretation" of the Third Secret in 2000 that was false and misleading, and it is why Pietro "Cardinal" Parolin completely distort the truth by saying that everyting that Our Lady said everything about her Fatima Message publicly. 

Jorge Mario Bergoglio's Effort to Turn Jacinta Marto Into A Witness for Naturalism

Parolin, however, was not alone in his distortions and omissions. 

As noted in part one of this commentary, the reigning figure of Antichrist serving as the conciliar "Petrine Minister," Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as "Pope Francis," chose  to focus on the following words of Jacinta Marto after the Fatima Apparitions in his "homily" during the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service for the conciliar canonization of her brother Francisco and herself to make it appear she shared his concerns for the temporal needs of men above all else:

In her Memoirs (III, 6), Sister Lucia quotes Jacinta who had just been granted a vision: “Do you not see all those streets, all those paths and fields full of people crying out for food, yet have nothing to eat?  And the Holy Father in a church, praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary?  And all those people praying with him?” Thank you, brothers and sisters, for being here with me! I could not fail to come here to venerate the Virgin Mary and to entrust to her all her sons and daughters. Under her mantle they are not lost; from her embrace will come the hope and the peace that they require, and that I implore for all my brothers and sisters in baptism and in our human family, especially the sick and the disabled, prisoners and the unemployed, the poor and the abandoned. Dear brothers and sisters, let us pray to God with the hope that others will hear us; and let us speak to others with the certainty that God will help us. (Iorge's Tries to Make Jacinta Marto into a Perjured Witness in Behalf of Naturalism.)

Jacinta Marto's loving concern for the temporal needs of those who were suffering was quite genuine. Catholiics are to see in each person the image of the Divine Redeemer, Whose Most Sacred Heart does indeed beat with such love for those who are hungry and homless and living in poverty. Our Lady's own Immaculate Heart is filled with her ineffable maternal love for the suffering and the destitute as she implores the Throne of the Most Blessed Trinity for their needs.

No Mention of Our Lady's Warnings to Jacinta Marto About Impurity and Indecency of Dress

This havimg been noted, though, the pure child of Fatima, Jacinta Marto and her equally pure brother, Francisco Marto, sought first of all to please God, which is why they prayed endless numbers of Rosaries and spent long hours before the Most Blessed Sacrament in fervent prayer. Francico loved to console the good God. Jacinta longed to make reparation for sinners, and she had what Jorge Mario Bergoglio does not have: a horor and a destation of personal sins, especially sins of impurity.

Bergoglio focused only on Jacinta Marto's thoroughly Catholic concern for the poor and suffering while ignoring the fact that Our Lady herself warned her bout the sins he minimizes, sins of impurity, while he "accompanies" those who have no intention of amending their lives:

Our Lady appeared to Jacinta several times between December 1919 and February 1920. 

Our Lady told her many things including: 

"The sins of the world are very great ... If men only knew what eternity is, they would do everything in their power to change their lives." 

"Fly from riches and luxury; love poverty and silence; have charity, even for bad people."

"More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason. "[1] "Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much. " "Woe to women lacking in modesty. "[2] (The Message of Our Lady of Fatima With Pictures.)

The Argentine Apostate could not possibly make any references to Our Lady's words to Jacinta Marto quoted above as he indemnfies and excuses sins of the flesh by using very sophistic device of subjective morality and relativism to claim that it is being "judgmental" to warn people that they risk the fires of hell for all eternity by exposing their flesh. Indecent, half-naked attire tempts other souls to have impure thoughts about them, no less to enage in impure acts.

The late Father Martin Stepanich, O.F.M., S.T.D., elaborated on Our Lady's words to Jacinta Marto in an article that was published in The Remnant in 1972:

The avowed enemies of God are rejoicing--temporarily--at having brought about an almost total collapse of the virtue of modesty among once virtuous Christian womanhood, while those commissioned by God to teach and uphold this angelic virtue insist on cowardly silence and indifference about it and on gutless permissiveness in manner of dress everywhere.

Meanwhile, vast numbers of supposedly "good" people remain as if without a conscience, being morally blind and insensitive as to what has really happened to a God-given virtue that was once a distinctive trademark of theirs. This type of blindness seems to go hand in hand with a brazen contempt and a sassy resentfulness towards any attempt to revive and restore the missing sense of modesty.

The fact stands out clearly that the immodest fashions of this unchaste generation still offend Our Lord "very much," as Our Lady foretold it through the angelic little Jacinta.

Anyone who still cares about God's virtue of modesty, which He has made shine with such heavenly beauty in the Immaculate Virgin Mary, cannot forget how Our Lord suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane when He foresaw so many sinners, including the immodest and the impure, remaining unrepentant. And the sight of so many immodest creatures displaying crude flesh, like animals, brings vividly before our mind's eye the frightful vision of Our Divine Savior being mercilessly scourged at the pillar. We need not strain ourselves in trying to picture this scene, for we can plainly see the immodest, with their unchaste displays of flesh and figure, continually scourging Our Lord. And we can see them crowning Him with thorns and nailing Him to the Cross all over again.

And look what sorrow the immodest and the impure are causing their Sorrowful and Immaculate Mother, whom God has presented to them as the Perfect Model of Modesty and Purity!

But it has not all happened by accident. Satan planned it this way. As he has done with such evil movements as Communism and Socialism and Freemasonry, so also has he planned out a program of gradual, not sudden, destruction of the sense of modesty and purity. A mere look at the past 50 years or more shows us very plainly how gradually it was all done, first by apparently innocent abbreviations of garments and by slight revelations of bare flesh and by subtle little displays of the figure, and then, as protests died down, by more and more abbreviations and displays--until the crude immodesty of our day became a shocking reality.

Many living today have seen it all happen before their very eyes. They have lived through it and, if they have managed to retain their God-given moral sense, they find the barbarian immodesty of the this day intolerable and they look upon it as a sin crying to Heaven for the vengeance that must inevitably come if sinners continue to refuse to amend their ways.

Perhaps some 50 years ago or more, a publication known as The Frenchwoman presented the following satanic program for the destruction of the virtue of modesty: "Our children must realize the ideal of nakedness... Thus, the mentality of the child is rapidly transformed. To escape opposition, progress must be methodically graduated: first, feet and legs naked, then upturned sleeves; afterwards, the upper part of the chest; then, the back... n summer, they will go around almost naked."

Even if such a daring statement of the powers of darkness had never come to light--though "enlightened" liberals have tried to keep it in the dark--we would still know that it had to be planned that way and could not have happened by accident. And we would also know that such a program for immodesty could not have originated anywhere but in the dungeons of hell and in the mind of Satan.

The program of gradualism intended to lead eventually to the crude immodesty that we know so painfully well today was evidently drawn up, or at least made known, some time during the Fatima years, possibly a little before or after the 1917 Apparitions of Our Lady. (Maybe some well-informed person can provide a precise date.) Bearing this in mind, we can easily conclude that it was no accident that Our Lady insisted so strongly on modesty in her Fatima Message. She knew well of the evil program that would endanger so many immortal souls, and she came to Fatima to warn souls and to save them from the evil awaiting them.

As Sister Lucy has said, one of the things that Our Lady especially asked for was modesty in dress. And still better known, though disregarded, is Jacinta's prophecy: "Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much"--that little liked prophecy that leaves immodestly dressed "pious" women and girls callous and insensitive and cold.

Just as Our Lady was commissioned by God to oppose the rise of Russian Communism and all the other evils named in the Fatima Message, with God's own program of sanctification and salvation, so was part of her mission to warn souls of the dangers of immodesty and impurity that were to increase the unbelievable proportions in the years to come, and to turn them to modesty and and purity and amendment of life.

In connection with the timeliness of Our Lady's message of modesty in 1917, just when Satan's program of gradual nakedness was being put into effect, we must also mention the timeliness of the message of modesty of Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922). It is fairly well known how dynamic were his two successors, Popes Pius XI and Pius XII, in promoting modesty of dress, but it is not as well known that Pope Benedict XV was before them a strenuous defender and promoter of modesty at a time when we might imagine it was not so much of a problem.

We cannot believe that the statements of Our Lady of Fatima and those of Pope Benedict XV on modesty were disconnected or were merely a matter of coincidence. We can only believe that both Our Lady of Fatima and the Holy Father of that time were inspired and guided by God Himself to speak out on modesty in dress, so as to counteract the wicked program of gradual nudism that was being inspired and guided by hell's father of iniquity.

Let us quote an important statement of Pope Benedict XV--by no means his only one--so that we may see how immodesty in dress had already begun to cause moral ruin among women and girls of his day. In an Encyclical Letter (Sacra Propediem, 1921) commemorating the 7th centenary of the founding of the Franciscan Third Order, Pope Benedict wrote as follows:

"From this point of view one cannot sufficiently deplore the blindness of so many women of every age and condition; made foolish by desire to please, they do not see to what a degree the in decency of their clothing shocks every honest man, and offends God. Most of them would formerly have blushed for those toilettes as for a grave fault against Christian modesty; now it does not suffice for them to exhibit them on the public thoroughfares; they do not fear to cross the threshold of the churches, to assist at the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, and even to bear the seducing food of shameful passions to the Eucharistic Table where one receives the heavenly Author of purity. And We speak not of those exotic and barbarous dances recently imported into fashionable circles, one more shocking than the other; one cannot imagine anything more suitable for banishing all the remains of modesty."

If we did not know that a Pope wrote this in 1921, we would surely think it was written, or should have been written by someone, in 1972!

After thus deploring the immodesty of his day, the Holy Father exhorted women with these words: 

"In what concerns specially the Tertiary Sisters, We ask of them by their dress and manner of wearing it, to be models of holy modesty for other ladies and young girls; that they be thoroughly convinced that the best way for them to be of use to the Church and to Society is to labor for the improvement of morals." 

Whose message, do you suppose, have women and girls accepted: the message of modesty of Our Lady of Fatima and of the Holy Father or, the message of immodesty of Lucifer?

Who has recommend to them short skirts, sleeveless dresses, pants, shorts, and clownish pants suits, and so on?

Not only did women and girls buy and buy and buy the clothing that through the years became gradually shorter and skimpier and tighter and ever more unladylike, thus making the whole program of gradual nakedness a huge success, but something else happened at the same time; the sense of modesty and propriety, which God has instilled into their souls, became gradually more blurred and dim and fuzzy, until in so many it became totally blacked out and dead. They did not, and do not, know what happened to them. By blindly and stupidly following the satanic program of gradual abbreviation of attire, they destroyed in themselves a precious God-given gift--the sense of modesty--so that they have now made themselves incapable of distinguishing between modesty and immodesty, nor do so many of them care to know.

And not only have women destroyed in themselves God's gift of modesty, but they have destroyed it in their children from their earliest years, so that a whole generation has been brought up without any real understanding of modesty without any desire to possess its beauty.

And, mind you, these have been "good" and "pious" women who have done this to their children! They have been the "Lord, Lord" type who have duly said their prayers, which all are obliged to do, but who have not done "the Will of My Father Who is in Heaven" (Mt. 7. 21) by obeying His law of modesty. (Emphases added.) (Father Martin Stepanich, O.F.M., S.T.D., The Remnant, 1972.)

Powerful words, although each of us knows fellow Catholics who scoff at them as being too “severe” or “old-fashioned. Truth never has an expiration date, and that is something that Pope Pius XII himself noted in 1957:

This second virtue, modesty - the very word “modesty” comes from modus, a measure or limit - probably better expresses the function of governing and dominating the passions, especially sensual passions. It is the natural bulwark of chastity. It is its effective rampart, because it moderates acts closely connected with the very object of chastity [...] Yet no matter how broad and changeable the relative morals of styles may be, there is always an absolute norm to be kept after having heard the admonition of conscience warning against approaching danger: style must never be a proximate occasion of sin. [...] An excess of immodesty in fashion involves, in practice, the cut of the garment. The garment must not be evaluated according to the estimation of a decadent or already corrupt society, but according to the aspirations of a society which prizes the dignity and seriousness of its public attire. [...] It is often said almost with passive resignation that fashions reflect the customs of a people. But it would be more exact and much more useful to say that they express the decision and moral direction that a nation intends to take: either to be shipwrecked in licentiousness or maintain itself at the level to which it has been raised by religion and civilization. (Pope Pius XII, Address to the Congress of the Latin Union of High Fashion, November 8, 1957; as found in Norms for Modesty, which is on the website of the National Coalition for Clergy and the Laity, which also includes links to Rome's Decrees on Modesty in Dress and Cardinal Siri’s Notification Concerning Men's Dress Worn by Women. Pope Pius XII's entire address may be purchased for fifty cents at MIQ Center Catholic Books: Papal Decrees, Encyclicals.) 

One of the worst aspects of the false religion of conciliarism is how the Protestant and Masonic Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service has resulted in the gradual acceptance of gross indecency of dress as thoroughly acceptable in the context of putative offerings of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Some of the attire that is worn—or not worn, as the case might be in many instances—in the Novus Ordo world make some of the pagans of yore blush with shame. Offense is given to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in churches where He was once housed sacramentally and scandal is given to the little ones whose purity and innocence is so precious to Him. This Novus Ordo spirit has infected many Catholics, perhaps even some of your own family members or friends, who are immersed in the make-believe world wrought by Summorum Pontificum, which is approaching is tenth anniversary in less than two months.

The Synagogue and the Errors of Russia

Then again, good readers, the counterfeit church of conciliarism and its false worship service and its invalid rites of episcopal consecration and priestly ordination is the work of the adversary, not of Christ the King, and it is league with the errors of Russia as it engages in a "new evangelization" of naturalism that is in perfect accord with the agenda of Judeo-Masonry.

As Father Denis Fahey noted in The Mystical Body Christ, Jews were in the vanguard of the Russian Revolution. Jewish financiers from western nations helped to provide the monetary resources for it. Bolshevism helped to spread the French Revolution's own war against true femininity and purity, and it is thus no accident at all that the fashion and entertainment industries, each of which is the control of Talmudists, have profited handsomely by inciting the sins of the flesh that Our Lady warned Jacinta Marto about so very clearly.

Communism is thus the ulimate triumph of Judeo-Masonry in the world: total licentiousness and depravity, including "scientific experimentations" that come straight out of the pages of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, while the citizens, reduced to a level of George Orwell's Animal Farm, permit themselves to be robotic servants of the civil state. All that matters is the fulfillment of carnal and material desires.

Thus it is that neither Jorge Mario Bergoglio nor Pietro Parolin can make reference to the truth about Our Lady's Fatima Message nor to talk about the errors of Russia, including the spread of indecency as a means of underming "bourgeois morality" as a means of so corrupting wetern nations that most citizens would not even notice that they had lived through a Communist transformation of their own countries. Worse yet, most citizens would not care about such a transformation as all they care about is sating their carnal and material desires. 

Bergoglio, Parolin, Ratzinger, Bertone and Sodano, among so many others in the false conciliar sect, have been and remain the enemies of Catholic Faith, Worship and Morals, which is why they have worked overtime against the message of Our Lady of Fatima.

It is that simple.

The Way Out of This Mess Runs Through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary

Is it so unreasonable to think that Our Lord Himself has given us a simple way out of these problems by simply fulfilling Our Lady's Fatima Message?

Even some fully traditional Catholics object that those who believe in Our Lady's Fatima Message have turned it into "their religion." Nonsense.

The Fatima Message is no more "our religion" than Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary is "our religion."

The Fatima Message, which stresses the simple Catholic teaching about the necessity of doing penance for one's sins while instituting in a specific way devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially by means of praying the Rosary daily and keeping the Five First Saturday devotions, is simply a means by which we can better live the Catholic Faith in our own personal lives and the means by which the Immaculate Heart of Mary can triumph over the adversary and his minions at this time in the Mystical Death and Burial of her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

One of the essences of God is simplicity. His commands are simple. He tells us to do good and to do avoid evil by obeying His Ten Commandments as we seek to cooperate on a daily basis with the graces He won for us by the shedding of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross and that flow into our hearts and souls though the loving hands of Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces. Our human intellects, darkened by the vestigial after-effects of Original Sin and by our own Actual Sins, seek to make complex that which is simple. Consider the case of the Naaman as recounted in the Fourth Book of Kings:

So Naaman came with his horses and chariots, and stood at the door of the house of Eliseus: And Eliseus sent a messenger to him, saying: "Go, and wash seven times in the Jordan, thy flesh shall recover health, and thou shalt be clean."

Naaman was angry and went away, saying: "I thought he would have come out to me, and standing would have invoked the name of the Lord his God, and touched with his hand the place of my leprosy, and healed me. Are not the Abana, and the Pharphar, rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel, that I may wash in them, and be made clean?" So, as he turned, and was going away with indignation, his servants came to him and said to him: "Father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, surely thou shouldst have done it: how much rather what he now hath said to thee: 'Wash, and thou shalt be clean'?"

Then he went down, and washed in the Jordan seven times: according to the word of the man of God, and his flesh was restored like he flesh of a little child, and he was made clean. (4 Kings 5: 9-14.)

What if the matter of resolving our ecclesiastical and civil problems is as simple as simply obeying Our Lady's Fatima Message?

The conciliarists have made war against this message, have they not?

There must be good reason for their doing so. And while it is certainly true that the Fatima Message concerning the collegial consecration of Russia with by a pope with all of the world's bishops to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary cannot be fulfilled until there is a true pope on the Throne of Saint Peter once again, which will occur when and in a manner willed by God Himself, possibly coming after a chastisement of epic proportions and the details of which we entrust to His own Providence, there is no harm praying for this fulfillment as we keep about the business of fulfilling our our daily duties and as we strive to keep the Fatima Message in our own personal lives, especially in our homes by means of the praying of the family Rosary on a daily basis.

Today is the Feast of Saint Paschal Baylon, whose holiness of life, which included intense love of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament and a ceaseless offering of himself to the service of the Blessed Virgin Mary, stands as a chastisement of everything that the conciliar revolutionaries believe and profess, including the distortions and omissions evident during "Pope Francis's" recent pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal:

Paschal Baylon was the son of poor and godly parents, in the town of Torre Hermosa, and Diocese of Sagunta in Aragon, in the year of our Lord 1540. From his childhood he gave indications of a holy life. He was naturally of a good disposition, and very wishful to learn about heavenly things. His boyhood and youth he passed in the occupation of a shepherd. This way of life pleased him well, because he thought it one useful and fitted to nourish lowliness and keep innocency. He ate little, and was instant in prayer. He had great weight and favour with his fellows and neighbours, whose quarrels he healed, corrected their mistakes, enlightened their ignorance, and roused them from idleness. They all greatly honoured and loved him, as though he were their father and teacher, and even then many called him "Beato," that is "the Blessed."

In a world which was to him "a dry land, where no water is" the vallies, "planted in the House of the Lord" Ps. xci. 14, whose strange sweetness spread all around. When he took upon him an harder life, by entering the Institute of barefooted Grey Friars, of the strict Observance, "he rejoiced as a strong man to run a race" Ps. xviii. 6, and gave himself up altogether to serve the Lord, thinking by day and by night only how he might attain more and more to have that mind in him which was also in Christ Jesus Phil. ii. 5. And so it came to pass in a little while, that his very elders set him before them for their model, as a pattern of a man seeking to be perfect in the path of the Seraphic Order. Paschal himself held the lowly place of a lay brother, and deemed himself "the off-scouring of all things" 1. Cor. iv. 13. He took most cheerfully, and discharged with the greatest humility and patience, the hardest and meanest work of the house, as though such were his peculiar right. His flesh would sometimes rebel against his spirit, but he broke it under the yoke of mortification, and brought it into subjection. Day by day the spirit of self-denial waxed stronger in him, and "forgetting those things which were behind, he reached forth unto those things which were before" Phil. iii. 13.

The Virgin Mother of God he had vowed himself when he was but a little lad, and he paid her every day the services of a son, and trusted her as a mother. It is hard to tell how intense was the love which bound him to the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, a love which seemed literally stronger than death, for when his dead body was found lying on the bier, its eyes opened and shut twice when the Sacred Host was lifted up, to the amazement of all that were there. When he was among heretics, he suffered much and grievously at their hands for plainly and openly telling the truth touching this Sacrament they often sought after him to murder him, but by the singular Providence of God he was delivered from those wicked men. When he was at prayer he often became utterly insensible, and his soul fainted away with the love of God. During these trances it was believed that he received directly from heaven that knowledge which he had, and which enabled him, although a man altogether rough and unlettered, to answer the hardest questions upon the mysteries of the faith, and even to write some books. At last, full of good works, he joyfully passed away to be ever with the Lord, at the hour foretold by himself, on the Feast of Pentecost, the 17th day of May, in the year of salvation 1592, on which day also he had been born fifty -two years before. Illustrious for the graces above mentioned, and for the miracles which he worked both during his life and after his death, he was named Blessed by Pope Paul V., and Alexander VIII. enrolled him among the Saints. (Matins, Tihe Divine Office, Feast of Saint Paschal Baylon.)

Saint Paschal Baylon was an example of profound Eucharisic piety, deep devotion to the Mother of God and an intense hatred of heresy. In other words, he was Catholic, something the false "pontiff" and his band of revolutionaries are not.

Our Lady's Fatima Message, therefore, is a summary of the sort of holy Catholic life led by Saint Paschal Baylon, not a prophetic anticipation of the "Second" Vatican Council and the "magisterium" of the postconciliar "popes."

The cost of infidelity to Heavenly messages, although constituting private revelation, can be deadly. Our Lord Himself mentioned this to Sister Lucia in 1931:

Make it known to My ministers that since they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My request, that they will follow him into misfortune.

Remember, my friends, Our Lord specifically requested through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque the consecration of the entirety of France to His Most Sacred Heart. King Louis XIV and the bishops of France refused, consenting only to consecrated Paris to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The year? 1689? The results? 1789 and the "principles" with which the counterfeit church of conciliarism has made, according to none other than Joseph Ratzinger himself, a "reconciliation."

Sister Catherine Laboure was being rebuffed repeatedly by her spiritual director and confessor, Jean-Marie Aladel, when she told him of Our Lady's apparitions to her and what she had requested. (Similarly, Father Aladel did not act at first on the messages about the Green Scapular being given to Sister Justine Bisqueyburo, also a Sister of Charity.) This is what Our Lady told Saint Catherine Laboure about Father Aladel's diffidence:

"Never mind," the voice replied, "he is my servant, and would fear to displease me."

We should always fear to displease Our Lady, who was sent to earth ninety years ago to implore us to turn away from our sins and to make reparation for them. Private revelations nourish and augment the Holy Faith without supplanting It. Who but a fire-breathing Protestant (or perhaps a conciliarist) would say that it would be wise and efficacious for our salvation to do without the Holy Rosary and without the Brown Scapular and without the Miraculous Medal as great aids to help us get home to Heaven? Living now in these terrible times the effects of the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King became more and more manifest in the midst of each nation on the face of this earth, who would want to take the risk of ignoring or denigrating Our Lady's Fatima Message that was authorized by none other than her Divine Son Himself, Who was pleased to appear with her just ninety years ago this past Saturday?

Saint Catherine Laboure, like so many other true mystics and chosen souls, had many visions. This one should give us pause for reflection as we plant the seeds for Christ the King, who will be restored to His rightful place in the hearts of men and on the flags of all nations once the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is made manifest:

On Trinity Sunday, June 6, 1830, Sister Laboure was given a special vision of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, or more specifically as Christ the Kin. This time she is precise as to the moment of the vision. Our Lord appeared to her, robed as a king, with a cross at His breast, during the Gospel of the Mass. Suddenly, all His kingly ornaments fell from Him to the ground--even the cross, which tumbled beneath His feet. Immediately her thoughts and her heart fell, too, and were plunged into that chasm of glom that she had known before, gloom that portended a change in government. This time, however, she understood clearly that the change in government involved the person of the King, and that, just as Christ was divested of His royal trappings before her, so would Charles X be divested of his throne.

We must help to plant the seeds to restore Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to His rightful place as the King of all men and nations, doing so as we consecrate ourselves totally to His Most Sacred Heart through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, praying as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permit. Our Lord has so arranged things in these latter times as to place the cause of world peace not in the hands of maniacal war mongers or delusional statists/globalists such as Caesar Barackus Obamus Ignoramus but where it belongs: in the Immaculate Heart of His own Most Blessed Mother. To take seriously her Fatima Message is to honor her Divine Son, Who is giving us this great act of His ineffable Mercy to quit our lives of sin and to live penitentially before it is too late for us.

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us now and the hour of our deaths. Amen.

All to thee, Blessed Mother. All to thy Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Paschal Baylon, pray for us.


The Counterfeit Church of Conciliarism: An Agent of the Errors of Russia

As noted some years ago now in Finding Conciliarism's Irreducible Minimum At Long Last, part one, Angelo Roncalli/John XXIII examined the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960 and simply scoffed at it as "not for our times." He disobeyed the Mother of God, who had instructed that it be opened in 1960. An unremitting warfare has been waged by the conciliar revolutionaries from that time to the present in an effort to deconstruct, misrepresent and distort Our Lady's Fatima Message, which is nothing other than Heaven's Peace Plan. Why would these revolutionaries have waged such a relentless war if Our Lady's Fatima Message did not apply directly to their revolution against Catholic Faith, Worship and Morals? This war has been waged precisely because each of them is imbued with the spirit of Modernity, which is suffused with the errors of Russia that are catalogued in part one of today's republished articles, Our Lady Does Not Act on Her Own. The conciliar revolutionaries are the very agents of the errors of Russia, which the cloak in the language Modernism  and its latter day "new theology."

Although there are some in fully traditional venues who either reject the Fatima Message outright or who believe that the consecration of Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart has been effected by Pope Pius XII, who consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1944 and then  Russia ten years later without the collegial consecration requested by Our Lady of Sister Lucia dos Santos on June 13, 1929, the fact remains that Our Lady's Fatima Message and the spread of the errors of Russia into the Church Militant and throughout the world has continued unabated. There has been no collegial consecration as requested by Our Lady. We are suffering a major chastisement as a direct consequence, part of which involves enduring spiritual robber barons posing as Catholic "popes" and "bishops" in this time of apostasy and betrayal as they continue to "evangelize" a false gospel and offend God greatly on a daily basis, starting with the daily

The Errors of Russia Spread in the Catholic Church Before the "Second" Vatican Council

As we know from the testimony of "Anti Apostle 1025," agents of Josef Stalin made a determined effort to infiltrate the Catholic Church in the 1930s. Where better to start than in the seminaries and universities? "AA-1025" provided some of the details in the memoirs that he left behind: 

“It was during those days that I launched on the market (we could almost say) the programme that would allow Catholics to be accepted by Protestants …. Catholics had hoped too much for the return of Protestantism to the fold of the Mother Church. It was time that they should lose their arrogance. Charity made it a duty for them. When charity is at stake, I pretended, laughing up my sleeve, nothing wrong can happen.”

“I prophesied with assurance, so that this would be repeated in the same tones, the suppression of Latin, of priestly ornaments, of statues and images, of candles and prie-dieu (so that they could kneel no more) …. And I also started a very active campaign for the suppression of the Sign of the Cross.”

“I also prophesied, and we were then in 1940, the disappearance of altars, replaced by a table completely bare, and also of all the crucifixes, in order that Christ be considered as a man, not as a God. I insisted that Mass be only a community meal to which all would be invited, even unbelievers. And came to the following prophecy: Baptism, for the modern man has become ridiculously magical. Whether given by immersion or not Baptism must be abandoned in favor of an Adult Religion.”

“Moreover, all that is permitted among Protestants, even if only in one sect, must be authorized among Catholics, that is the remarriage of divorcees, polygamy, contraception and euthanasia.” . . . .

Michael [AA-1025] encouraged Protestants to go to Catholic Mass and receive Holy Communion. This is because: “When Catholics will see Protestants receive Communion at their masses, without having been converted, they will longer have confidence in their antique ‘Real Presence.’ It will be explained to them that this Presence only exists in so far as it is believed. Thus they will feel themselves to be creators of all their religion and the most intelligent all them will know how to draw the required conclusions.”

“To weaken more the notion of ‘Real Presence’ of Christ, all decorum will have to be set aside. No more costly embroidered vestments, no more music called sacred, especially no more Gregorian chant, but a music in jazz style, no more sign of the Cross, no more genuflections, but only dignified stern attitudes …. Moreover the faithful will have to break themselves the habit of kneeling, and this will be absolutely forbidden when receiving Communion …. Very soon, the Host will be laid in the hand in order that all notion of the Sacred be erased.”

“In order to destroy all sacredness in the cult, the priest will be invited to say the whole Mass in vernacular and especially to recite the words of the Consecration as a narration, which they are in reality. He must not, above all, pronounce the following words: ‘This is my Body, this is my Blood,’ as if he really took the place of Christ Who pronounced them.”

“Let everyone feel that the priest is reading a narration. Furthermore, there must never be question of a Sacrifice, that is, a Mass-Sacrifice, a non-bloody renovation of the Sacrifice of the Cross. No Protestant accepts this formula. Mass must only be a community meal for the greatest welfare of human fraternity.”

On Marian Cult and Cult of The Saints “At that time, I showed great energy to destroy the Marian cult. I insisted greatly upon the grief that Catholics and Orthodoxes caused to Protestants by keeping up their numerous devotions to the Virgin Mary. I pointed out that the dear separated brethren were more logical and wiser. This human creature about whom we know almost nothing becomes, in our Church, in some way, more powerful than God (or, at least, more gentle )…. I stressed upon the fact that many Protestants believe that Mary had other children after Jesus… Human oddness has no limit. All this strengthens my conviction, that to deny the virginity of Mary is the safest way to transform Christians into disciples of a man who would not at all be God. Who does not see how useful it is to kill Jesus of Nazareth before killing God?”

“I therefore advocated the suppression of the Rosary and of the numerous feast days reserved to Mary… As for all other things, it will be necessary to make a those who keep on reciting the Rosary feel guilty.”

“Afterwards, to bluntly suppress the cult of the Saints. The Saints must disappear before God, although it is much easier to kill God than His Saints… Then, we will proceed to suppress Judgement, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. This is all very easy… Many are well disposed to believe that the Goodness of God surpasses all crimes. All we have to do is to insist on this Goodness. A God Whom no one fears, quickly becomes a God about whom no one thinks. Such was the end to be reached. ”

“Such is the compendium of the orders which I sent throughout the world.”  (As found at The Confessions of a Communist Agent On The Attempt to Destroy the Catholic Church.)

Although there were plenty of just plain, ordinary run-of-mill Modernists the pre-Vatican II era who, though they had to take The Oath Against Modernism, were attempting to advance such an agenda all on their very own, the testimony provided by "AA-1025" provides a pretty accurate description of what was to transpire at the "Second" Vatican Council and during its aftermath in the "magisterium" of the conciliar "popes." Pope Pius XII, so preoccupied with World War II and the subsequent rebuilding of the destroyed Catholic Church building in Europe thereafter, concerned as well about the rise of the Cold War, permitted this all to occur even when he was presented with evidence about the ties of Monsignor Giovanni Montini to agents of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics:

An elderly gentleman from Paris who worked as an official interpreter for high-level clerics at the Vatican in the early 1950s told this writer that the Soviets blackmailed Montini into revealing the names of priests whom the Vatican had clandestinely sent behind the Iron Curtain to minister to Catholics in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The Soviet secret police were on hand as soon as the priests crossed over the Russian border and the priest infiltrators were either shot or sent to the gulag.

The extent to which Pope Paul the Sick was subject to blackmail by the enemies of the Church will probably never be known. It may be that, in so far as the Communists and the Socialists were concerned, blackmail was entirely unnecessary given Montini's cradle to grave fascination and affinity for the Left. On the other hand, the Italian Freemasons, M16, the OSS and later the CIA and the Mafia were likely to have used blackmail and extortion against Montini beginning early in his career as a junior diplomat, then as Archbishop of Milan and finally as Pope Paul VI. (Randy Engel, The Rite of Sodomy, p.1156.) 

What did Pope Pius XII do after he discovered this betrayal? Made him Archbishop of the Milan, the chief industrial city in Italy and a hotbed of Communism.

There were equivalents of "AA-1025" in Western universities and professional schools, waiting to climb up the ranks in order to poison the minds of the young and to shape a veritable "new world order" that has given us the likes of those who trained Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro and his claque of handlers. That the "mainstream media" is composed mostly of kindred spirits to our reigning caesar and his toadies is no accident, nor is it any accident that between two-fifths and one-half of Americans of voting age are imbued with some kind of bent, however ill-defined and inchoate, in the direction of the false opposite of "naturalism." The ranks of chancery offices and of the administrative offices of the so-called United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is filled to the rafters with such kindred spirits, who are, of course, also to be found in conciliar universities and seminaries and schools and and "religious education" programs that are replete with various offshoots of the errors of Russia.

This did not happen overnight. Indeed, as noted in Our Lady Does Not Act on Her Own, the errors of Russia did not start with Bolshevism. They started with the errors of Photius, that is, of Orthodoxy, of the overthrow of the Church in favor of making her the servant of the civil state, a rejection of Papal Primary and of many other doctrines contained in the Deposit of Faith that would lead five hundred years later to Martin Luther's own revolution against the Catholic Church that unleashed the forces of hell in the world. The ironic part of what Luther wrought, though, is that the forces of hell he released unwittingly gave impetus to the naturalism that began to surface during certain phases of the Renaissance that are being used by the devil today to destroy all false religions, including his own and that of the conciliar church that has sought to "reconcile" itself with it, for the rise of Antichrist himself. Even Judeo-Masonry and Marxism will give way in turn to Antichrist, who had plenty of assistance at the "Second" Vatican Council and has had great assistance thereafter from the "magisterium"of the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

Negotiating With Evil 

The counterfeit church of conciliarism wasted no time in turning a policy of failed diplomacy into one of outright surrender to the forces of Soviet Communism.

Angelo Roncalli/John XXIII, long a friend of Italian Communists and Socialists assisted by another friend of the Communists and Socialists, the Archbishop of Milan, the aforementioned Giovanni Montini, agreed to exchange absolute silence about evil of Communism at the "Second" Vatican Council in exchange for the presence of "observers" from the Russian Orthodox Church:

In preparation for the Council, Catholic bishops around the world were polled by mail by the Office of the Secretariat to learn their opinions on topics to be considered at the Council. Communism topped the list.

However, as documented in the previous chapter, at the instigation of Cardinal Montini, two months before the opening of the Council, Pope John XXIII approved the signing of the Metz Accord with Moscow officials, whereby the Soviets would permit two representatives from the Russian State Church to attend the Council in exchange for absolute and total silence at the Council on the subject of Communism/Marxism.

With the exceptions of Cardinal Montini, who instructed Pope John to enter into negotiations with the Soviets, Cardinal Eugene Tisserant, who signed the Accord, and Bishop Jan Willebrands, who made the final contacts with the representatives of the Russian State Church, the Church Fathers at the Council were ignorant of the existence and nature of the Metz Agreement and the horrendous betrayal that it represented. (Mrs. Randy Engel, The Rite of Sodomy, pp. 1135-1136)

Why didn’t the last Ecumenical Council condemn Communism? A secret accord made at Metz supplies an answer. 

Those who pass by the convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Borny - on the outskirts of the French city of Metz - never imagine that something of transcendental importance occurred in the residence of Fr. Lagarde, the convent’s chaplain. In a hall of this religious residence in August 1962 - two months before Vatican Council II opened - a secret meeting of the greatest importance between two high-ranking personalities took place.

One dignitary was a Cardinal of the Curia, Eugène Tisserant, representing Pope John XXIII; the other was metropolitan Nikodin, who spoke in the name of the Russian Schismatic Church.

This encounter had consequences that changed the direction of Council, which was already prepared to open. In effect, the meeting at Metz determined a change in the trajectory of the very History of the Church in the 20th century.

What was the matter of such great importance that was resolved at his meeting? Based on the documents that are known today, there it was established that Communism would not be condemned by Vatican Council II. In 1962, The Vatican and the Schismatic Russian Church came to an agreement. According to its terms, the Russian “Orthodox Church” agreed to send observers to Vatican II under the condition that no condemnation whatsoever of communism should be made there (1). 1. Ulysses Floridi, Moscou et le Vatican, Paris: France-Empire, Paris, 1979, pp. 147-48; Romano Amerio, Iota Unum, K.C., MO: Sarto House, 1996, pp. 75-76; Ricardo de la Cierva, Oscura rebelion en la Iglesia, Barcelona: Plaza & Janes, 1987, pp. 580-81. And why were the consequences of such a pact so far-reaching and important?

Because in the 20th century a principal enemy of the Catholic Church was Communism. As such, until Vatican II it had been condemned numerous times by the Magisterium. Moreover, in the early ’60s a new condemnation would have been quite damaging, since Communism was passing through a serious crisis, both internally and externally. On one hand, it was losing credibility inside the USSR since the people were becoming increasingly discontent with the horrendous administrative results of 45 years of Communist demagogy. On the other hand, outside the USSR Communism had not been able to persuade the workers and poor of free countries to take up its banner. In fact, up until that time it had never won a free election. Therefore, the leaders of international Communism decided that it was time to begin to change the appearances of the regime in order to retain the power they had and to experiment with new methods of conquest. So in the ‘60s President Nikita Khrushchev suddenly began to smile and talk about dialogue (2). 2. Plinio Correa de Oliveira, Unperceived Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue, New York: Crusade for a Christian Civilization, 1982, pp. 8-15. This would have been a particularly inopportune moment for the Pope or the Council to issue a formal condemnation, which could have either seriously damaged or possibly even destroyed the Communist regime..

A half secret act

Speaking about the liberty at Vatican II to deal with diverse topics, Professor Romano Amerio revealed some previously unpublished facts. “The salient and half secret point that should be noted,” he stated, “is the restriction on the Council’s liberty to which John XXIII had agreed a few months earlier, in making an accord with the Orthodox Church by which the patriarchate of Moscow accepted the papal invitation to send observers to the Council, while the Pope for his part guaranteed the Council would refrain from condemning Communism. The negotiations took place at Metz in August 1962, and all the details of time and place were given at a press conference by Mgr. Paul Joseph Schmitt, the Bishop of that Diocese [newspaper Le Lorrain, 2/9/63]. The negotiations ended in an agreement signed by metropolitan Nikodim for the Orthodox Church and Cardinal Tisserant, the Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, for the Holy See.    

“News of the agreement was given in the France Nouvelle, the central bulletin of the French communist party in the edition of January 16-22, 1963 in these terms: ‘Because the world socialist system is showing its superiority in an uncontestable fashion, and is strong through the support of hundreds and hundreds of millions of men, the Church can no longer be content with a crude anti-communism. As part of its dialogue with the Russian Orthodox Church, it has even promised there will be no direct attack on the Communist system at the Council.’ On the Catholic side, the daily La Croix of February 15, 1963 gave notice of the agreement, concluding: “‘As a consequence of this conversation, Msgr. Nikodim agreed that someone should go to Moscow carrying an invitation, on condition that guarantees were given concerning the apolitical attitude of the Council.’

“Moscow’s condition, namely that the Council should say nothing about Communism, was not, therefore, a secret, but the isolated publication of it made no impression on general opinion, as it was not taken up by the press at large and circulated, either because of the apathetic and anaesthetized attitude to Communism common in clerical circles or because the Pope took action to impose silence in the matter. Nonetheless, the agreement had a powerful, albeit silent, effect on the course of the Council when requests for a renewal of the condemnation of Communism were rejected in order to observe this agreement to say nothing about it” (3). 3. Romano Amerio, Iota Unum, pp. 65-66. Thus the Council, which made statements on capitalism and colonialism, said nothing specific about the greatest evil of the age, Communism. While the Vatican Monsignors were smiling at the Russian Schismatic representatives, many Bishops were in prison and innumerable faithful were either persecuted or driven underground for their fidelity to the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The Kremlin-Vatican negotiations

This important information about Vatican-Kremlin negotiations is confirmed in an article ‘The mystery of the Rome-Moscow pact’ published in the October 1989 issue of 30 Dias, which quotes statements made by the Bishop of Metz, Paul Joseph Schmitt. In a February 9, 1963 interview with the newspaper Republicain Lorrain, Mgr. Schmitt said: 

It was in our region that the ‘secret’ meeting of Cardinal Tisserant with archbishop Nikodin occurred. The exact place was the residence of Fr. Lagarde, chaplain for the Little Sister of the Poor in Borny [on the outskirts of Metz]. Here for the first time the arrival of the prelates of the Russian Church was mentioned. After this meeting, the conditions for the presence of the Russian church’s observers were established by Cardinal Willebrands, an assistant of Cardinal Bea. Archbishop Nikodin agreed that an official invitation should be sent to Moscow, with the guarantee of the apolitical character of the Council” (4). 4. 30 Dias, October 1988, pp. 55-56.

The same source also transcribed a letter of Bishop Georges Roches regarding the Pact of Metz: “That accord was negotiated between the Kremlin and the

Vatican at the highest level .… But I can assure you …. that the decision to invite Russian Orthodox observers to Vatican Council II was made personally by His Holiness John XXIII with the encouragement of Cardinal Montini, who was counselor to the Patriarch of Venice when he was Archbishop of Milan…. Cardinal Tisserant received formal orders to negotiate the accord and to make sure that it would be observed during the Council” (5). 5. Ibid. p. 57

In a book published some time after this, German theologian Fr. Bernard Häring - who was secretary-coordinator at the Council for the redaction ofGaudium et Spes - revealed the more profound reason for the ‘pigeon-holing’ of apetition that many conciliar Fathers signed asking Paul the Sick and the Council to condemn Communism: “When around two dozen Bishops requested a solemn condemnation of Communism,” stated Fr. Häring, “Msgr. Glorieux …. and I were blamed like scapegoats. I have no reason to deny that I did everything possible to avoid this condemnation, which rang out clearly like a political condemnation. I knew that John XXIII had promised Moscow authorities that the Council would not condemn communism in order to assure the participation of observers of the Russian Orthodox church” (6). . . .

1. Catholic doctrine has always emphatically condemned Communism. It would be possible, should it be necessary, to publish a small book composed exclusively of anti-communist pontifical documents.

2. It would have been natural, therefore, for Vatican Council II, which met in Rome from 1962 to 1965, to have confirmed these condemnations against the greatest enemy of the Church and Christian Civilization in the 20th century.

3. In addition to this, 213 Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishop solicited Paul the Sick to have the Council make such a condemnation. Later, 435 Conciliar Fathers repeated the same request. The two petitions were duly delivered within the time limits established by the Internal Guidelines of the Council. Nonetheless, inexplicably, neither petition ever came up for debate. The first was not taken into consideration. As for the second, after the Council had closed, it was alleged that it had been “lost” by Mgr. Achille Glorieux, secretary of the commission that would have been entrusted with the request.

4. The Council closed without making any express censure of Communism. Why was no censure made? The matter seemed wrapped in an enigmatic fog. Only later did these significant facts on the topic appear. The point of my article is to gather and present information from several different sources for the consideration of my reader. How can the actions of the Catholic Prelates who inspired, ordered, followed and maintained the decisions of the Pact of Metz be explained? I leave the answer to my reader.  (The Council of Metz

Giovanni Montini/Paul the Sick engaged in a policy of Communist surrender known as Ostpolik (East politics) wherein he appointed men as "bishops" in Communist countries behind the Iron Curtain who were friendly to, if not actual agents of, the Communist authorities in those countries. These "bishops" had a perverse "apostolic mandate," if you will, given then sub secreto by Montini: never criticize Communism or any Communist officials. In other words, be good stooges for various "people's" and "democratic" republics in exchange for promoting the false "gospel" of conciliarism.

It was also Montini/Paul the Sick who sold out the courageous Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty, the Primate of Hungary and the Archbishop of Budapest, Josef Cardinal Mindszenty when the latter, after taking refuge in the American Embassy in Budapest for a decade following the Hungarian Revolution in October of 1956, was forced out of the American Embassy as a result of Vatican pressure and then, after being told by Montini/Paul the Sick that he remained as the Archbishop of Budapest, has his primatial see declared vacant by the theologically, liturgically and morally corrupt Montini.

This scenario is described by an sedeplenist, Dr. Steve O'Brien, in a review of two motion pictures about the life of Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty:

The Prisoner, as it happened, was wrapped too soon because Mindszenty's story, which had seemed to be fini, had scarcely begun. By 1956 Stalin was dead and Khrushchev was making some unusual noises. In October the Hungarians rose in revolt. Mindszenty had no clue of what was happening on the street; his guards told him that the rabble outside the prison was shouting for his blood. A few days later he was released and indeed a mob of locals set upon him. But instead of ripping his flesh they grabbed at the liberated hero to kiss his clothes. When he returned to Budapest the deposed Reds quivered over this ghost who would not stay buried, but in a radio broadcast he counseled against revenge. The Soviets were not so forgiving, and tanks rumbled to crush this unpleasant incident. A marked man, Mindszenty sought asylum in the American embassy as his last resort. Now a second long Purgatory had begun. Pius spoke out repeatedly against this latest example of Soviet terror but the West, heedless of its own liberation rhetoric, was deaf.

When The Prisoner was released, the Church was still the implacable foe of communism. Frail Pius stood as a Colossus against both right and left totalitarianism. When Pius departed this world there ensued a moral void in the Vatican that has never been filled. By the early 1960s both the Western governments and the Novus Ordo popes decided that accommodation with the Communists was preferable to the archaic notions of Pius and Mindszenty. John XXIII and successor Paul the Sick welcomed a breath of fresh air into the Church, and that odor included cooperation with the Reds. The newOstpolitik, managed by Paul's Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli, hadn't room for Christian warriors of Mindszenty's stamp. The position of the Hungarian government was strengthened when Casaroli entered negotiations with the appalling regime of Janos Kadar. As the Cold War thawed, the freeze was put on Mindszenty. The American government made it understood that he was no longer welcome at the embassy. Worse still, Paul sent a functionary to persuade Mindszenty to leave, but only after signing a document full of stipulations that favored the Reds and essentially blaming himself for his ordeal. The confession that the Communists could not torture out of him was being forced on him by the Pope!

Driven from his native land against his wishes, Mindszenty celebrated Mass in Rome with Paul on October 23, 1971. The Pope told him, "You are and remain archbishop of Esztergom and primate of Hungary." It was the Judas kiss. For two years Mindszenty traveled, a living testament to truth, a man who had been scourged, humiliated, imprisoned and finally banished for the Church's sake. In the fall of 1973, as he prepared to publish his Memoirs, revealing the entire story to the world, he suffered the final betrayal. Paul, fearful that the truth would upset the new spirit of coexistence with the Marxists, "asked" Mindszenty to resign his office. When Mindszenty refused, Paul declared his See vacant, handing the Communists a smashing victory.

If Mindszenty's story is that of the rise and fall of the West's resistance to communism it is also the chronicle of Catholicism's self-emasculation. In the 1950s a man such as Mindszenty could be portrayed as a hero of Western culture even though both American and English history is rife with hatred toward the Church. When the political mood changed to one of coexistence and detente rather than containment, Mindszenty became an albatross to the appeasers and so the Pilates of government were desperate to wash their hands of him. Still, politicians are not expected to act on principle, and therefore the Church's role in Mindszenty's agony is far more damning.

Since movies, for good or ill, have a pervasive influence on American culture, perhaps a serious film that told Mindszenty's whole story could have some effect on the somnolent Catholics in the West. Guilty of Treason and The Prisoner are artifacts of their day. An updated film that follows the prelate through his embassy exile and his pathetic end would be a heart-wrenching drama. But knowing what we know now, the Communists, despicable as they are, would no longer be the primary villains. (Shooting the Cardinal: Film and Betrayal in the Mindszenty Case)

As we know, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI  continued this program as he sold out the underground Catholics in Red China (see Red Army Inside The Vatican). Jorge Mario Bergoglio is actually taking this all to the next level by embracing Communists murderers such as Fidel and Raul Castro (see ).

There can be no room for the consecration of Russia with all of the bishops of the world for those who are immersed in the errors of Russia, which are nothing other than the twin, inter-related errors of Modernity and Modernism. Miraculous consecrations? The minds of rationalists cannot accept the miraculous. The minds of agnostics must try to "explain" everything and to discount the miraculous as little more "interior sentiments," which is precisely the method that the now retired Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI used to express, although in his typically opaque manner, disbelief in the actual, physical apparitions of Our Lady in the Cova da Iria in Fatima, Portugal, one hundred years ago.