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                 April 14, 2009

So Long to the Fifth Commandment

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Although the leaders of the counterfeit church of conciliarism have long attacked various articles of the Catholic Faith, starting with their attacks on the very nature of dogmatic truths, which attack are nothing other than attacks on the very nature of God Himself, one of the enduring mythologies concerning the conciliar "pontiffs" and their curial appointees is that they have, at the very least, "held the line" on the "life issues."

This mythology--and it is mythology--flies in the face of the fact that the conciliar "popes" and their "episcopal" appointees have never once criticized any ostensibly "pro-life" politician who has made "exceptions" in the "hard cases" to justify the direct, intentional killing of innocent preborn babies. Leaving aside all of the unnecessary verbiage, to which I contributed quite a lot, thank you, concerning the "proper" interpretation of Paragraph 73 in Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II's Evangelium Vitae, March 25, 1995, that dealt with the conditions under which legislators could support "imperfect" legislation that sought to restrict some surgical abortions without ending them all at once, the conciliar Vatican and its "bishops" have never uttered a word of criticism against any "pro-life" politician who has stated his belief--as a matter of principle and not as matter of political or legal expedience to attempt to achieve the "greatest good" possible at a particular time--that it is both morally licit and legally necessary to permit the direct, intentional killing of innocent babies in certain "hard" cases.

To wit, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who was a believer in astrology (a diabolical practice condemned by the First Commandment), was never criticized for his support of "exceptions" to the inviolability of all innocent human life by Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II or any of his conciliar "bishops."

To wit, George Herbert Walker Bush was never criticize for his support of "exceptions" to the inviolability of all innocent human life by Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II or any of his conciliar "bishops."

To wit, Robert Joseph Dole, Jr, the hapless, mercurial and ever-inarticulate thirty-third degree Mason, was never criticized for his support of "exceptions" n to the inviolability of all innocent human life by Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II or any of his conciliar "bishops."

To wit, George Walker Bush, whose administration funded the chemical assassination of millions of innocent preborn children far more than that of the thoroughly pro-abortion administration of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton and Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., was never criticized for his support of "exceptions" to the inviolability of all innocent human life by Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II or Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI or any of their conciliar "bishops."

To wit, neither John Sidney McCain III or Sarah Heath Palin, a fallen away Catholic, were criticized for their support of "exceptions" to the inviolability of all innocent human life by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI or any of his conciliar "bishops."

The failure of conciliar officials to criticize these phony "pro-life" politicians, each of whom believes in the evil of contraception, which denies the Sovereignty of God over the sanctity and fecundity of marriage, has helped to reaffirm people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, that one can be "pro-life" while supporting "exceptions" to the Fifth Commandment's absolute and immutable prohibition against the direct, intentional taking of any innocent human life from the moment of conception through all subsequent stages until natural death. 

The failure of conciliar officials to criticize phony "pro-life" politicians has helped to reinforce the illogic of conciliarism itself, steeped in a denial of the nature of dogmatic truth, by convincing people that violence done to simple logic does not represent a threat to the triumph of right reason in accord with the light of Divine Revelation as entrusted by Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ exclusively to the Catholic Church for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication. That is, the de facto reaffirmation of phony "pro-life" politicians who are simply less pro-abortion than those who support the legal execution of the innocent preborn in all circumstances without any restrictions whatsoever has helped to reinforce conciliarism's patent defiance of the principle of non-contradiction in theological matters by convincing people that it is possible to be considered "pro-life" while supporting the direct, intentional taking of innocent preborn human life in the "hard" cases.

Very few people, you see, understand the absurdity of applying the term "pro-life" to refer to politicians who support the direct, intentional killing of the innocent preborn in the "hard" cases, and this is so because the conciliar "popes" and "bishops" and "priests" have used this term indiscriminately because of the "threat" posed by politicians who are fully--and, it should be noted, quite honestly and openly--pro-abortion. It has been necessary, we have been told, to subordinate logic and truth to the electoral exigencies of the moment. It is "better," we have been told, to use the phrase "pro-life" to apply to our "friends" in public life even though these "friends" have no intention of seeking to end all abortions and are supporters, at least in most instances, of the chemical assassination of children by means of various abortifacient pills and devices.

Indeed, we have seen the scandals in recent months caused by the conciliar "bishops" of Colorado, who opposed a ballot initiative to declare the preborn child a person, and that caused by the conciliar "bishops" of North Dakota, who have just this month opposed a personhood bill for the preborn that had been introduced into the North Dakota State Legislature. Similar legislative measures have been thwarted by the conciliar "bishops" in Georgia and Montana Those who support the soul-killing lies of conciliarism become in all too many instances the enablers of the killing of the innocent preborn under cover of law. And, of course, we have the enduring scandal of the likes of the support given to fully pro-abortion politicians, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, among the ranks of "ultra-progressive" "bishops" of the counterfeit church of conciliarism in the United States of America.

These scandals are made bad enough in and of themselves. What is worse, however, is that we have seen in recent weeks, however, that Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's hand-picked President of the "Pontifical" Academy for Life, "Archbishop" Rino Fisichella, has written in L'Osservatore Romano, the semi-official newspaper of the Vatican, that a conciliar "archbishop" in Recife, Brazil, "Archbishop" Cardoso Sobrinho, was wrong to have excommunicated doctors who performed an abortion on a nine year-old girl who was carrying twins as a result of an act of violence against her by a relative, stating that the abortions were necessary to "save" the life of the nine year-old girl, a contention that is both medically untrue and morally false: it is never "necessary" to directly, intentionally kill one human being to save the life of another.

Here is part of a comprehensive report on this matter prepared by Dr. Marian Therese Horvat for the Tradition in Action website, which, most unfortunately, considers the conciliar officials to be legitimate members of the Catholic Church (a proposition that Mr. Michael Creighton critiqued very well, as I noted in Pots and Kettles on March 27, 2009):

I think it should be emphasized that, given the notoriety of the case and position of its author, the article [in L'Osservatore Romano] had obviously received careful scrutiny by Vatican authorities before it was published. It was not just Archbishop Fisichella who was speaking; it was the Holy See.

Using language that echoes the rhetoric of pro-abortion organizations, Archbishop Fisichella blasted the Archbishop of Recife for having acted too “hastily” in declaring the excommunication. (4)

First of all, he affirmed, Carmen should have been “defended, embraced, comforted and reassured we were all with her – all, without any distinction.”

Then, he continued, “Before considering excommunication, it was necessary and urgent to safeguard the innocent life and return it to a level of humanity … It didn’t happen that way and unfortunately affected the credibility of our teaching that appears to the eyes of many as insensitive, incomprehensible, and merciless"

Fisichella then went on to defend the physicians who had carried out the abortion, denying that they deserved the sentence of excommunication. Repeating the unsubstantiated claim that the abortion was necessary to save the child's life, he stated, “What should be done in these cases? It is a difficult decision for the doctor and for Moral Law itself. Decisions like these ... have to be made every day ... and the doctor's conscience must be left alone to decide what is the best thing to do."

At the end of the letter, Fisichella praises those who "have allowed you [the girl] to live."

With this statement, the doors of doubt have clearly opened. Is abortion permissible in cases of rape or if the woman's health is in danger? The answer used to be a swift and certain NO. Now, there is hesitation. Well, perhaps in some cases ... like that of the Brazilian girl …

And whence comes the uncertainty? From the Holy See, from the very place that should orient the faithful with clear and constant teaching.

Holy See approves 'therapeutic abortion'

The Archdiocese of Recife made a strong rebuttal on March 16 to Fisichella's letter in an official document titled "Clarifications" (5) published on the Archdiocese website. Other pro-life priests and commentators are begging for a word from Rome to clarify the now-foggy terrain. Instead, more confusion has entered the picture. Now, it seems that we have an approval of "therapeutic abortion."

Veteran Vatican reporter Sandro Magister reported the following news regarding the thinking of Benedict XVI on the matter. On March 21, the director of the Holy See press office, Fr. Federico Lombardi, clearly stated that Benedict XVI's few lines against abortion on his recent trip to Cameroon and Angola had nothing to do with the case of the Brazilian girl. (6)

“Regarding this case,” Lombardi affirmed, “the considerations of Archbishop Rino Fisichella apply when he lamented in L'Osservatore Romano the hasty declaration of excommunication by the Archbishop of Recife. No extreme case should obscure the true meaning of the remarks by the Holy Father, who was referring to something very different. [...] The pope absolutely was not talking about therapeutic abortion, and did not say that this must always be rejected." (7)

With this statement it would seem the word from Rome has been given. In the question of excommunications, they are absolutely no longer allowed. In the matter of abortion, we have a virtual approval of "therapeutic abortion."  (The Holy See Abandons its Pro-Life Position)


"Therapeutic abortion" must not "always be rejected"?  The words of the Prophet Jeremias come to mind at this juncture:

Hear, O foolish people, and without understanding: who have eyes, and see not: and ears, and hear not. Will not you then fear me, saith the Lord: and will you not repent at my presence? I have set the sand a bound for the sea, an everlasting ordinance, which it shall not pass over: and the waves thereof shall toss themselves, and shall not prevail: they shall swell, and shall not pass over it. But the heart of this people is become hard of belief and provoking, they are revolted and gone away. And they have not said in their heart: let us fear the Lord our God, who giveth us the early and the latter rain in due season: who preserveth for us the fullness of the yearly harvest. Your iniquities have turned these things away, and your sins have withholden good things from you.

For among my people are found wicked men, that lie in wait as fowlers, setting snares and traps to catch men. As a net is full of birds, so their houses are full of deceit: therefore are they become great and enriched. They are grown gross and fat: and have most wickedly transgressed my words. They have not judged the cause of the widow, they have not managed the cause of the fatherless, they have not judged the judgement of the poor. Shall I not visit for these things, saith the Lord? or shall not my soul take revenge on such a nation? Astonishing and wonderful things have been done in the land.

The prophets prophesied falsehood, and the priests clapped their hands: and my people loved such things: what then shall be done in the end thereof?  (Jeremias 5: 21-31)


"Therapeutic abortion" must not "always be rejected"? This is apostasy. "Hear, O foolish people" and recognize once and for all that the Catholic Church can in no way be responsible for such apostasy. It is necessary for the Brazilian "bishops" who have defended moral truth in this matter and have acted uprightly before God to recognize that they are dealing with apostasy and to see the figures of Antichrist represented by the moral obfuscation posed by Rino Fisichella and Federico Lombardi, both of whom have the favor of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, who has not contradicted either of these men on the points they have made concerning the murder of the nine year-old girl's twin babies in Brazil.

Mind you, this is not debatable matter of an interpretation of what constitutes the double-fold effect that justifies the undertaking of a particular course of action, morally licit in and of itself, that has foreseen but unintended evil consequences. This is not even  a debate, for instance, over what constitutes truly extraordinary means to sustain human life. This is a matter moral black and moral white that is not to be obfuscated by illogic and sentimentality and emotional hand-wringing. The fact that two officials of the conciliar Vatican can make it appear that it is ever morally licit to directly and equivocally attack an innocent human life--and to seek to exculpate those who kill such life--is just further proof that the men who masquerade as "Vatican officials" are apostates who defected on very clear matters of objectively morality just as much as they have defected from articles contained in the Deposit of Faith.

Rino Fisichella and Federico Lombardi believe, you see, that it is permissible to mystically dismember Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the persons of innocent preborn children in certain "hard cases" under the euphemism of "therapeutic abortion." These men do not believe that the graces won for us by the shedding of every single drop of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross and that flow into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces, are not sufficient to help a nine year-old girl bear a cross that God had known from all eternity would be hers to carry. How can anyone claim with a straight face that these men believe in God, no less are followers of the God-Man Who has revealed Himself to us exclusively through His Catholic Church?

It is good to make advertence once again to this brief passage from Pope Pius XI's Mortalium Animos, January 6, 1928, to attempt to demonstrate that the Catholic Church never makes obscure or opaque any of the truths, whether doctrinal or moral, contained in the Deposit of Faith that has been entrusted to her by her Divine Founder and Invisible Head for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication:

For the teaching authority of the Church, which in the divine wisdom was constituted on earth in order that revealed doctrines might remain intact for ever, and that they might be brought with ease and security to the knowledge of men, and which is daily exercised through the Roman Pontiff and the Bishops who are in communion with him, has also the office of defining, when it sees fit, any truth with solemn rites and decrees, whenever this is necessary either to oppose the errors or the attacks of heretics, or more clearly and in greater detail to stamp the minds of the faithful with the articles of sacred doctrine which have been explained


The Catholic Church makes her teaching know with ease and security to the knowledge of men. The absolute prohibition against the direct, intentional taking of innocent human life contained in the binding precepts of the Fifth Commandment have been taught clearly by the Catholic Church from time immemorial. And it is to this Fifth Commandment that two lords of the conciliar Vatican have, in effect, said "so long" to as they have made it appear that there are some instances in which it is "necessary" and morally licit to kill innocent babies in their mothers' wombs.

Obviously, those who offend God by means of the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service and by means of esteeming the symbols and beliefs of false religions and who kill souls with the various doctrinal corruptions of conciliarism (and who undermine the innocent and purity of the young by means of explicit classroom instruction in matters pertaining to the Sixth and Ninth Commandments) can come to justify even direct attacks on innocent human life. Those who can kill the soul can just as easily kill the body, can they not?

In the midst of this "operation of error" that abounds in the midst of the counterfeit church of conciliarism (could anyone imagine the necessity of the bishops under Pope Saint Pius X arguing with him on the prohibition against the taking of innocent human life in the womb in any circumstance at any time?), we need to ask Our Lady to help us remain with our true bishops and true priests who make no concessions to conciliarism and who are most explicit in the warnings they issue to the faithful to have no contact with conciliarism at all or for any reason. Any shepherd who does not warn his faithful to stay completely and totally away from the conciliar wolves is exposing them to the deceits of the devil represented by likes of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and his henchmen, among whom are Rino Fisichella and Federico Lombardi.

Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will indeed triumph in the end. May we persevere in our praying of as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permit so that we, unworthy though we may be, might be able to plant a few seeds for the day when Catholics can say "so long" to the conciliar revolutionaries and their perverse liturgies and their corrupt doctrinal and their false moral teachings and "hello" to true popes and true bishops who are defenders of the entirety of the Catholic Faith, including the Social Reign of Christ the King.

Alleluia! He is Risen!

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.


Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us, especially on your feast day today!

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

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© Copyright 2009, Thomas A. Droleskey. All rights reserved.