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                  May 30, 2013


Guest Column

Book Review of Synagogue Rising

by Alex Dadessa



Title: Synagogue Rising: A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance.

Author: Hugh Akins.

Publisher: CatholicActionResourceCenter.com / CTC Books, P.O. Box 678047, Orlando, Florida 32867.

Published: May, 2012.

Misc: Copyright Hugh Akins, May, 2012.  Paperback / Perfect bound.  778 pgs, includes a 49 pg. preface by the author plus an additional 14 unnumbered pgs. of quotes and  comprehensive Table of Contents.  Full color cover / back cover (art design by master political artist David Dees).  Dimensions: 6x9x1½. 1,770 footnotes.

Cost: $39.95 plus $5.95 P&H (domestic USA only).





 A   B o o k    R e v i e w  


by Alex D. Adessa



What makes Synagogue Rising Unique? 

Why are enthusiastic readers saying that there’s “no other book quite like it”? 


  • To begin with it is thoroughly Magisterial – the Magisterium speaks through this book.  The Vicars of Christ have repeatedly, eloquently and authoritatively alerted mankind to the greatest errors and perils, and this one valiant soldier is making certain that their voices are not silenced, but broadcast loud and clear.  His generous use and congruent application of the pronouncements of the Popes impressively give the book its most solid footing – the very Rock upon which Jesus built His one Church;
  • Not only fundamentally Magisterial, the sheer volume of papal quotes found throughout this book is doubly impressive, and lends itself to an even greater credibility.  I honestly cannot recall another volume, of the past or the present, and not even any of Fr. Fahey’s scholarly works, wherein so many encyclicals are given the prominence they deserve;
  • What’s more, the author himself is egregiously Magisterial-minded, something that is reflected in many of his other writings, but in a particular way in the present book.  Even when interjecting his personal views, which he does as commentary on a host of pressing ideas, crises and perils, he does so as one whose studies were imbued in the mind of the Papacy, in the papal documents especially, of which he is well versed.  In fact, I am not alone in my belief that Hugh Akins is likely one of the foremost authorities on the great encyclicals of the 150 year period leading up to the Council of Vatican II, in which Sacred and Divine Tradition was more often than not rejected in favor of novelty, innovation, false doctrine and the spirit of the world, which Synagogue Rising shows to be the Jewish spirit.  I can’t think of another writer, researcher or scholar that approaches the author’s grasp of the divine treasury of pontifical letters and allocutions addressing the errors of modern man and the Christian remedy for the abyss of evils afflicting the modern nations.  Akins’ reputation as a trustworthy voice of truth and sanity in such impious times has been well established and indeed fully merited, whether one would reference some of his earlier works, In Defense of the FaithChristian Order and the Modern World, The Reign of Christ and the Revolt of Nations, Yuma: Faith and Power Locked in a Deadly Struggle for the Soul of America (fiction), No King But Caesar, or Modern Wars in the Light of Catholic Teaching…or, whether we consider the movement for Christ the King he effectively assisted through the Catholic Action organization, the League of Christ the King, of which he was founding president;
  • Furthermore, Synagogue Rising is unique inasmuch as it is not just another exposition on Judaism, but rips the mask off the deadliest malignancy of all time – the “conspiratorial fanaticism of Christ-hating Talmudist Jewry,” what the author refers to as the “Masterplan of the Elders of Zion.”  To his credit, he more than adequately explains: “Yes, there is a perverse ideology that must be refuted and a sublime theology that must be defended, but considerably more urgent as the Zionist Scourge threatens to engulf the whole world, there is a diabolic plot that must be uncovered and a deadly Revolution that must be battled.  Just as conspiratorial Judaism posed the greatest threat to Our Lord whose death the wicked Pharisees plotted, so also conspiratorial Judaism poses the greatest threat to His loyal followers today – to the Church and to society.”  
  • Lastly, this book does not cower from some of the most critical even if taboo issues of the day, but rather confronts them directly, intelligently and with undaunted vigor.  Topics include everything from Vatican II and the modern apostasy to Israel, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror;  from the deception of homeland security to the growth of American Totalitarianism; from the historical authenticity of the Protocols of Zion to the Jewish Talmud as preeminent hate literature of all time; from the Rothschild’s financial overlordship to the Federal Reserve and the coming planned collapse; from Two World Wars, genocide in the Holy Land and a Third World War in the making as the fruits of Jewish intrigue, to the Revelations of Fatima, the Errors of Russia and the Myth of the Holocaust; and from the Antichrist carrying Israel to World Domination, to the End Times conversion of Jews and the ultimate glorious triumph of the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary… 

In short, this author and book do not back away from the combats of Christ that most Christians have been avoiding like the plague, but which, Akins asserts, they “cannot keep avoiding.”  It is our baptismal and confirmation duties, he contends, to renounce the works of Satan and rally against the organized opposition to the Divine Plan.  

A Tremendous Work of Christian Scholarship 

I had the distinct honor of proof-reading the pre-published manuscript before it materialized as Synagogue Rising.  Having been quite familiar with Hugh Akins’ writings and apostolate for some years, I expected his latest project to be nothing less than a work of excellence.  It turned out that I was wrong to set my expectations so low.  “A work of excellence” certainly does not do this phenomenal book justice.   

From the beginning – and more and more as I plunged into the main body of the book – I was extremely impressed by the amount of serious scholarship and documentation.  The amount of work Akins poured into his study, the mounds of data he compiled and arranged so coherently, not to mention the insightful commentary throughout, and of course the passion that was evident behind the whole project which motivated him to set aside all self-interest in publishing one of the most politically incorrect books of our time, were simply remarkable – heroic even.      

In Synagogue Rising Hugh Akins has tackled one of the most difficult and forbidden subjects,

 and deals with it in a masterly fashion.  Readers not well-read on the Zionist Peril might have too hastily dismissed a thesis based on the allegedly far-fetched notion of a “Jewish Conspiracy,” repeating the mindless “anti-Semitic” slur.  Happily, Mr. Akins avoids that trap and therefore disarms many of those who would speak all manner of calumny against him on that pretext.  He does this by making the distinction, in truthfulness and charity, between the Jewish people and their leaders; between the common and conspiratorial Jew; between the Jew that simply does not know Christ and those that hate and blaspheme Him and plot to eradicate His name and influence throughout the world.  The thoughts are his.  I am merely paraphrasing them.  Wisely, he reminds the reader of these vital distinctions a good number of times in his massive and quite stunning narrative. 

I for one really appreciated this approach, discerning the relatively benign from the incorrigibly  malignant.  It’s a monumental point.  It does not surprise me, therefore, that even certain Jewish persons have come forward to thank Mr. Akins for his treatise and encourage him in his life’s work.   

Unknown to most of our contemporaries thanks to a Zionist dominated American mainstream media, there are very many Jews that do not subscribe to the Talmudic mentality or support the Zionist State of Israel with its terrorist tactics and imperialistic objectives.  These are Jews, it is true, that do not know the Messiah, but they have no hatred towards Him or the Christian people that worship Him as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  As Akins points out, these are likely the common decent Jews that will, in time, embrace the Messiah and convert to His one true Church.  These are not the Jews he exposes in his book; not the perfidious Jews he calls for Christian men to rally against – the Elders of Zion, architects and overlords of the Antichristian Conspiracy. 

And Mr. Akins brings to the table the most convincing arguments, substantiated by a vast amount of experts – Christian and Jew alike – to build a rock-solid case.  Page after page, the amount of documentation he provides is more than astonishing.  I cannot imagine an intellectually honest reader remaining unconvinced after digesting 16 chapters and nearly 800 pages filled to overflowing with the most unequivocal passages from the most qualified sources – from the Vicars of Christ as noted above to the Judaic Overlords themselves, and not to dismiss Akins’ own quite brilliant exegesis. 

All the Characteristics of a Great Christian Classic 

Synagogue Rising has all the characteristics of a great Christian classic.  Upon reading the pre-published manuscript, I was moved to compare it to some of the greatest works of the greatest Christian minds.  I put it on the same level as the greatest works of Fr. Fahey, de Poncins and others…In a certain sense I think this book can be compared to St. Augustine’s timeless masterpiece, The City of God

Yes, it’s that good.  

It presents a picture of the grand scheme of good vs. evil in our modern world, and how we have arrived at where we are and what must be done to reverse the tide of evil.  The book provides a perspective that is found in few writings, a Catholic Worldview, militant and, as we said at the outset of our Review, Magisterial.  Complimentary of my own view that it is as good as the best of Fr. Fahey – if not better! – enthusiastic readers that sent in their accolades said the book was “reminiscent of the fiery orations of [the late Dominican] Fr. John O’Connor.”  Another distinguishes Hugh Akins as the “Catholic Solzhenitsyn of the 21st century.”  And one from New Zealand wrote: “AWESOME BOOK!  I anticipate this writing inspiring the uninspired.  It’s one of those rarest of literary works that reaches deep down into the soul of Christian manhood – and refuses to let go!” 

I love that line: reaches deep down into the soul of Christian manhood – and refuses to let go!  Readers of this Review will have to get a copy of Synagogue Rising to really appreciate what this means. 

A Valued Work of Reference 

In addition to everything else, Synagogue Rising is valued as a superb and well documented work of reference.  This is so even without an index, which had to be left out that the already over-sized book be kept under 800 pages.  More than the staggering 1,770 footnotes, Synagogue Rising contains a good number of bullets, each set featuring a concise litany of names, references or articles of interest for quick and easy reading. 

Rapid-fire literary bullets are interwoven into the text of this massive tome, consisting of:


  • The identities of some of the heavy hitters of the Judaic-Masonic Antichristian Conspiracy;
  • The errors of Russia, the most important of which were unknown – until now;
  • Urgent warnings of the Jewish threat from nine heroes of the Catholic Resistance;
  • Details of the deadly intrigues against Christianity found in the Protocols of Zion;
  • Shocking examples of psychopathic hatred emanating from the pages of the Talmud;
  • An overview of Papal actions taken against the Jewish Peril;
  • The Vatican II documents and decrees that presume to repudiate Magisterial teaching;
  • Modernist Rome’s subversive new agenda;
  • Victories handed International Jewry by the Vatican II Popes;
  • The Church’s damning indictments against Judeo-Freemasonry;
  • The startling confessions of Rakovsky and Rosenthal;
  • Highlights of the ton of evidence of the Israel/9/11 connection;
  • Graphic details of Israel’s genocidal mass-atrocities against Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land;
  • A sampling of the mountains of proof that the Holocaust was a gigantic hoax;
  • Traditional Catholics that parrot the Zionist party line;
  • The frightening countdown to World War III.   

A Most Quotable Author 

As I pointed out, this book contains an amazing number of outstanding passages from the most excellent sources.  This is impressive enough.  What is just as impressive are the countless profound lines from the author himself.  Here are but a few:



  • “Truth will only be thought of as a hate crime by those who hate the truth.”
  • “Good men should never fear the truth; only its suppression.”
  • “We cannot stress it enough: not all Jews are our enemies – not even the majority of them, and not even all Israelis, but only the guilty ones; those few that have long plotted the downfall of Christianity…”
  • “These are a people, race and nation who haven’t had a real claim on this ancient and most sacred land of Palestine since they were driven into exile in perpetuity as a divine punishment for nothing less than the crime of deicide, the MURDER OF GOD – the single most odious and reprehensible ‘hate crime’ ever perpetuated;”
  •  “The reign of Talmudic Judaism is the Reign of Antichrist and Satan, which is why Catholics above all others are morally compelled to fight the Zionist Scourge…”
  • “World Jewification means World Communization, nothing less;”
  • “Thanks mostly to Israel and our own Zionist leadership (those on the Right no less than the Left), we are the most hated people and nation on earth – and this puts our families, our communities and our country at enormous and unnecessary additional risk;”
  • “What it amounts to is this: Give the devil an inch and he’ll take a yard; give him a yard and he’ll take a mile; concede to him a lie the size of the Holocaust and he’ll take THE WORLD;”
  • “Holy Mother Church says the fight against Talmudic Judaism most certainly IS our fight; in all likelihood, our most important fight…the struggle against International Jewry is inseparably connected to the struggle for the universal Kingship of Christ – the very mission of the Catholic Church – and of Catholic Action, the principal means by which His Kingship will be re-established in the world;”
  • “Catholics cannot keep avoiding this combat;”
  • “Not just Holy Mother Church but all of humanity is counting on the militant Catholic, so terribly few in number and yet so gloriously fortified in grace;”
  • “The full realization of the Two Kingdoms at War is vividly presented to men of faith through the eternal clash between Catholicism on the one hand, and Bolshevism and Zionism on the other.  Put in the context of the Fatima revelations: the Truths of the Church versus the Errors of Russia.” 


And the following three paragraphs that pretty much summarize Akins’ book:



  • “The Church’s whole teaching on Judaism is central to true Catholicism, and not something we are free to ignore or disbelieve.  Nor is the struggle against anti Christian Jewry a combat we are exempted from joining.
  • “We can’t really and fully even understand Catholicism itself without understanding the unique history, psyche and intrigues of Judaism.  How does one meditate on the passion of Our Lord without considering the central role played by the perfidious Jews?  Traditional and counterrevolutionary Catholicism puts everything in its rightful place.  History, race, nationality, anthropology, geopolitics do not adequately explain Jewish history or the Jewish mind or the Jewish plot against Christianity. 
  • Only Roman and Magisterial Catholicism enables us to see how Jews are both ‘enemies of the Gospel’ and ‘beloved of God.’  Only counterrevolutionary Catholicism can really solve the metaphysical and geopolitical mystery of Judaism’s original sacred lineage and divine preference, its subsequent collective rebellion and just chastisement, its consecration to Satan and future role under Antichrist.  And perhaps most wondrous of all, its second chance and final deliverance – the End Times’ conversion of Jews Biblically foretold.


              “Catholic theology coupled with a Catholic worldview alone puts it all in the right context, making us see         

               how we should properly view Judaism, neither understating nor exaggerating its good and bad points, and      

               neither denying the threat nor avoiding the battle.” 

These and many more equally profound lines make Hugh Akins a most quotable author. 

The Gratitude of a Vietnam Vet 

I want to mention, too, that as a Vietnam veteran I could not agree more with what fellow Vietnam vet Akins says here, in one of his numerous footnotes (I sent a personal note of gratitude to him for this one).  Speaking of the Vietnamese, Iraqi and Afghan wars, Akins says:   

“A disclaimer is in order at this time.  First, there are many similarities between the war in Vietnam and today’s War on Terror so-called.  Both are phony, no-win wars, both unconstitutional and shamelessly aggressive where innocents are targeted far more than enemy soldiers or terrorists and massive bombing raids make no distinctions between them; for many reasons both are blatantly immoral wars manufactured by our leaders for criminal and treasonous objectives which the controlled media habitually covers up.  All things considered, neither one of these wars met the strict criteria of the Church’s Just War principles.  Secondly, there are certain dissimilarities as well: The two anti-war movements, for example.  The movement galvanized against the Vietnamese War was a Communist-inspired, Communist-led movement to further Communist goals, whereas most of today’s anti-war sentiment and activism directed against our invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and carpet bombing of several other countries comes from sincere Catholics, Christians and patriots with the best motives and intentions.  This explains why the Zionist controlled media gave vast, unlimited and non-stop coverage to the former anti-war movement while practically ignoring, or at least demonizing, the latter-day movement against the war.”       

Revelation, Revolution and Counterrevolution 

This book, a monumental literary and apostolic achievement, took three years to research and write, but it is the product of more than forty years of studying and fighting for the faith, of mastering all the issues surrounding the great Christian combat, particularly the conspiracies of the secret societies and the Church’s call to arms against them on behalf of Christ the King.   

Now, some of our contemporary co-religionists have no interest in the dark schemes of the wicked alliances bent on the destruction of souls, of the Church, and of Christian civilization.   They must be looked upon as weak Catholics, half Catholics, unmilitant Catholics, ignorant and/or cowardly Catholics.  Certainly they are not militant or Magisterial-minded Catholics.   

Theology reproves such unmanly men.  Theology asserts that religion encompasses not just Revelation, but Revelation, Revolution and Counterrevolution.  Providing an abundance of proofs, Mr. Akins makes this vividly clear in his book, and keeps reminding the reader of it, knowing that this crucial piece of information has escaped the majority of today’s Catholics – clergy and superiors no less than lay scholars and common folk.  There is a vast ignorance within the movement back to Tradition, and this writer and his book does a tremendous job helping fill the void.  There is more Catholic truth in 750+ pages of Synagogue Rising than you will find in a hundred other books put together.  You will have to read it for yourself to determine if that is an exaggeration.


The Catholic Action Counterrevolution 

Of equal importance to alerting the whole Christian world to the most deadly and immediate threat, this book delivers one of the most powerful calls to action I have personally ever come across.  Imagine 50 of the most exigent papal encyclicals condensed into a single book and you will have some idea of its inestimable value.  As for the Catholic Action Counterrevolution, of which the author writes not just with his usual eloquence and power of persuasion but with the vast knowledge and extensive background of a leading expert in the field, one can easily imagine Catholic men calling out after finishing his book, “Where do I sign up?”         

Consider these selected excerpts:



  • “What is Catholic Action’s threefold mission of which we speak?  First there is the spiritual; second, the social, public and universal; and third, the counterrevolutionary …The first mission, the spiritual, has to do with the reign of Christ over the minds and hearts of men; it is Our Lord’s reign in the soul and in the sanctuary of our homes and churches.  The second, or social mission, concerns His reign over the nations and every public institution therein; and the third, the least understood, least undertaken and yet most urgent of the three, the counterrevolutionary, which is but a necessary requisite of its mission to facilitate Christ’s reign in the world, to combat the reign of Satan in all his works, chief of which the Church has made clear are Judaism, Freemasonry and Communism;”
  • “Catholic Action of today is nothing less than the Crusades of yesterday, although more intense and more urgent than the Crusades of old which saved Catholic Europe, for the enemy we face in our day is not only off on some distant land, such as the Holy Land, but is inside our own gates, inside the City of God, inside the very sanctuary of the Church.  That the City of God itself is under siege and being overrun is a paramount point, which also lends itself to both the primacy and urgency of Catholic Action, as explicated by the popes;”
  • “That is why we cannot view Catholic Action as just another call to the service of the Church in a lay association given to optional or casual participation, as if in ordinary times of relative peace and security.  It is much more than that.  It is the call to combat in the face of an immediate and unrelenting threat.  Therefore, Catholic clergy and laity who take their religious faith and pastoral and manly duties seriously should look upon Catholic Action as Christian warfare in the fullest and most militant sense of the word;”
  • “Yes, we must Christianize our homes and tend to the Christian education of our children; yes, we must be interested in our neighbor’s spiritual and even material welfare; yes, Christendom must be rebuilt; yes, the Kingship of Christ must be desired and striven for in a long, patient and gradual campaign; and yes, the interior and intellectual life of the soldier of Christ must be nurtured with great care, diligence, discipline and intensity.  But with all this, the City of God under siege and being overrun must be defended, her walls secured, her people protected, her enemies driven off;”
  • “In other words, we cannot overly impress upon our brother Catholics, Christians and patriots, that this is a time of all-out war.  This is the time the troops loyal to Christ – every able-bodied man – must put aside many lesser things, no matter how otherwise worthwhile, in order to assemble, arm themselves and fight for altar, home and flag as if everything we hold dear was about to be lost.  Everything we hold dear is about to be lost.  Crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism is not just moving ahead but is accelerating at top speed in its last great offensive to extinguish the Light of Christ from the world of man.  By every calculation, the final assault is already underway; the hour of reckoning almost upon us;”
  • “By all means frequent the sacraments as often, reverently and worthily as possible, and by all means clutch the rosary in your fist with great love, devotion and confidence.  But once armed with these weapons of Christ, let us not neglect to also arm ourselves with that other weapon of Christ – the sword of Catholic Action in defense of the Faith and Church and City of God – swinging it fiercely against the enemy forces that have penetrated everywhere and are about to overtake everything.” 

Indeed, where do we sign up! 

You’d Follow This Soldier Into Battle 

What struck this reviewer even before completing the author’s lengthy and absolutely gripping prefatory remarks is that, behind the masterpiece was a soul on fire; a lay apostle fortified in Tradition and fearless in its defense; a soldier of God driven by faith, armed with truth, tempered by humility, and guided by charity, justice, prudence and Catholic militancy that shone forth from the first to the last page of his great study.   

Akins is a powerful writer.  He gets and then keeps the reader’s attention.  He holds your interest page after page and chapter after chapter.  He doesn’t just penetrate the reader’s mind but his heart.  He inspires.  Educates.  Compels.  Motivates.   Yes, he presents his case intelligently and convincingly.  But his true genius is in winning over the reader deep down in his soul, as we quoted one reader saying.  He stirs men’s souls and prompts them to action, but they do not follow as a mindless mob or herd.  He’s the sort of soldier good men would not hesitate to follow into battle, confident of serving a righteous cause.  He convinces them of the great nobility of the struggle – here again his Magisterial-mindedness shows through.  The combat has been defined by Peter and his Successors.  And he convinces men of the innerrmost sincerity of his intent by being one-mind with the Supreme Pontiffs. 

Many Catholics today talk the good talk, but far too few of them fight the good fight.  Hugh Akins has long been engaged not only in fighting the good fight but in leading the charge in defense of the City of God.  He has the fighting spirit of Militant Catholicism and continues leading the charge through his latest and most important book, as well as the forthcoming publishing projects. 

Testimony of Three Priests 

The accolades cited next come from the ranks of the clergy.  Three have been selected out of some three dozen priests that have strongly encouraged and supported the writing of Synagogue Rising and whose testimonies give all due praise to this exceedingly praiseworthy exposition.



  • Synagogue Rising may well be the best book ever written on the subject;”
  • “Reading so many intelligible and profound passages from the pontifical letters, I realize how incomplete my seminary training and post-seminary studies really were.  The Magisterium has spoken, but we have not heard.  We might as well have turned a deaf ear to the Master Himself.  You’ve made your point quite convincingly: no matter how much spiritual good the traditional movement has done, we have our failings – some quite serious.  The City is being overrun because there were strategic fortifications we left unguarded, or battles we simply did not see fit to fight.  Your book, it seems to me, represents the Church’s last-ditch attempt to mount one final all-out counter-attack, the outcome of which will extend into eternity for countless millions of souls.  I commend and I thank you, and send my priestly blessings upon your labors for Christ;”
  • Synagogue Rising is not just another important treatise on the greatest peril of our time; the book is equally a powerful inspiration.  It’s not just another expose’ on Talmudic fanaticism but a compelling summoning of all good men to organize against it.  Here is a tremendous work of Christian scholarship, Magisterial apologetics, and counterrevolutionary militancy by an accomplished writer, a passionate Catholic and a fearless defender of Church and country.  I would be less than the good shepherd I was ordained to be if I neglected to encourage my flock to read, study and disseminate this very excellent, very timely book.” 

Grass-Roots Movement Needed 

Synagogue Rising is a monumental achievement that is screaming to be heard and destined to impact the Church and the world in a big way, unto the shaking of the very foundations of the enemy’s stronghold.  

But, as readers of this Review probably know, there are hidden forces at work with unlimited reach and resources bent on suppressing books as important as this one.  Moreover, the leaders of the Traditional Movement have, by far, shown themselves unwilling to recognize and promote this literary and missionary masterpiece, Synagogue Rising (is it ignorance or cowardice?).  It is therefore left to the few zealous souls who have the grace and courage to face up to the immense importance of this work, and to do what they can to introduce it to many others. 

I therefore sincerely implore my fellow Catholics to make it your mission to promote Synagogue Rising, to help get it into as many hands as possible.  I beseech you to join with other good Christians in building a grass-roots movement to circumvent the normal channels of distribution in order to effectuate a very broad readership of Synagogue Rising within your own sphere of contacts.  Some of you can reach a few people, others a few dozen, others still maybe hundreds or even thousands, depending on your status in the world.  Everyone reading this Review can do something.  Do what you can to get the word out about this very powerful and timely book. 

In doing so you will be performing a wonderful service to souls, to the Church and to your country.   



© Copyright 2013, Alex Dadessa.