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                 February 6, 2012


Frankly Shameless

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Given the fact that the hour is after Midnight, this article will be very brief.

The lords and vassals of the counterfeit church of conciliarism are, quite frankly, shameless.

Let me repeat myself.

The lords and vassals of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, are quite frankly, shameless.

Got that?

That is should be clear to the small readership of this site by now.

In case it is not clear, however, permit me to give you just a little reminder of this truth:


BOSTON — Mayor Kevin White launched the political career of 16-term Rep. Barney Frank. Frank will be delivering one of the eulogies at the funeral Mass for White later on Wednesday. (Rep. Frank On What He Learned From Mayor White.)

(AP) — Retiring U.S. Rep. Barney Frank on Saturday paid tribute to former Mayor Kevin H. White, describing him as a political pioneer who opened up the Boston political system to African-Americans, women and gays and pushed him to abandon plans to pursue an academic career and get into politics.

White, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2003, died Friday at his Boston home. He was 82.

Frank served for three years as an aide to the man who led the city for 16 years, including during racially turbulent times in the 1970s.

"City Hall was pretty much a Whites-only — almost an Irish-only — place," Frank told The Associated Press. "He opened it up, hired people of all races, genders" and even embraced the gay rights movement.

"It was not an accident that in Boston, after the murder of Martin Luther King, there was racial peace," Frank said. "He had begun early on, just after his election, to reach out to the African-American community."

White, a white Irish Catholic from a family of politicians, is credited with revitalizing Boston's downtown and seeing the city through court-ordered busing, but he ended his four-term tenure in 1983 under a cloud of ethics suspicions.

White, a Democrat, was elected Massachusetts secretary of state three times before running for mayor for the first time in 1967 against antibusing activist Louise Day Hicks. He defeated her with support from the black community and liberals.

After losing a 1970 bid for governor, White was re-elected mayor in 1971, again defeating Hicks. He won again narrowly in 1975 and 1979.

"He was an enormously important figure for the city, for many of the values I cared about and, in my case, really made a great difference in my life," Frank said. "I was still, when I met him, planning on an academic career, figuring I would dab in politics. He was the one who persuaded me to try fulltime government political work." (Rep. Barney Frank Mourns Ex-Boston Mayor White.)

Frank, current Mayor Thomas Menino, former state treasurer Robert Crane and White's eldest child, Mark White, were to give eulogies at the funeral, family spokesman George Regan said Saturday.

Frank said White was his mentor "in how politics was done and how you combine a commitment to liberal values with the political sensitivity and sensibility." (Barney Frank Mourns Political Mentor.)

Update at 11:34 a.m.: Frank Speaks

In a lengthy eulogy that drew many laughs, Rep. Barney Frank called himself the “great beneficiary” of Kevin White’s City Hall hiring and political lessons. He called White a “great political leader.”

“Be the best person you can, but don’t be phony,” Frank said White told him. (White Funeral Service; to listen to Frank's comments, see the link in Remembering Mayor Kevin White: The Funeral. Watch Frank in the profaned sanctuary of a once proud Catholic Church that is now in the captivity of the conciliar revolutionaries? Go here: Congressman Frank eulogizes former Boston Mayor Kevin White.

Most importantly, as Frank tells the tale, if it weren’t for the Catholic White, there would have been no “Congressman Frank:”


“ ‘He was an enormously important figure for the city, for many of the values I cared about and, in my case, really made a great difference in my life,’ Frank said.’I was still, when I met him, planning on an academic career, figuring I would dab in politics. He was the one who persuaded me to try fulltime government political work.’ ”

White had served four terms as Boston’s mayor, being elected for the first time in 1967 and serving until 1983.  Before this tenure, he had served as Massachusetts’ secretary of state three times.  The article also notes:


“White also was the first major state-level political figure to open up the political system to new people, including African-Americans and gays, Frank said.”

White’s funeral will be held at St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Boston.  This gay-friendly parish was in the news in 2011 when the Archdiocese of Boston told them that they could not host a Pride Mass during Gay Pride week in the city. The mass was re-schedule for one month later, after the pastor, Fr. John Unni, had preached a sermon of unconditional love and acceptance. (Barney Frank Remembers Kevin White.)


The lords and vassals of the counterfeit church of conciliarism are, quite frankly, shameless.

United States Representative Barney Frank?

Pro-abortion Barney Frank?

Barney Frank, the man whose "friend" was running a "professional" service, shall we say, from his apartment, fixing parking tickets issued by the Metropolitan Police Department in the City of Washington, District of Columbia, for his "friend's" clients?

In 1991, Barney Frank received an official reprimand for reflecting "discredit upon the House." The reprimand came as a result of his relationship with a man named Steve Gobi, a male prostitute whom Frank initially paid $80 for sex. Frank later took Gobi to live with him in his home, making him a personal aide. He paid him $20,000 in compensation (unreported to the IRS) and let him use his car. Subsequent investigation revealed that in the course of their relationship, Frank used his congressional office and stationary to fix Gobi's 33 parking fines. Frank also used his congressional letterhead to write a reference letter to Gobi's probation officer -- Gobi was under court supervision as a convicted felon with a prison record -- in which he gave false information. Most damningly, the investigation found that Gobi ran a prostitution ring from Frank's home. In his defense, Frank asserted he knew nothing of Gobi's illicit enterprise.


The Democrat -controlled House voted 408-18 to reprimand Frank after a heated debate during which some Republicans demanded expulsion. They pointed out that the claim that Frank did not know of Gobi's criminal activities was incredible to say the least.


Jeff Jacoby of The Boston Globe summed up their sentiments when he wrote: "Most pathetic of all was Frank's claim that he'd been 'victimized' -- that he was a just a 'good liberal' who was 'trying to help' Gobie, but got 'suckered.'"


Frank's Democrat colleagues, however, insisted that this was precisely what happened. During the debate, his friend Thomas Foglietta (D-PA) said, "Barney Frank is accused of being stupid and, my friend, if being stupid were grounds for expulsion, there'd be very few of us left here."


Although the latter part of Foglietta's statement may well be true, the first part is decidedly not. Whatever else he may be, Barney Frank is certainly not stupid. A former Harvard instructor, Barney Frank twice won the title "brainiest", "funniest," and "most eloquent" member of the House in a survey of Capitol Hill staffers. It truly strains the bounds of credulity that Frank, an accomplished congressman and a former Ivy League lecturer, could be deceived under his own roof by a street hustler.


After Gobi, Barney Frank become involved in another questionable -- and possibly criminally tainted -- relationship with a man called Herb Moses. Moses, whom Frank called his "spouse," was a high-level executive at Fannie Mae from 1991 until 1998. Dubbed a "mortgage guru" by the National Mortgage News, Moses boasted that he helped develop "many of Fannie Mae's affordable housing and home improvement lending programs." It was, of course, these kinds of programs that ultimately led to the collapse of the subprime mortgage market that wiped out trillions dollars from the economy and produced the economic turmoil that we now face. Even though there were those warning against the precarious nature of the enterprise, Barney Frank -- whose committee oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- kept resisting reforms and besmirching those voicing concerns. (Spectacular Bad Judgment and Lack of Foresight.)



That Barney Frank?

Sure, why not?

Why not?

Bernard "Cardinal" Law tolerated Saint Cecilia's Church as a "gay friendly" parish.

Sean "Cardinal" Law has tolerated Saint Cecilia's Church as a "gay friendly" parish.

Why not have Barney Frank speak in Saint Cecilia's Church such a parish before a so-called "Mass of Christian Burial"? Why not?

Yes, those rascally conciliarists learned a few things from the travesty of the eulogies delivered at the so-called "Mass of Christian Burial," which itself was a travesty and an outrage (see Spotlight On The Ordinary). They scheduled the "eulogies" for the man who made possible and promoted Barney Frank's career, Kevin White, a man who consistently supported the pro-abortion late United States United States Representative Reverend Robert Drinan (D-Massachusetts), Frank's immediate successor as the representative for the Fourth House District in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, before White's "Mass of Christian Burial" on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Thus it is that the conciliar revolutionaries can claim with a straight face that they did not violate the General Instruction to the Roman Missal's fungible ban on such eulogies while the the conciliar's Order of Christian Funerals ("A member or a friend of the family speak in remembrance of the deceased before the Final Commendation begins," which means that after the distribution of what purports to be Holy Communion or after the conclusion of the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service before the final commendation). Ah, the games that the conciliar revolutionaries play.

Barney Frank?

Why not?

Barney Frank? The man who announced recently that he intends to "marry"?

Why not have him at Saint Cecilia's Church in the Back Bay of Boston, Massachusetts.

Everything else goes in conciliarism. Why not this?

Conciliar pastors such as Father John Unni simply  ignore these simple words of Pope Pius XI, contained in Casti Connubii, December 31, 1930:

How grievously all these err and how shamelessly they leave the ways of honesty is already evident from what we have set forth here regarding the origin and nature of wedlock, its purposes and the good inherent in it. The evil of this teaching is plainly seen from the consequences which its advocates deduce from it, namely, that the laws, institutions and customs by which wedlock is governed, since they take their origin solely from the will of man, are subject entirely to him, hence can and must be founded, changed and abrogated according to human caprice and the shifting circumstances of human affairs; that the generative power which is grounded in nature itself is more sacred and has wider range than matrimony -- hence it may be exercised both outside as well as within the confines of wedlock, and though the purpose of matrimony be set aside, as though to suggest that the license of a base fornicating woman should enjoy the same rights as the chaste motherhood of a lawfully wedded wife.

Armed with these principles, some men go so far as to concoct new species of unions, suited, as they say, to the present temper of men and the times, which various new forms of matrimony they presume to label "temporary," "experimental," and "companionate." These offer all the indulgence of matrimony and its rights without, however, the indissoluble bond, and without offspring, unless later the parties alter their cohabitation into a matrimony in the full sense of the law.

Indeed there are some who desire and insist that these practices be legitimatized by the law or, at least, excused by their general acceptance among the people. They do not seem even to suspect that these proposals partake of nothing of the modern "culture" in which they glory so much, but are simply hateful abominations which beyond all question reduce our truly cultured nations to the barbarous standards of savage peoples. (Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii, December 29, 1930.)


What applies to those of the same gender living together outside of Holy Matrimony applies as well, obviously, to the sin of Sodom, one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. It is a sad, tragic thing for Kevin White's immortal soul that he supported pro-aborts for public office and that he promoted and enabled the career of men such as Barney Frank who see the promotion of "special rights" for those engaged in unnatural vice. This is not something to be celebrated. This is something to be condemned.

Nor is Kevin White's support for "liberalism" to be commended. Liberalism is nothing other than semi-Pelagianism, the belief that human beings can stir up graces within themselves to persevere in virtue and to "solve" various problems. It is the enemy of Catholicism.

As those familiar with the work of this site know, however, many of the American bishops of yore, long before they were succeeded by the conciliar revolutionaries, fully embraced the agenda of the social engineering of the welfare state in the name of false notion of "social justice."

Liberalism of any type is antithetical to Catholicism:

Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them. Whilst He called to Himself in order to comfort them, those who toiled and suffered, it was not to preach to them the jealousy of a chimerical equality. Whilst He lifted up the lowly, it was not to instill in them the sentiment of a dignity independent from, and rebellious against, the duty of obedience. Whilst His heart overflowed with gentleness for the souls of good-will, He could also arm Himself with holy indignation against the profaners of the House of God, against the wretched men who scandalized the little ones, against the authorities who crush the people with the weight of heavy burdens without putting out a hand to lift them. He was as strong as he was gentle. He reproved, threatened, chastised, knowing, and teaching us that fear is the beginning of wisdom, and that it is sometimes proper for a man to cut off an offending limb to save his body. Finally, He did not announce for future society the reign of an ideal happiness from which suffering would be banished; but, by His lessons and by His example, He traced the path of the happiness which is possible on earth and of the perfect happiness in heaven: the royal way of the Cross. These are teachings that it would be wrong to apply only to one's personal life in order to win eternal salvation; these are eminently social teachings, and they show in Our Lord Jesus Christ something quite different from an inconsistent and impotent humanitarianism. (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)


"He reproved, threatened, chastised, knowing, and teaching us that fear is the beginning of wisdom, and that it is sometimes proper for a man to cut off an offending limb to save his body." Indeed. It is sometimes necessary to use the staff of correction to call souls steeped in grave errors back to the maternal bosom of Holy Mother Church. That men such Barney Frank have been permitted to speak at any time, whether before, during or after the profane, abominable conciliar liturgical service, should be a wake-up call once again to anyone who thinks that the conciliar lords and vassals are Catholics. They are not. They are apostates who are enemies of Christ the King and of the souls He redeemed by the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross.

These words apply to Barney Frank and to each of the pro-aborts, including Edward Moore Kennedy and Robert Drinan and Frank himself,, who were supported by Kevin White:

Those who hold the reins of government should not forget that it is the duty of public authority by appropriate laws and sanctions to defend the lives of the innocent, and this all the more so since those whose lives are endangered and assailed cannot defend themselves. Among whom we must mention in the first place infants hidden in the mother's womb. And if the public magistrates not only do not defend them, but by their laws and ordinances betray them to death at the hands of doctors or of others, let them remember that God is the Judge and Avenger of innocent blood which cried from earth to Heaven. (Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii, December 31, 1930.)


No conciliar "bishop" speaks this way. And they wonder why it is that the man that some of them voted for and have praised, Barack Hussein Obama, and his pro-abortion "Catholic" Secretary of Health and Human Services, are requiring them to provide health insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization? These men are mad, and we do indeed live in a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (and it really is a mad, mad, mad, mad world almost everywhere you turn these days, yes, even in almost every nook and cranny across the vast expanse of the ecclesiastical divide).

Pope Saint Pius X reminded us that must pray and work for the restoration of the Catholic City, and nothing else:

This, nevertheless, is what they want to do with human society; they dream of changing its natural and traditional foundations; they dream of a Future City built on different principles, and they dare to proclaim these more fruitful and more beneficial than the principles upon which the present Christian City rests.

No, Venerable Brethren, We must repeat with the utmost energy in these times of social and intellectual anarchy when everyone takes it upon himself to teach as a teacher and lawmaker - the City cannot be built otherwise than as God has built it; society cannot be setup unless the Church lays the foundations and supervises the work; no, civilization is not something yet to be found, nor is the New City to be built on hazy notions; it has been in existence and still is: it is Christian civilization, it is the Catholic City. It has only to be set up and restored continually against the unremitting attacks of insane dreamers, rebels and miscreants. omnia instaurare in Christo. (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)


Obviously, we must build up the "Catholic City," if you will, in our own immortal souls by growing in holiness as we cooperate graces sent to us by Our Lady that have been won for us by the shedding of every single drop of her Divine Son's Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross. Our sins are indeed very responsible for the worsening of the state of the Church Militant on earth and thus of the world-at-large. Once again, it is important to remember that we deceive ourselves if we do not realize how hideous our own sins are in the sight of God and how we must live penitentially as the consecrated slaves of Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate to make reparation for them as our own hearts are configured more and more to the tender mercies of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Which was formed out of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

To this end, of course, we must pray as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permit as we accept whatever sufferings and sacrifices and calumnies and other difficulties as the just price we must pay for our sins, keeping in mind at all times the needs of the Poor, Suffering Souls in the Church Suffering in Purgatory.

Catholics do not surrender to the exigencies of sentimentality or to the demands of a false religion, conciliarism, that has taken up with the naturalistic ethos that has brought us sentimentality as a replacement for the true Faith and thus a true way of assessing the words and actions of those who have been at war with Christ the King by means of their support for one grave evil after another under cover of law. Although we are sinners, not one whit better than anyone else, we must stand up with courage and conviction to call out cowardice and hypocrisy, no matter what situation we may find ourselves in or what it might cost us in terms of "human respect" or "reputation" in this passing, mortal vale of tears in the eyes of forgettable men concerned only about the prudence of the flesh and not the true supernatural virtue of Prudence, for what it is, begging Our Lady that our own words and actions will not prove us to cowards and hypocrites now and, most especially, at the hour of our deaths.



Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, Patron of Departing Souls, pray for us.


Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Titus, pray for us.

See also: A Litany of Saints



© Copyright 2012, Thomas A. Droleskey. All rights reserved.